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ATSA does FRAG by Roberto Rocha

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They seem to be getting the word out, the SDC Saint Laurent decided that as Saint Laurent was a “historically significant” street that something should be done. Mr. Rocha wrote a 485 word article that basically acts as a trivia quiz on the history of the street. He quotes Audrey Lefebvre, Annie Roy, and Joey Schreter all saying the “right” things.

As I don’t have to say the “right” things, yeah, it is nice that they have some visual reminders of history here on the street, but some of the posters are piss-poor (the only one that I’ve seen that real kicks ass is on the corner of Pine Avenue). ATSA themselves have done better work, and some how I get the sensation that the money could have been better spent. Gimme a couple of days, and I can figure out how.

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