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Ashanti pisses off PETA

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CMU reports:

Animal rights groups in the US are upset by the ad for the new Ashanti album in which the singer seems to be wearing a $10,000 mink coat. Campaigners say the ad – for new album ‘Ashanti’s Christmas’ – send out the wrong message. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals say they plan to send Ashanti a video narrated by Pamela Anderson that depicts the practices of the fur industry in an effort to convince the singer to change her ways.

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About Marty Dodge

  • I hate people who wear FUR, I’m a big fan of PETA and P!nk!! P!nk is a member of peta.

  • I’m not an Ashanti fan, but I think I’ll buy her album and send her an a-mail telling her to wear NOTHING but fur! Gotta like that idea…good looking woman, in nothing but a fur!!! WOOHOO!!!

    People Eating Tasty Animals!!!

  • People Eating Tasty Animals is damn right…

    Not even a fan of Ashanti, but for the love of all that is good…let folks be.

  • MFB

    To hell with the fur, wearing nothing would be better. Yum!

  • MFB

    How about People Eating Tasty Ashanti. Or META Me Eating Tasty Ashanti. Actually rearrange the A & T and you’ve got MEAT: Me Eating Ashanti, Tasty!


    How about someone clubbing you morons over the head for your flabby skin instead?

    “People Eating Tasty Animals”…wow, that is so clever. I had never heard that one before! Let me guess, you have a bumper sticker on your car that reads “I love cats…dead ones!” Right next to your yellow ribbon? Am I right?

  • MFB

    No but I’ve got a milk carton with you on it! It says, who’s my daddy? Of course finding Bin laden would be easier. Not as easy as your sister of course.

    My steak, bacon, sausage and eggs are getting cold!

  • MFB

    What does the damn yellow ribbon have to do with anyone’s fucking preference to have a juicy steak or chicken? It doesn’t even have anytihing to do with someone putt’n the beat down on a weasel so that some old whore can wear a fur.

    Freaks are always wanting to drag other issues in to their extremism.


    *Kneeling down, and casting eyes to heaven*

    “Dear God, please allow MFB and his gluttonous, slovenly ilk to consume as much artery clogging, heart stopping fats, preservatives, toxins, and carcinogens as is humanly possible in as short of a time as possible, so that the earth may rid itself of their tobacco stained lips, morbidly obese bodies and rotted colons as quickly as possible. Amen.”

    *GOD hears and answers prayer*

  • MFB

    Sorry mr layer but I really don’t eat much meat. Chicken most everyday and beef a couple times a month. Don’t smoke either.

    You’re an idiot. Just because someone eat’s meat doesn’t mean that they hate cat’s and shit like that. You and your misguided bumper sticker/yellow ribbon crap. That’s like saying that where there are gays there is disease. Oop’s wrong comparison. There is 10x as much disease in the male homo population than cat haters in the meat eater population.

    Send PETA to the gay bars for the fur off of the drag queens and round up all of the leather wallet’s w/chains from the dykes!


    I will have you know that I have in my very hands (the ones I fold in prayer, and till the land with!) empirical data that shows that 95% of cat haters eat meat! 95%! The report also shows that 82.5% of these cat haters sport yellow AND camouflage ribbons on their pick up trucks and SUV’s! Oh, and 75.8 are homophobes.

    So, don’t go spouting off if you don’t have the facts to back it up, Mr. pig grease running down your jowls, as your organs corrode, and your waistline grows uncontrollably.

  • MFB

    I’d like you to link me to someone who compiles data like that, specific to meat, cats, queers and pickup trucks.

    Still doesn’t take away the fact that I have a cat, don’t smoke and don’t drive truck, suv or use ribbons and bumper stickers.

    Yeah and what about the damn leather wallets? Huh what r ya gonna do bout the dyke wallets. At least if you eat meat you get fed. Wallets under the asses of big dykes is insulting to all bovine! Don’t forget the data!

  • MFB

    You need to spend some time here with a cup of black coffee. http://www.tnugent.com/

    It’s not healthy to lay around watching re-runs of the Richard Simmons show with your butt stuck in the air hoping to get serviced.

    FYI, Ellen can’t dance either!



    Did you not ever hear of velcro? What about Pleather?

    And I am not your secretary, nor your research assistant! Put down that extra crispy drum stick, wipe the artery clogging grease off on your NRA t-shirt, and do your own data collection!

    Your failure to work for yourself is symtomatic of your filthy life style habits. Oh, yes sir, you would be in a world of trouble if you had to get off the lazyboy and actually go out and kill the innocent beasts yourself, wouldn’t you? You would be yet another orange clad oaf, found of a coronary, leaning against a tree, mouth agape and frozen in a death maw.

  • MFB

    The only animal that I ever killed was the neighbors rooster for shiting on my damn car. It was abou 14 years ago. Quick and painless. One shot to the head with a hi-powered pellet rifle. However it did quiver and it juked jived and make some funky moves before coming to a rest. I proceeded to place it in the garbage never to be seen again.

    It’s one thing to Cock-a doodle your fucking doo at 4am but it’s another to trespass and shit on my damn car. Oh and my research says that the wallets are real cowhide.

  • MFB

    http://wideworldofhunting.com/bucks/rolandbenoit.jpg Look at that and go talk to those dudes!

  • not a cat person…I do like dogs though…I have 2 of them! No ribbons on my pickup truck…retired navy vet stickers though…and POW/MIA stickers…oh yeah, a Giants sticker too. I don’t personally wear any fur, but I do like to see a good looking woman wearing nothing but a fur..does that count?

