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What do you get when you combine Britpop with warm harmonies and Flaming Lip-like grooves? The answer is Athlete. I was hesitant about listening to this and the opening track El Salvador confirmed my fears. It’s not that this is bad music; it’s just not my cup of tea. I put aside my bias and gave it a listen, what I found was uplifting music that is warm and sunny. Athlete does indeed have a bright future by combining various styles and making it their own. They utilize techno beats and repeated choruses that draw the listener in and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. You know like that time you stole a kiss from the prettiest girl in class or when you ate your Malto-meal too fast.

Athlete are unique with winning tunes like Out of Nowhere and One Million – the sky is the limit for this band. Imagine Robbie Williams covering XTC while the Flaming Lips play the music, then you’ve got a good picture of Athlete. In fact almost everyone can appreciate this except me; thank God I got it for free. When is the new Weezer album coming out again?

Written by Ben Matulich for Buzzgrinder

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