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Astral Projection and Binaural Tones

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After much practice, it is conceivable to induce astral projection simply by will power. For beginners, it is likely that some tools or outside forces will be needed to encourage the astral body to separate and to help to relax the physical body.

The concept of astral projection was introduced thousands of years ago. In its earliest known uses, ancient cultures would use the experience as a means of communing with the spirit world. Ancient Egyptians are believed to be the earliest practitioners to record astral travel experiences. Some 3,000 years ago they, who referred to the astral body as the Kha, left evidence of their experiences on the astral plane on cave walls. Since then, there has been much progress in the field of astral projection, which has become more widely accepted.

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats or Tones are a series of sounds recorded at specific frequencies. Each frequency corresponds to a specific brain wave. For binaural beats recorded for use with astral projection, the frequencies will be in beta waves or theta waves, in order to promote relaxation, meditation, and astral separation.

In 1839, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered binaural beats. Through the course of the 100 years that followed this discovery, the scientific evidence with regard to these sounds was minimal. Many years later, in 1973, a scientist who spent time studying the effects of the beats would make major strides in gaining understanding and acceptance for their efficacy in various applications.

The earliest uses of the beats were to help with studying, insomnia, anxiety, and certain health problems. Through many studies by various scientists, there would be discussion about the possibility of binaural tones being used to aid in meditative practices and eventually astral projection. There have been many studies about binaural beats in relation to Parkinson’s Disease, estrogen levels, and many other issues, creating an awareness of the power of these sound waves.

How Are the Tones Used in Astral Projection?

For many beginners, the challenge in finding success in attempts at astral projection is the obstacle of fear. The fear of the unknown can become overbearing, making it impossible to shift focus away from the fear so the astral body can separate. Binaural beats have succeeded for many years in helping those struggling with astral projecting to finally allow the astral body to separate. Through their abilities to relax the body and shift focus, the mind is able to remain aware and allow the astral body to explore the astral plane in search of answers, spiritual enlightenment, and many other things.

The beats created for use during astral projection attempts will be broadcast in two unique frequencies in each ear. That will allow the frequencies to penetrate different brain waves and yield the desired effects of relaxing the body while keeping the brain aware of the occurrences that will follow. For example, there could be frequencies of 300 Hz in the left ear and 307 Hz in the right. That would allow the brain to function at 7 Hz, which is within the desired range of 4 – 7 Hz, which is required for an out-of-body experience.

Tips on Success in Astral Projection

Whether you employ tools like binaural beats during attempts at astral projection or not, there are certain rules of thumb that can help you find success. One of the most important things to remember is to choose the right time to try astral projection. For most, early morning hours yield the most success, so it is always recommended that beginners start there when trying to succeed in separation of the astral body. You should also wear loose and comfortable clothing, and keep a blanket over the body because of the likelihood of a lower body temperature during astral travel.

Relaxation techniques, which will be improved with the use of binaural beats, are also important as you attempt to astral project. The goal is to reach sleep paralysis, which is the stage your body will enter just before sleep, in order to allow the astral body to separate. Astral projection attempts will most likely take several attempts before success is found. Patience is another important factor in attempts at astral projection, as it may take several months or even years before you are able to experience astral travel for yourself.

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