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ATTICUS-Dragging the lake II

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Sampler discs can tend to take on a life of their own, sometimes not even thought of by the creator. Anyone who has seen High Fidelity with John Cusak knows, every event needs a sampler to accompany it. If ATTICUS Dragging the Lake II had to accompany an event, it would be Armageddon.

This sampler is so chocked full of good tunes, it is phenomenal that it’s a one disc deal. 26 tracks in all, this CD features old favorites from bands like Thrice, Hot Water Music, Rise Against and Bane, as well as new tracks from bands like Finch, H2O Down By Law and Lagwagon. Every single track on this album is a positive addition to this mega sampler. Each band offers so much that it overwhelms the senses as excitement builds through each track with anticipation for the next spectacular song.

Overall, this sampler is a homerun for Side One Dummy Records. The winner of best song on this disc goes to Finch with their previously unreleased “Worms of the Universe”. At somewhere between $5-$10, this CD blows the other choices out of the water. I know of no CD’s on the market right now that offer 26 solid tracks for this price. Finally–cheap, good music—maybe it will catch on?

Lyrics- A (So many old and new songs that just blew me out of the water. Lyrics were a highlight on this disc.)

Objectionable Content- C- (With so many punk bands on this disc it isn’t any wonder that expletives were prevalent. It is a shame however as bands like Slick Shoes show on this CD that punk doesn’t necessarily equal vulgar.)

Overall Album- B (Too much cussing could make this a drag for your kids. Overall, it is a spectacular sampling of the talent that is available in the underground right now.)

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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  • Finch really is the best band playing this style of music right now. Their album is highly recommended.

    I have Atticus I, and the highlight on it would be the Finch track, except for the fact that it’s also on “What it it to Burn.” Jimmy Eat World’s live track on that one is quite excellent as well.

  • yanni805

    Most of the bands on this sampler are horrid.

  • “Each band offers so much that it overwhelms the senses as excitement builds through each track with anticipation for the next spectacular song.”

    I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that that was NOT sarcasm. This sampler is boring as hell. In my humble yet godlike opinion.

    Still love you though, Jeff. <3

  • me

    fuck u this cd was awesome

  • brandi

    I bought Atticus dragging the lake 2 and it’s really an awesome album. I’d reccomed it to anyone who likes punk music.