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Atheism is a broad term, atheists having the only thing in common: their lack of belief in a personal, supernatural deity. The etymology of the word itself is "a" – without, "theism" – belief in a god. It is not a religion or life philosophy, and therefore asserts no specific ideas or beliefs. Consequently, it is best to defer to those who consider themselves atheists when defining the term. Some are more active in their denial than others, but all are without belief.

There is a burgeoning atheist rights movement. Members of which have been dubbed with the controversial term, the "new atheists." Books such as Richard Dawkins'; The God Delusion and Sam Harris' The End of Faith are best sellers. Many of the "new atheists" are thriving in the blogosphere. In this vast atheist blogosphere, the most popular blogs include biologist P.Z. Myers' Pharyngula, Hemant Mehta's Friendly Atheist, and Rebecca Watson's Skepchick.

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