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The term polo is used in a number of different contexts which include: 1) A game game or sport that uses two teams, each with four players. The game is played with the object of scoring points using a goal for each team, a wooden ball, and long handled mallets. Each player is on horseback, making the game more challenging. ... Read More »

stress management

The term stress management refers to any technique or method which is developed to help individuals cope better with stress, and to lessen the emotional and physical impact that everyday stress can cause. Stress management is important in the fast pace of the world today, and statistics show that high stress levels for the average individual are a frequent problem. ... Read More »


Periodicals are publications, usually of the printed variety, which are published on a regular, ongoing, recurring schedule. The term is most often used when referring to printed magazines, although newspapers are also referred to as periodicals.There are periodicals for every interest from business to current events to music to cooking and even more esoteric interests. There are two main ways ... Read More »


An allergy can best be defined as a reaction to an allergen that the body has been previously exposed to, and which causes an abnormal physical reaction. This can lead to a skin rash, eyes which itch, a nose that runs, and even serious complications in some cases. An allergy can occur to any substance, and occurs when the body ... Read More »


Journals are most commonly defined as written records chronicling a series of events which are updated on a regular, ongoing basis — usually daily. Sometimes also referred to as diaries, these written logs may have recorded entries that number as many as several in a single day, or as a few as maybe a handful covering an entire year. This ... Read More »


Capital, in its purest definition as the root word of the economical and political system of capitalism, refers to the human produced goods that are useful in, or even enhance, the performance of specific tasks, most often related to economics. This is where the cliched catch phrase of something being a “capital idea” most likely comes from. Or, that a ... Read More »

car sales

In a sluggish economy, it might surprise you to know that car sales have been a rare bright spot. Car sales refer to the practice of purchasing a new or used motor vehicle. Sales of new cars is an important economic indicator and taxes on those purchases are a source of revenue for local and state governments. In an article ... Read More »

yellow pages

The Yellow Pages have come a long way since the days when TV commercials urged consumers to “let their fingers do the walking.” These days, with the rise of the internet, it’s actually more like letting your fingers do the typing. Although, the telephone company still publishes its annual book containing thousands of business listings — all within those bright ... Read More »


A skyline refers to the panoramic view of tall buildings and skyscrapers in the world’s greatest cities seen from a distance, and especially when these man-made monuments are all lit up against a night sky. Some of the most beautiful skylines in America can be seen in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and of course New York City. The beauty ... Read More »


Bonds are essentially a fancy term used to signify a debt security agreement between a lender and an issuing agency — usually a government or corporate entity. When you purchase a bond, what you are really doing is loaning money to the person or group issuing the bond itself, which is physically manifested in the form of a coupon. The ... Read More »