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Asterisk – Dogma

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Oh, hell yes! Asterisk is a Swedish grind-core band that will shred you to pieces, mop you up, and piss all over your remains. With an astonishing 40 songs on the new album Dogma, they pretty much chronicle every song that they have ever recorded.

Highlights include Green Eyed Angel in my Dream, The Spatio-Temporal Aspect, Iron-Head: Palestine, Syntax of Limbo, An Angel Collapsing (feat. Lasse Marhaugh), I (poultry), Ogre Battle (A Queen song that they completely dismember and resurrect as a bizarre unrecognizable beast), and Lego Hair.

Now, with forty songs on a single CD, don’t expect any five minute songs. In fact their longest song is only three minutes and twenty three seconds long (and the majority of that is this bizarre series of clicks), their shortest song, well it’s a tie… both are four seconds long.

There are sections on this CD where you can see obvious distinctions between periods of recording, but none of the songs will disappoint.

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