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MoveOn.org uses Terri Schiavo for Politics

MoveOn.org just posted a new ad on their website attacking George Bush. In continuing their long run of stupid advertisements, this latest one uses the Terri Schiavo case to belittle any of Bush's judicial nominees. It states that Bush may pick "an extremist" that will restrict people's rights, and intervene where he shouldn't. Read More »

TSA Collected Personal Data

It seems that the TSA lied about not collecting data about air travelers. The TSA admitted on Monday that it had been storing information about passengers in a database of over 240,000 people, for a new anti-terrorism program. Read More »

Campaigning for Doorbells, and Cheating for Them

They tried to get me to cheat! Am am not registered with any political party, but a democrat walked up to me in the street and asked me to sign a petition for a Democrat running for public office. I told her that I was not registered as a Democrat, but she told me I could sign it anyway, and that I did not have to vote for him later on. She then painted a picture of New York City being in a horrible class struggle, and that the government had to force the evil owners of buildings to put doorbells in every door. Doorbells! Read More »

Justice Desserts

In an intriguing twist of events, Free Media LLC is trying to have the Town of Weare in New Hampshire approve their request for the house of Supreme Court Justice David Souter, who voted in favor of the recent Kelo vs. City of New London Supreme Court ruling. The ruling allows the government to use eminent domain to take an individual's private property and give it to other private groups or individuals for "economic development." Read More »

Supreme Court Fails to Understand Constitution

The Supreme court ruled on Monday that the Ten Commandments may be displayed outside on government property but not inside the courthouse. The liberal Supreme Court has once again relied upon the the false doctrine of the Separation between Church and State. The First Amendment states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Read More »

Supreme Court in Contempt of the Nation

One of the best writers I know questioned whether or not I understood the full scope of the Supreme Court ruling on "The Great Land Grab." This has been a busy week, and as news broke all around me I found myself pre-thinking potential editorials. I mentally captured them, made myself a promise to paint each picture, but they had to come at the proper moment for effect. America hears today, contemplates tomorrow, and takes sides at various points along the way. So I'd decided to wait because I knew which side I wanted to say what I wanted to say to, but I had to give them time to get there. Because everybody knows what has just happened, it took less time for disbelief to wash away, and now I can express the "what we're going to do about it"...which is what people are really waiting to hear. Read More »

Why Resign on Stating Fact?

Democrats are demanding that Karl Rove resign because of his comments on the way liberals reacted to what happened on 9/11. John Kerry has set up a petition to force him to resign. What did he say? What were these outrageous remarks of his that prompted Democrats to demand his resignation? According to JohnKerry.com he said that "that Americans were offering 'therapy and understanding to the attackers.'" Now what did he really say? Read More »

Legislating Treason

Hillary Clinton and other senators are planning to vote against a Constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. She states that she does not “believe a constitutional amendment is the answer.” She believes that it is not necessary to ban flag burning because it is not a widespread problem. She should note that many laws were in place before the actions they condemned were widespread problems. Take for instance: murder, treason, etc. There are some senators that plan on voting against it because they believe it falls under free speech. Sorry, but burning the flag is not “free speech.” It is an act of treason. Read More »

Search for Truth

I have spent years producing and writing articles, brochures, poems on thought-provoking subjects just trying to get people to stop and ask themselves a few questions. This article is an attempt to revive that “art” of thinking. Read More »