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Audioslave begin work on 2nd album

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The second album from rockers Audioslave will come out on Universal label Interscope – the first album came out on Sony label Epic. The switch is a compromise between the two majors – Audioslave member Chris Cornell is contracted to Interscope via his band Soundgarden, but the rest of the band (Tom Morello, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford) are signed to Epic via their Rage Against The Machine deal. Work on the second album is about to begin.

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  • Yes! Audioslave. I am a fan because of folks from the Seattle scene movin’ on. Chris Cornell rocks. Yes for Velvet Revolver also. Cheers for Duff McKagan! Oh, the music is good.

    OK, I’m supporting the locals. I’m not into baseball unless the Mariners are playing.


  • roy33

    3 thumbs up 4 audioslave. the best album ive heard n a while. im a fan of velvet revolver too. im excited bout the 2nd album and if u havent grabbed the 1st album yet ur CRAZY. although the album isnt perfect its still great. i wasnt a huge fan of some of their somewhat “eerie” gutair rifs, but their overall melodys and vocals make this an amazing album. this band will hopefully take today’s modern rock a step in the right direction from rappin bands(thats u linkin park) and this alterative junk. AUDIOSLAVE!!!!!!!!!

  • Nasty Nate

    At first I was weary of how well Audioslave would do. Mixing Rage’s sound with Cornell’s voice, I honestly didn’t think it would work. Oh, how they proved me wrong. Velvet Revolver’s efforts, however, do not impress me at all. They sound like any other band coming up now. There is no distinctive greatness that STP and GnR both had.

  • butmonk

    i cant wait for the second album. i was a huge fan of both rage against the machine and soundgarden but audioslave blew me away. but i agree that VR just arent that great. there good but intende to be epic. Failed miserably.

  • Jonny

    Audioslave is a huge releif for me as a guy who loves rock. im talking about real rock music not the b-s u hear on mtv or the radio these days like green day or good charlotte or every dumbass rapper who has sunglasses and alcohol, but i geuss that what happens when you get THE chris cornell together with musicians like tom,brad,and tim who arent afraid to play music that dissapoints mtv. ( cough, YOU know actuall music.) Velvet revolver…what can i say… they can do alot better than what they are doing hopefully they will get their shit together …moving on. Bottom line audioslave kicks ass and i cant wait for the new album. Light my way niggas =-O

  • musician

    wtf … why is audioslave and velvet revolver in the same sentence !?!?!…. if they should ever be in the same sentence ill do it for you… audioslave kicks ass, and not even chris cornell could help velvet revolver they blow ass slash isnt that good i mean wow u can play fast shit that doesnt make sense so can every other lame metal shredder…. and the rest of them blow ass …. i mean the stp singer ? i didnt think axl rose was better than anybody till i heard him …. so never put audioslave (( one of the greatest bands of all time ))) and VR in the same sentence again

  • musician, yeah, I know what you are saying. I kinda like VR, but mu system hasn’t quite taken to them heavy. Audioslave is appealing to my system better. I just put them in the same sentence because they both feature Seattle boys (Chris and Duff)who used to hang out after high school in the same scene looking to get in a a band.

    So, I just remember that stuff. Otherwise the reasoning is the same.


  • Jagged

    Velvet Revolver rocks. It’s about time a good rock band came along to keep the good stuff alive.

  • Well I know several people who have seem them live and were rather unimpressed. I like the VR album alot but their live performances have been patchy at best.

  • One of the few ppl hear with taste

    vr r the greatest bands around and r the only band playing true rock music. n to tht twat slagging of slash – wtf r u tlkin about, slash doesnt play tht fast n thts y he doesnt he the recognition he deserves amoung other guitarists, hes so good because his solos have such gd MELODIES (u prob dnt know wot tht is being an audioslave fan), just listen to november rain the gr8est song ever written to hear wot a true god can do on the guitar! vr r absolutely amazing live and any1 who doesnt think so has no musical taste at all, go bk and listen to audioslave, greenday, razorlight, n all the other shit around at the moment u musically retarded arseholes

  • James Slade

    I was always a great fan of Rage Against the Machine, and Soundgarden as well. Audioslave is a truly amazing band, the second album somehow improving on the first. Velvet Revolver have recorded some great songs (Slither and Fall to Pieces) but they’re in no way GnR. I disagree with the guy who thinks Slash is just another guitarist, but November Rain is by no means his best work. Just listen to the Sweet Child O’ Mine solo again, it’s one of the best pieces of guitar music ever made. (Long live Appetite for Destruction, I hate some of the rubbish they put on GnR Greatest Hits.)