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Atheists Don’t Know What Love Is

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Atheists are evil.

There, I said it. I have been one ever I since was born, but I can't hide it anymore. I have to come clean as this is the only way I can seek redemption. The urge to speak out is overwhelming and no one can stop me from speaking the truth today.

The other day I read an article which talked about atheists who hate the religious, and how wrong it was, and it struck me in a moment of atheistic brilliance that – this was it. The cause of all the existentialist angst I felt was that I did not know how to love people who didn't agree with me. As atheists, I guess we have felt a little too passionately about freeing ourselves from the madness we have thought inflicted everyone else.  As a result we were destroying all the love in the world with our hatred for all that is imaginary.

It is ironic that we hate all imaginary things. It does seem to explain why we probably hate love too. Love, after all, is a social construct, perpetrated by the media, or so we believe. So here you have us unable to love because we may not believe in it. We know and accept philos, born out of kinship, and eros, born out of lust, because they can be explained in evolutionary terms, but we refuse to believe in agape, the true love that transcends the soul and spirit (which we also don't believe in) and is unconditional.

We don't actually hate all imaginary things. We hate only those that affect us profoundly. And love and religion, as intertwined as they may be, are multi-billion dollar industries which seem to affect every decision people make all over the world. They were too overwhelming for us to ignore, unlike all those crazy kids who believed in Santa Claus or ghosts in the closet. And we spoke out, like everyone else out there who dares to speak out in a free country. We wrote books and debated. We got our intellectuals to write books to confuse the minds of the impressionable. And we hated the religious for screwing up the world. And yes, we did it only because we atheists are inherently hateful.

And I guess we were always evil. For decades we have tried to hide this from the rest of the world. We perpetrated many lies in our attempt to brand the religious as evil. It was one of those tactics where the accused points at the accuser and blames him/her for all the sins. It was a cheap trick which got us a lot of attention but also the wrath of all the Gods in most of the multiverses.

I just want society to know our failures are not its fault. It is totally our fault. Our minds are still immature like a small child's, and we don't have it in us to understand religion. We pray every day that we can someday learn to believe in an imaginary being but we fail. And with it, we fail to love too.

We are the scum that burden the earth. We believe ourselves to be on average more educated than the theists, and we attempt to be logical. But I have been told that love follows no logic, and by being logical we only destroy the very fabric of society. 

It is what makes us evil.

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  • TC

    Yes. So true. Religion has also been the source of so many good things (unlike atheism). An analogy would be with terrorism. They are wrong and evil but at least they provide employment opportunities to the disgruntled.

  • Joy

    “religion . . . the source of so many good things” Like the Inquistition? Witch hunts? The religious wars through the ages and the ones that continue? the nearly 1 BILLION people murdered over millennia in the name of god? Yeah, I guess you forgot that stuff, huh, TC?

  • TC

    Ummm Joy. I think I did compare religion to terrorism. A weak attempt at satire on my part.

  • Jae

    I agree, TC. Think of all those poor terrorists who would have to get a real job if it were not for religion. And those poor women who would be burdened with having to wear something other than a stuffy hot burqua on a cool summer night. Or the poor girls who would be allowed to decide when they wanted to have a child.
    Such wonderful things we get from religion. God bless!

  • DuckPhup

    There’s an inherent problem with articles like this… and that is that satire and irony are quite beyond the comprehension of a distressingly high percentage of Christ-cult God-bot delusionists. (All that you have to do to confirm that allegation is take a look at the comments at Edward Current’s YouTube channel. The down-side to that is that it also reveals that quite a few atheists are ALSO oblivious to irony and satire.)

    Anyway… my point… I would expect to see this article cited by Christians as ‘proof’ that atheists are evil, and incapable of love, and that ‘they’ have finally admitted it.

  • quite a few atheists are ALSO oblivious to irony and satire.

    It is quite tricky for humans to detect, period, especially when it is in the form of the written word and not accompanied by an obviously ironical tone of voice. Even then an extraordinary number of people miss it.

  • A very pithy, fun read. Sorry there are so many folks who don’t recognize humor when they see it; and always so dumbfounding, don’t you think? Anyway, thanks for the intelligent chuckle; so sorry you’re going to have to spend eternity in the fires of hell for it…

  • Alessia Gallant

    You think Atheists are evil? We don’t believe in god because we have no evidence of him. Its not so much that we hate religion, its just we DONT BELIEVE! I don’t believe in religion because when i was a little girl i was abused and raped by my step father.So I prayed to god that he would stop, but it took 6 years for it to finally stop, now tell me, where is your god?

