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Astrologer Reveals Casey Anthony’s Future

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Casey Anthony was declared innocent of the murder of her daughter, Caylee.  I looked at her chart and the transits that were hitting it when the verdict was announced.

Casey Anthony was born on March 19th, 1986 in Warren, Ohio. I researched two possible birth times:  3:10 PM and 2:10 PM

Both times give Casey Leo rising. This makes the Sun her chart ruler. Her Sun is in dreamy Pisces, square an impulsive Mars/Uranus in enthusiastic Sagittarius.  So she is not in touch with reality and not big on taking responsibility for her actions. Mars/Uranus blends will (Mars) with the desire for freedom and excitement (Uranus). This conjunction is found in her 5th House of children, celebrations and ego.

A 3:10 birth time puts transiting Jupiter, the planet of luck, in the section of her chart dealing with lawyers (9th House). The 2:10 birth time puts Jupiter in the legal decisions section (10th House). Either way it’s good news for her. Last month, Jupiter crossed the point in her chart that represents destiny (North Node) which suggested that a positive outcome was in the bag for Casey.

Casey’s chart is blessed with a Grand Water Trine.  Her Moon (emotions) in subjective Cancer, Pluto (power) in Scorpio and Jupiter (luck) in Pisces all join together to form a circuit of energy. People with Grand Trines are considered “lucky” because the flowing energy facilitates positive developments.  In her case, this Trine describes a self-contained, self-indulgent woman with escapist tendencies. She probably believed that everything would just work out. 

Neptune (illusion) in Capricorn sextiles her Jupiter and Pluto, capping off the Trine and forming a Kite. Neptune also opposes her Moon which acts as a release for the energy of the Trine. Neptune in Capricorn suggests a desire to  deny authority. Neptune in opposition to her Moon means she would want to take the easy way out. It was being triggered by transiting Pluto (power and transformation) when Casey was declared not guilty, giving her an escape.

What’s coming up for Casey? Around August, 2011 transiting Saturn in Libra (karma and responsibility) will return to challenge (oppose) her independent, self-focused Venus in Aries. She’ll feel the pinch of fear, isolation and restrictions. Saturn first opposed her Venus in December, 2010 when the potential death penalty phase of her future trial was being discussed. Around July, 2013 transiting Uranus (shock and upheaval) will pass over her Venus and square her Moon. This points to major emotional upsets and loss of security. It will definitely be a wake up call.


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