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Attention Disgruntled eMusic Customers

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We received this from the CEO of the Wippet online music service:

    We’ve all seen EMusic’s model put under pressure to ‘conform’ and end that dastardly unlimited subscription model before too many music lovers used to it and consider it the norm. And without even giving that nice .99c per download model the fair chance it deserves (sic). This is a real shame because EMusic was bloody good at what it does (did).

    In an effort to redress the balance and also bring Wippit into the spotlight a little as the last living unlimited music subscription service (hey, and we offer MP3’s too!) we’re offering disgruntled EMusic subscribers an opportunity to continue legal unlimited downloading with Wippit for only $49 for 13 months. If you’re a EMusic subscriber who is about to jack it in, see my Open Letter.

And that letter reads:

    13th October 2003

    Dear EMusic Subscriber,

    Wippit’s office dealt with a number of enquiries this weekend from EMusic subscribers regarding concern over Wippit being the last and only MP3 service to offer unlimited downloads and whether like Emusic, Wippit is going to start limiting usage and choice.

    The answer is a big fat NO! Wippit will continue offering unlimited music downloads from nearly 200 labels for only $49 a year.

    We’re an independent company. There’s no big corporate pulling our strings!

    So, furthermore as a show of unity, solidarity, (er, make that opportunity!) any EMusic subscriber that joins Wippit before the end of this month will get 13 months for $49 instead of twelve and a free puppy in the post*.

    Go to http://wippit.com and subscribe for a 12 month subscription and drop an email to support@wippit.com with your Wippit ID and we’ll credit you that extra month.

    Yours faithfully,
    Paul Myers

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  • The puppy alone is worth the investment. Those things cost $75 at our local humane society.

  • What pissed me off the most about eMusic (and lead me to cancel my account after more than four years) was the way they just decided to blow off their customers. If they had taken a different approach, and made their services better (okay, I only get 40 tracks, help me to find the tracks I really want) but they didn’t do that.

    They just basically said, “you people are scum” and the new management won’t accept you. So submit to this crappy deal or fuck off.

    So, I fucked off.

    Best of luck in your future endevours, emusic. As for these other people, I don’t know, it isn’t so much about downloads, but what can I get that I like?

  • Okay, so I haven’t downloaded since the switch until today. No offense, emusic, but your selection is not that great. I’m cancelling.