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At last – the Truth about IQ tests!

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the truth is out. Men are at least 5 percentage points better than women, particularly on the higher echelons of IQ tests. Finally, I can relax! Why? Because, now I don’t even need to prove myself…If this is the case, I am a good-for-nothing woman that really needs to stay at home and relax in bed, watching daytime TV and eating chocolate confident that I am incapable of contributing to the economy of the world at large. Meanwhile, my god-like man (that, incidentally, I am still looking for) will be getting the children up, holding a screaming baby under one arm whilst warming a bottle in the microwave, washing the dishes, pouring out the cereal for the older children and talking to a salesman for double glazing on the phone all at the SAME time as well as getting himself ready for work and out the door. This is fantastic.

The reality, of course, as any hard-pressed parent knows is that one poor sucker gets up and feeds children, looks for the lost homework book that a child forgot to present for signing the previous evening, pours out cereal into bowls whilst heating up baby’s bottle, as well as supervising the division of packed lunches. The bottle, naturally, overheats, which means that it has to be cooling down in a mug of cold water with 5 second checks to see if it is by any chance cool enough not to burn baby’s mouth off necessitating ANOTHER trip to the emergency room this week. And, then, of course, the inevitable cry from the bathroom upstairs, ” Darling have you seen my…….?” Naturally, at this point, time stops. Imagine a kitchen frozen, baby’s mouth open, kids mouths open, fridge open, microwave open as overworked dogsbody seeks desperately in her 5 IQ point-less mind where the offending article, normally, a pen, or razor could have got to.

No wonder we don’t get the points! We are still worrying about the milk and whether the diary was signed and whether we blunted the razor when we borrowed it.

Seriously though, before I get my DNA in a twist, these tests measure spatial awareness amongst other things. Now every woman knows that as far as visual awareness is concerned, men are way ahead of women. For every fight between a loving couple about light on/light off, it is the man who wants it on, the man who needs the extra visual stimulation whereas we are quite capable of shutting our eyes and imagining that anyone we particularly like is there with us. In fact, in many cases, this is definitely a bonus and yet, do we see ‘able to imagine Brad Pitt’ as a category on IQ tests?

Time, I think, for a male and female IQ test measuring what we are each best at rather than putting females through a male-designed IQ test which is why we are coming out 5 points behind. Time for individual tests not promoting sexism, but rather recognising how special and different masculinity and femininity, men and women, are.


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  • Well historicly speaking the early IQ tests had women mopping the floors with us men and basicaly OWNING the map on IQ tests. SO they added more “guy” questions, such as sports and the scores became more or less equal between both sexes.

  • This doesn’t feel like analytic writing but rather like something that was blogged for the sake of being blogged.

    Those of you who have read enough blogs know what I mean. A link to a story, a sarcastic comment or two, and then a universal feel-good platitude making everyone seem better with the story we’re outraged at.

    I like your name though, Minerva. It’s cool. Does your owl only come out at night?

    That is all.

  • Hey Booey, No need to shoot down a newcomer. Not much here that’s analytical, it’s critical… you know, as in BlogCRITICS

  • Oh, I didn’t know it was a newcomer.

    All good criticism is analytical and all good analysis is critical.

    Keep it up, Minerva. Like I said, I think you could write some really smart stuff.

    That is all.

  • I guess it only matters if you actually believe the IQ test measures pure intelligence – there are many degrees of intelligence.

  • Dear all,
    Thank you for your comments and please don’t protect me even if I am a ‘newcomer’. After all, aren’t we all equal now? *lagging 5 points behind*

    I am still laughing at Booey’s ‘could write some really smart stuff’.


  • able to imagine Brad Pitt

    I’m hurt. Really hurt. Especially since, in my household anyway, it’s my SPOUSE who has those extra IQ points.

    You make me truly glad I never bought the DVD of The Mexican.