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Astrology and Seasonal Affective Disorder: Is Leo Predisposed?

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Do you suffer from SAD? People with Seasonal Affective Disorder get the winter blues and I recently have become aware of how prevalent and serious this problem can be. Deprived of sunlight, people see their mood drop and it stays that way until May or so when the days get longer.

sunshineNow, I am not prone to depression at all and I don’t have SAD, but I do have Leo in my chart. And I think people with Leo absolutely need exposure to the sun. Since I grew up in the desert, I never lacked sunshine but then I moved to Colorado. And though it’s colder here, it’s very sunny. So I never noticed anything until I spent a winter in a mountains in a shack with northern exposure.

Now if you live in the desert, you don’t think about which way your house is facing because not matter what you do it is way too hot. But this shack was in high in the mountains and it was very cold. There was a lot of snow which we would shovel to keep the front of the place clear. To the great shock of this desert rat, that snow just piled up and up and up all winter long.

So come February, I noted the snow around the shack was 12-15 feet high and I realized we were living in shade. . . constantly. At the time this was an incredible novelty to me, and nothing more. But apparently it did register because ever since then I have insisted every home I live in face south!

leo sun godAnyway, this winter I am closely associated with more than one person who suffers from SAD and it’s enormously enlightening (no pun). No pun because the preferred treatment (that helps 85% of those afflicted) is light therapy. And I got to thinking about this.

I don’t mind the winter and I don’t mind the snow. But come February, which pretty much marks the end of winter in the desert, I start to get a little antsy. It just seems the cold weather has gone on long enough, which leaves me wanting, considering it doesn’t warm up here (what I could call warm) until the middle of June! So it seems it does wear me down. Long story, short I am buying one of those super-duper lights for my home.

I am buying it for my daughter, because she has SAD. And she has Leo Moon. My son has no problem and no Leo in his chart. He is oblivious to sunlight; he’s interested in girls. And I just bet that people who are negatively affected when exposure to the sun is limited have Leo in their chart.

sad lightBecause – though I am not depressed at all – I smile when I think about standing near this 10,000 lux light. It just seems like it will be a very positive thing and I have no doubt my daughter will benefit because we are so similar. Neither of us likes to be in a basement, for example. We need sun coming through the windows to thrive.

So this is pretty much a public service announcement. If you have Leo in your chart and you’re feeling low, you might want to open the shades and let the sun in. Especially with Saturn transiting Leo! And if it's especially severe, you may want to think about getting one of these lights. Because when I think of putting Leo in a north facing house in frigid mountains these days, I just cringe. Something is just very wrong with that picture.

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