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Astrology Is Real, Astrology Is Fake

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It was just another Tuesday night; a night perfectly suited to be labeled a Tuesday. I was up much later than I should have been, clumsily strumming my guitar and trying to sort out the headaches on paper disguised as guitar tabs. A dear friend of mine was keeping me company, and we were merrily chit-chatting away about anything and everything. If someone decided to listen to us from outside the door, I’m sure they would have assumed there were five people in the room and not just simply two. While in the middle of describing to my friend all about my latest potential love interest, I thought out loud to myself, “I haven’t asked him what his sign is yet…”

It was an innocent and natural thought to think, right? It was, until about a split second after the words left my mouth, I remembered exactly which friend I was saying this to.

The room went dead silent. I looked up at my friend to find him frozen-faced, bewildered, and with eyes so wide they could have been screaming, “What did you just say?”

I sighed the King of Sighs and took a gulp, preparing myself for what was about to come. The bomb was about to explode.

WHAT did you just say?!,” my friend roared.

“Nothing, err. I was just wondering what his sign might be, that’s all.”

“Astrology is nonsense. I don’t waste my time believing in it, and neither should you. It’s all fake and doesn’t help you see anything about yourself or the world around you. Unless you can present me with scientific evidence right now that astrology is somewhat true, then it isn’t true. Don’t even dream of telling me that horoscopes are accurate – a vague random one-liner that’s supposed to sum up my day and turns out being fairly accurate doesn’t cut it as evidence.”

Here I was, a firm believer in astrology for what has been years, being asked to prove to a skeptic within one conversation that astrology is not fake. The truth is, I didn’t have any scientific evidence. I didn’t have textbooks, quotes made by any scientists or philosophers, or theories. I wasn’t prepared, and I wasn’t prepared because of one simple reason. It never once crossed my mind that people get angry over subjects as harmless as astrology. It’s just astrology, I thought.

It isn’t like we base elections over it or diagnose diseases based upon it. It isn’t a religion. It doesn’t impact our lives as heavily as topics like healthcare reform or racism. I had always assumed astrology sparked curiosity in some people and others just simply didn’t care. That’s how I choose to go about it, anyway. If I meet someone who enjoys discussing astrology, cool. If I meet someone who doesn’t, cool. But for astrology to cause anger? I felt my friend was wasting his energy, but I was still sitting there at a loss for words and he was still standing there fuming. I had never thought about how I would explain my love for astrology without scientific proof, but that certain conversation with my friend caused me to put this into words.

I personally have no doubt that astrology is real. Over the years, astrology has proven itself to me. Believe it or not, I started out as a skeptic myself. My interest in the subject started when I happened to come across an astrology book at a friend’s house. (Oh, the irony.) Since then, I have studied and read tons of material on the subject. Astrology to me isn’t about horoscopes and doesn’t involve predicting the future whatsoever. I don’t use it to predict anything, actually. Your sign is simply your aura; a part of who you are. I have become an expert at guessing people’s signs merely because I can feel what it is.

No, I’m not psychic. After a while of asking people what their signs are when meeting them, you start to recognize how it feels to be around certain signs. For example, if I feel particularly bothered around a female for no reason, it is a big chance she is an Aquarius. Most of the time, I find out that she is one. I feel at home with Pisces folk, as if we had known each other forever. Sometimes, I’ll be able to figure out a person’s sign simply based upon a physical trait. After studying astrological physical traits for a while and comparing them to people I know, I’ve ruled out which ones are spot on and which ones are worth forgetting about. Scorpio men have a very distinct laughter that gives them away.

Of course, I’m not saying every Scorpio man on earth laughs this way, but when I do hear that laugh, it comes from a Scorpio. (It isn’t an evil laugh, if that’s what you were thinking!) There are more Gemini celebrities than any other sign, and more Scorpios choose to become doctors and medical professionals than any other sign. There are endless examples like this and I don’t think they are at all coincidental. After studying the general traits and strengths of the 12 signs, these things make sense. Of course, I would never judge anyone based on their sign, but this knowledge of astrology has become a part of me. When my sister comes home from school ranting, “Ahh, my new lab partner is such a LEO!”, I nod my head because I know exactly what she is talking about. It is things like this that do it for me.

Yes, that is my glorious proof. That is all I have to say on the matter. Have I sparked your interest in Astrology? That’s lovely, come over for tea and cake tomorrow and we’ll talk more about it. Perhaps we could go to this new restaurant in town that just opened; I’ve been badly wanting to try it. Or we could go to the restaurant first, then have tea. Oh, you haven’t changed your mind about Astrology?

Come over anyway.

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  • Angela Sanchez

    great blog!

  • Spiro Sakelaropoulos

    I’m fond of lying about my birthday and astrological sign to people that ask me. Oh the fun that ensues when their pea brans find out the truth!

  • Dr Dreadful

    I think J.J.’s line of reasoning is this, Chris: You can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, therefore he exists.

    In which case, congratulations, J.J.: you have also just proved the existence of Zeus, the Muslim paradise, Joseph Smith’s golden plates, ghosts, aliens and an invisible man-eating cherry pie that lives under my bed and comes out at night to tap-dance up and down the street, pausing only to snack on homeless people.

  • J.J. – go on, I’ll bite; what is the proof (you do know what the word means, right?) of god you refer to?

  • J.J.

    Penny, actually there is proof. You can’t prove that there isn’t God, can you?

  • Derp

    Astrology has traditionally placed importance on the placement of constellations in the night sky – but why? Constellations are created by us and do not exist independently, so how can they influence our lives? This shows that astrology is not science, but magic.

  • Penny

    There is also no proof of God yet people believe there is one.

  • Scott

    People are most like their sun sign becuase almost everyone in America knew a trait from their sign during their childhood or adolescent years. This allows us to be one of those main traits. Scoripio- Sexy, Pisces-Artist, Aries-Go getter, Cancer-Emotional ect.

    This is why astrology “works”. If you think otherwise then collect the $1 million reward http://www.randi.org and use it to open up astrology schools or food kitchens.

  • we agree with your point.

    In lifescape astrology , we don consider signs at all , only planets and angles between them.

    Regarding scientific evidence, you can add variou charts to wiki and see the lifescape explanations. repeatability of the principles is the evidence.

    rakesh singhal

  • I think friends need to be sensitive to their friends’ beliefs and disbeliefs. But in principle: if your friend was asking for scientific proof, he/she was probably looking for something to back up statements like you make here: “There are more Gemini celebrities than any other sign, and more Scorpios choose to become doctors and medical professionals than any other sign.” If these statements are true, that means someone’s studied the data and come to these conclusions. So… where are they? I’m curious, because in the little I’ve read about astrology I’ve never seen anything like this. And it would be an awfully easy kind of study to do. For example, look at people who get to a certain level on American Idol, or people who’ve won Nobel Prizes, or people who become pro golfers… anything you like could be a study subject. Are there studies like this?

  • Yellow Pixie


    Nope, I haven’t heard of Astropsychology. I’ll check it out.


  • Xavier Reiss

    There are many astrological methodologies to choose from as there are religions. Find the truth in the midst of illusions is the key, astrology is ancient and diverse, have you considered Astropyschology ?