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Astrology of the Attack on Anderson Cooper

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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was attacked in Cairo by Mubarak supporters on February 2nd. Apparently he was punched in the face but not seriously hurt.

Anderson’s astrology indicates that he is drawn to risk. His communicative Gemini Sun is in an area of his natal chart that represents instinct and obsession (8th House). His Sun forms a restless connection to his Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (upheaval) which are in his public oriented 11th House. They are both in the sign of Virgo which can indicate crisis. So he has a compulsion to communicate with the public about crisis ridden situations. He also has an impulsive Moon in Aries. The Moon represents a person’s needs and Aries is the sign of the warrior.

He has a justice-driven, optimistic Jupiter in Leo situated in the career sector (10th house) of his chart. This combination of zealous explorer (Jupiter) and performer (Leo) ensures that he shines as a reporter on the world stage. But his Jupiter also makes a tense connection to the points in his chart that represent his life path (Nodal Axis). It’s as if he is speeding along a highway in a powerful car (Jupiter) that occasionally swerves out of control.

So Anderson has the potential for risk in his chart. But what was happening on February 2nd to trigger this attack? To answer this I looked at the current movement of the planets (transits) in relation to their position on the day he was born (natal planets).

Transiting Jupiter in Aries was making a connection to his natal Jupiter. Jupiter expands the sense of possibility. In transit it might have added too much fuel to his desire to jump in and show the world what was happening in Egypt. On the flip side, Jupiter can be a “lucky” planet that offers protection. So while it might have urged him into a risky situation it could also be the reason that he wasn’t injured more severely.

As I’m writing this he is still in Cairo, sending live updates via Twitter. That pretty much sums up everything I’ve described in this post.


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  • Leo

    Isn’t it more likely his Mars and Asc in Libra conj. transit Saturn in Libra had something to with the attack? Plus his Mercury in Cancer is opposite transit Pluto/MN in Cap.

  • Nadia Gilchrist

    normally I would say yes to the transiting Saturn but it wasn’t exact…his Mars is 15 deg. Libra and Saturn Rx was at 17 deg. Close enough I suppose but transiting Jupiter was in an exact trine to his natal Jupiter (1 deg). And that would have set off the square to Nodal Axis. Obviously there were a number of variables involved in the attack but I picked the one that seemed the most dominant.

  • Leo

    Well, considering his Asc is 19 deg. Libra, I would allow transit Saturn to affect both his Mars and his Asc. I doubt a Jupiter-Jupiter trine could create an attack. If you look at Egypt’s chart, you’ll see a lot of negative aspects to Anderson’s chart, more likely to have spurred on the violence.