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Asshanti. Yes, That’s Right, Ass.

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From Launch.com:

“(2/24/03, 1 p.m. ET) — Ashanti was joined onstage at the Grammys by her younger sister and a group of children who sang along as she performed “Dreams.”

Backstage, Ashanti said of the performance: “Oh, it was a wonderful feeling,” Ashanti said. “A lot of people don’t know that some of the children on the stage were, like, terminally ill. Some of them, their parents died in 9/11, so it was a wonderful experience just to have those kids there kind of living out their dreams.”

Right. I’m sure they would’ve been a lot happier if they were living out their dream onstage with a decent performer. When will the world come to its senses and realize that Ashanti just isn’t the “Queen of Soul?” I’m sorry, but Ashanti just sucks so much ass that it makes me want to cry. Sure, I liked her when I heard her singing the hook for “Always on Time” by Ja Rule, and maybe even on “What’s Luv” with Fat Joe, but when she tried to make it on her own–and oddly enough, she did make it–I was flabbergasted. Who ever hears anything of those lovely ladies with the thin glassy voices singing hooks for rappers ever trying to cut a solo record? No one does, because they DON’T. They’re just as disposable as a b-boy in a Missy Elliot video. She pulls them off the streets. There’s plenty of them. They won’t be missed.

It makes me kind of sad to contemplate what kind of lasting power Ashanti will have when the Grammy fuss blows over and hip-hop producers discover some new pretty face to use on their tracks.

But I guess you do have to give her a little credit for looking so hot in that dress.

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  • Nas

    please i will be glad to know the website address of Ashanti’s younger sister pls help me, i want to talk to her



  • Young50

    All i have to sy is everybody just needs to top and think for a second about what Ashanti has done.I think that everybody that talks about her is just mad cuz they feel Ashanti is tryin to take AAliyah’s place.I have to personally say there will never be another aalyah but on the other hand dont hate on Ashanti.There is still enough love for the loss and the life of Aaliyah and for Ashanti.Let me ask everyone a question if Aaliyahwas still alive and her and Ashanti did a song together no one wold have a problem with Ashanti and everybody would be like you two sing so well together.So bottom line is think about what i just said quit hatin on my girl and always keep the great Aaliyah in your heart.

  • PersianGoddess24

    Just wanted to say how much I HATE Sarai. She sucks. Sarai, honey, YOU’RE WHITE! Just thought you may have missed that in the last newsletter, sweety.

  • Comment 4 posted by PersianGoddess24 on August 24, 2003 02:57 AM:
    Just wanted to say how much I HATE Sarai. She sucks. Sarai, honey, YOU’RE WHITE! Just thought you may have missed that in the last newsletter, sweety.

    Actually, I dislike how you are racist about Sarai and white rappers. I am not Caucasian myself, but what’s up with that? By the way, how does she suck? You can’t say someone sucks unless you give sensible reasons.

  • EssXiO

    (Attention whore–>)Sarai(<--Bitch) does suck, she's WHITE and black female rappers are just fine (there ok, not the best. rap sucks of course)


    i think ashanti is a cool girl. whoever think she something negative about her hater get throw alway quick. FOR THE NOT SO ASHANTI FANS.

  • Ashanti is making it mainly based on her looks and beaucoup promotion. But, so are most of today’s young female singers. But not all. Alicia Keyes, Nelly Furtado and India Arie are for real. They have voices, songwriting talent and Alicia and India can really play their instruments. So, there is hope.

  • whoever think she something negative about her hater get throw alway quick.

    Is this a sentence? Or is this like one of those weird gibberish spams I get in my inbox everyday?

    Mac: I have a feeling that as right as you are, most of the people arguing in these comments don’t really care too much about actual talent, unfortunately.

  • And look good she does. She’s like Beyonce Knowles, can’t stand her songs, but I’ll be damned if she doesn’t look good. I mean, I hated that Crazy in Love song, but Beyonce looked so good in that video, I found myself baring through the song just to watch the video.

  • Christianna

    ASHANTI IS DA BEST SO STOP HATIn ON Her. she has a body and face to DIE FOR,literaly.

  • Hmm…so just because she’s white & she raps, you can’t stand her? Wow, you sure showed your intelligence and maturity there.

    If a white person had said that about a black or hispanic female, there would be problems up in here. Don’t put her down because of her race. If you don’t like her as a person, that’s different. If you think she has no talent, that’s cool. But don’t make it about race & expect people not to react. Learn not to make personal attacks based on race, please. Oh, and there are white people who have rhythm, who can move, and who can sing beautifully, thank you very much.

  • [J]essica [E]vans

    aww i luvs ashanti she jus mazin best girl n tha charts i recon … n she is jus soooooooo stunnin xxx

  • I’m sure I checked my self and I’m possitive about what I’m saying. I LLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEE ASHANTI. iAIN’T A GROUPPY BUT IT’S TRUE.It’s lik I can’t get enough of her. NO lesbian sh**.

  • Phe-weezey

    Ashanti sucks and her mother sucks even more! Her mother is obviously the reason she has such a bad attitude and thinks the world revolves around her…well this isn’t 2000 anymore. Get a real job..go back to mcdonalds..and tell your mom to grow up. She should b embarrased. A 75 year old lady should have more respect and grace!