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Say What?

Nancy Grace

In a parody of a news broadcast their constant verbal blunders would be something to laugh at, but TV anchors' mangling of language is a bit disturbing. Read More »

A Rotten Apple

Kelly Ayotte is the perfect example of a corrupt politician who votes for the agenda of NRA and against the will her own constituency. Read More »

An Alternate Reality United States, Part IV: Tourism

Tourism in the U.S.(alt) flourished, in large part due to "gun junkets" which became very popular now that gun laws no longer existed. Read More »

An Alternate Reality United States, Part III: Fashion

In the alternate United States, before we returned to sanity, fashion designers were forced to give the public what it needed most: camouflage. Read More »

An Alternate Reality United States, Part II: The Economy

In the U.S.(alt), corporations were finally made to repatriate their vast overseas assets. Read More »


A first in a series of reports on the alternate version of a United States, located in another reality, highlighting the similarities and differences between the two countries. This article introduces us to this other US as well as discusses the subject of politics. Read More »

The Only One who Can Stop a Bad Man with a Cigarette, is a Good Man with a Cigarette

We are on a dangerously slippery slope leading to inevitable confiscation and the creation of a smoker's registry. Read More »

Adding Tremendous Insult to Horrendous Injury

For many politicians these days, doing their job means selling their vote to the special interest group highest bidders. The latest example of this is the Manchin-Toomey amendment to S.649 firearms bill, which failed to pass. Read More »

Absurdity on Capitol Hill

One must question the motivation of politicians who propose bills which far from serving all our interests, instead directly undermine our rights as citizens. Read More »

From Outside In

What is it that gives the NRA the power so easily to manipulate our legislative process? Read More »