    Oh and another thing, without religion, the world would do better. Alot of wars are caused by Religion, women are stuffed in clothes over in Islam because RELIGION says so.It took along time for women to get some god damn rights in this world, because of RELIGION. Did you know that the Crusades was pretty much Holocausts? You know why? Because the Christians didn’t believe that the Muslims religion was correct so they attempted to slaughter them.Did you know that Cults are based off of Religion, cults use religion as a source for control…Actually that is what Religion was ment for, Religion was created in times where they couldn’t explain why it rained or snowed. Religion was ment for filling in the blanks in unexplainable things at the time.

    Don’t all the bad things about Atheism without mentioning all the bad things that Religion has caused.

  • Duck, Doc, and Jeanne, you seem to have been proven correct.

  • Indeed.

    Although it’s entirely possible – but not necessarily true – that Alessia started typing without bothering to read the comments.

  • Alexandria Forsythe

    How is Atheism evil? Just because we don’t believe in Invisible people in the sky that will send you to hell BUT he loves everyone and he always forgives? I believe in love,but not Religion?Religion has caused so much destruction in the world,so how could Atheism be evil?

  • Wonderful stuff. Made me laugh out loud.

    I always smile when I read comments from the religious that apparently atheists don’t have any morality, can’t express themselves emotionally, clearly have no friends, and are always utterly negative.

    The true irony is that those values that they make so much of, are actually secular values, values that are considered important by secular society, and that’s why religions adopt them.

    I don’t suppose the ironically challenged will get that though 🙂

  • Priyank Chandra

    People either laugh or condemn. Is there no one out there who actually agrees.

    Sigh! It is a lonely world …

  • Michael Harris

    Religion – The Belief that a Magical Being in the sky created the world and they use any other excuses to fill in blanks so that they can block that out and say its the work of god etc.

    Atheism – Atheists don’t believe in any mystical being, instead we believe in Science, we don’t try to make excuses for things that we can’t explain. Instead we try to find a reason instead of making up a imaginary story that doesn’t even make sense what so ever.

    Question for Religious People – Why do you insist on making excuses for things that you can’t explain. Example:For the Creation of the World, you say its a mystical being called “God”
    Instead of making up things, why don’t you find a reason for it being there?

  • Hmmm… on the old format we used to have a banner across the top that said “Satire”… I kinda miss that.

  • Priyank Chandra

    Jet : Labeling satire or attaching a disclaimer certainly takes the fun out of writing it.

  • attempt 5-hmmm Pryank, in an attempt to wish all a -h a p p y – h o l i d a y – the comment keeps getting -r e j e c t e d.

    …here’s a – s a t i r e – of my own that you m i g h t – l i k e… c l i c k – h e r e


  • [Atheism – Atheists don’t believe in any mystical being, instead we believe in Science]

    Michael, Science isn’t a matter of belief. It doesn’t matter at all what a scientist believes, because the evidence is what counts.

    The religious like to say that science is a belief system when in fact it removes any question of belief, makes irrelevant what the individual scientist believes, and separates opinion from fact. Science is not a belief system.

    The fact is that atheists don’t need the belief in some deity, because they are looking for facts and rational explanations and belief, religious or otherwise, can’t deliver either.

    There a principle of parsimony called Occam’s Razor which argues for a theory having enough complexity to explain what is needed, and no more. One consequence is that you don’t add in untestable statements to a theory. Partly it’s to avoid redundancy, but the other reason is that the moment you include something like a deity or unknown force, you lose the ability to test your theory. And if you can’t test it, you can’t use it to build knowledge. Belief is no basis on which to claim knowledge. That’s why atheists don’t depend on belief, and why science helps and religion doesn’t.

  • Michael Harris

    Bob, when i said Atheists believe in science, I ment we use science to prove things instead of making things up without evidence. It wasn’t very necessary to write all that. Lol

  • Jimbo

    Well, that was very humbling. The first time through, I really wasn’t thinking about the possibility of satire, but reading through the comments


    posting my own gave me pause, and an incentive to read through again with a more attentive eye. I am sorry that your very well written and well thought-out article has fallen prey to the same outbursts that appear with every written piece on posted on the internet that deals with this topic. To read this, one really needs a patient, discerning eye; I’d like to thank Doc, duck and the others for reminding me of this. I wonder what the reaction would be if this were presented in an English literature class instead of on a blog?

    Thank you for such clever writing, and I hope anyone who is initially pissed off reads the article carefully before crying injustices.

    Hint: the doc and duck are right (the author even said so), and, secondly, think about in/tolerance.

  • Smile, God loves you. It’s humanity that’s evil.