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Astral Projection and Improving Frequencies through Binaural Tones

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As an ancient practice steeped in spirituality and heightened awareness, astral projection has been sought out by cultures worldwide for centuries.  Though it is widely misunderstood, those with experience in the practice understand its power in the realm of spiritual enlightenment, healing, mind-body connectivity, and many other areas.  Like the experience itself, the methods used to successfully astral project can be varied.  With practice, it’s possible to find the best methods that will work to encourage your astral body to explore the unlimited astral world.  For many, there are tools that can enhance the astral projection experience. Binaural tones are the most commonly used and effective tools used to encourage astral travel.

What are Binaural Tones?

Discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839, binaural beats or tones are auditory stimuli used to affect specific areas of the brain. They have been used to induce relaxation, improve study techniques, cure insomnia, encourage meditation, and alter mental states.  The theory behind binaural beats is that they are created at a frequency which stimulate the brain stem and correspond to specific brain waves.  Through the use of various frequencies, the desired effect of sensory stimulation of the brain can be achieved, both aurally and visually. 

Depending on the frequencies of the binaural beats, they will stimulate different areas of the brain.  The brain frequencies and the states they affect are:

  • Gamma Waves—Perceptions, heightened mental activity, fear, problem solving, and consciousness.
  • Beta Waves—Cognition, paranoia, arousal, anxious thinking, and concentration.
  • Alpha Waves—Relaxation, REM sleep, pre-sleep states, and dreams.
  • Theta Waves—NREM sleep and deep meditation.
  • Delta Waves—Loss of body awareness and deep sleep absent of dreams.

How Binaural Beats Can Encourage Astral Projection

For many, especially beginners, binaural beats can help fear subside so that the astral body feels safe in leaving the physical body.  Through the use of binaural tones, it’s possible to make progress towards successful astral projection.  Without understanding how to achieve deep meditation, astral projection will be difficult if not impossible.  Through several layers of experience, binaural tones will help you work though the practice of astral projection to achieve eventual success.

  • Relaxation—The binaural tones will encourage relaxation through stimulation of the alpha waves. As these waves enter the brain, you will succumb to them and enter a deep state of relaxation.  As you start the practice, it is always best to cover your body with a sheet or a blanket because the body temperature will drop during successful astral projection.
  • Better Focus—Theta waves in the binaural tones will help you enter a deep state of meditation, which allows your focus to be entirely on your breathing.  Free from the problems of the physical world, your brain will begin the journey of astral projection, which starts will deep meditation.
  • Overcoming Fear—For most beginners, fear is the primary obstacle that must be overcome.  The unknown sensations of astral projection can be frightening and, even with study, it’s impossible to prepare for those sensations until you experience them for the first time. It is to be expected that there might be several failed attempts before successful astral travel is achieved.  The binaural tones, by shifting your focus and helping you relax, will help you overcome your fear more easily, increasing your chances of success.
  • Successful Separation—After moving through these very important preliminary stages, it’s possible to achieve successful separation.  With the binaural tones playing throughout the experience, you have a better chance of maintaining the meditative state and separating from your physical body.  As you move towards separation, there will most likely be vibration, buzzing, and involuntary physical movement.

Common Techniques of Astral Projection

For each person, there will be a preferred method of achieving astral travel.  With practice, you will discover the technique that works best for you.  The common separation techniques include the Roll Out Method, the Rope Technique, Visualization, Getting Lighter, and Will Power.  In time, with practice, and with the use of binaural tones, you can discover the thrill of traveling the astral plane.  Once you overcome your fear, you will be on your way to success in this ancient practice that leads to spiritual enlightenment.

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