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Author Archives: A.J. Hakari

Passport Cinema: Supercop

One of Jackie Chan's lesser films still has plenty to enjoy. Read More »

Movie Review: Henry Poole Is Here

Abandon all hope of subtlety, ye who enter here. Read More »

Passport Cinema: The Isle

Love, death, and fishhooks figure into this darkly beautiful South Korean picture. Read More »

Movie Review: City of Ember

One of 2008's finest family films makes its debut on DVD. Read More »

Passport Cinema: Memento Mori

Meet the horror movie that's not really a horror movie. Read More »

Wayside Cinema: Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

A funky, gender-bending twist on the "Jekyll and Hyde" story. Read More »

Passport Cinema: The Last House in the Woods

Hey, guys! Italy makes mediocre slasher movies, too! Read More »

Wayside Cinema: Coogan’s Bluff

This early Clint Eastwood picture features the man at his grizzled best. Read More »

Passport Cinema: Casque d’Or

A gun moll and a reformed crook fall for each other in this romantic French gem. Read More »

Movie Review: An American Carol

Even Michael Moore's detractors will find this insipid comedy insulting. Read More »