    You have a wallet made completely out of velcro? I’d like to see that!

  • MFB

    Here is one of many articles for Prickslayer to check out:




    Check it out, humanure.

  • MFB

    Already saw that a while ago. Do better next time, I’m disappointed. So do you think it is ok to commit an act of violence against someone because they eat meat?

    Those guys look pretty damn stupid. If you look there is actually a group and site called People Eating Tasty Animals.

  • Martinus Norman

    hey boo ashanti i love u baby

  • Well, obviously Ashanti has no heart in her chest and is a stupid fucking bitch! Has anyone seen the pix of animals with their skin ripped off, its absolutely awful! I think people who wear fur should have their skin ripped off so animals can wear it! Fucking People. Beyonce is the real problem. She wears fur on a regular basis, I HATE her sooo much!!! Anyone who says wearing fur is right deserves to DIE! I have enormous respect for people like Pink, she doesn’t wear fur and she helps animals by being a member of PETA and giving money, not eating meat etc. Also Pamela Anderson, Joss Stone, Linda Perry, Carey Hart, Peaches and many more celebrities who use their fame to get more people interested in Animal Rights! I LOVE Animals they are far more interesting than the majority of humans on this planet.

  • Please people just think about it.

  • I LOVE P!nk

  • Copenhagen King

    I would like to kill all animalhaters in Asia, Romania etc. with my baseballbat. Maybe I will let my dogs eat one as well. Beware all animal mistreaters !

  • Eric Olsen

    not just Asia, but Romania too?

  • lara

    you guys are hilarious! all animal mistreaters should die? Beyonce’s a problem? Geesh, you’re ready to join the Hitler Jujen. Why do you care so much about someone you don’t even know? Why are you so focused on such vain things like clothing? So animals are killed, boo hoo. A lot of little children are being killed everyday from aids. put that in your (corn cob) pipe and smoke it, you child of the corn!

  • Tristan

    and now Jennifer Lopez is in big trouble with PETA also for wearing furs on her new album~~~~~
    if only she could SING too —
    and WHY on earth is she with that hubby marc anthony- who looks like he came from Biafra–looks like HE could use a few gallons of fired chicken mix pumped into him~~~~ what a skeleton–especially next to the J Lo booty, eh …!!!!!

  • Arlene

    I know you people don’t really mean harm to these animals but you sure are in support of it. I know you’re only saying that you’ll buy Ashanti’s album despite the bitch can’t sing and for while was walking around with sideburns, you not liking her music only ’cause “She looks good” which only makes you look stupid, too piss off Peta supporters and animals lovers.

  • Animals Have Feelings Too


  • Cindy Sherman

    Do you realize how intellectually inferior these animal users and abusers are? Just to give some hope, please understand that someday with all our efforts, people that are incapable of showing compassion to those without a voice will be put in a humane institution so that they can NEVER hurt again. These IGNORANT human forms are incapable of seeing who they are. They are incapable of reason or of any deep thought. These people are SO pathetic that instead of taking their problems out on those who deserve it, they choose the innocent & helpless. Someday maybe we will be able to locate the genes that make these people and destroy them. They are the reason compassionate people have to work so hard at fixing all the wrongs in this world. Let’s start fighting for laws that put these subhumans in a place that keeps them away from all other beings they can harm. Just because someone has the form of a human does NOT mean that they are capable of compassion. Luckily, because of KIND humans, they won’t be put to death or tortured. Sterilize them so they can’t breed their ignorance and eventually they will die off.

    Promote Vasectomies & Tubal Ligations
    Let’s stop breeding ignorance & instead of bringing MORE children into this world, let’s take care of the ones who already exist. Two-thirds of the worlds children are starving and without medical care & shelter.


  • Kay

    I’ll piss PETA off, I have a cat skin. Think that is gross good cause it is. But they will like this one, since they do kill homeless animals and this cat was a lovely donation from someone maybe them, we had fun in Anatomy. And PETA has to like it they support it.


    Good job, Ashanti, it’s about damned time someone ignores the aggravating PETA bastards.

  • PETA are bastards

    PETA are violent bastards who brutalise humans and even some of the animals they save. They are also manipulative bastards who love prying their way into other peoples lives. If they don’t eat meat fine. They shouldn’t force others not to. They do seem expansionist and aggressive. Who does this remind you of. The Fucking Nazis thats who. PETA should move to an island and leave the world to get on with itself.

  • Angie

    For all you ignorant PETA haters out there. Animals feel pain just like we do, maybe until someone rips the skin off of your own back while you’re conscious will make you understand something your pee brain can’t perceive of now. It appears that the insanely cruel footage of tortured animals isn’t enough to convince you that this is wrong because you’re so caught up in justifying that Beyonce’s privacy was invaded in a public place. If she can watch that footage and continue to wear cruelty on her back she’s one mean bitch that sends the message that beautiful animals are better off dead so she can look more glamorous. Boo to all of you Beyonce supporters. There’s nothing cool about being cruel to any living creature period!

  • LibLord

    Some of the, what can only be described as TwatCuntFuckHeads, that have posted on here seem to be missing a step in their logic. They argue that choice is paramount, and the right to do as you please needs to be protected as though it were some big expensive diamond.

    But what about the choice of the mink that are skinned alive for this supposedly “fashionable” item of clothing? When are they asked ‘do you want to die so I can wear your hair?’ They’re not. So who is considering their opinion in this world – the desire not to die?

    Well fortunately, there are amazing people like me in this world. So to all us who have an element of compassion, a toast! And to all those TwatCuntFuckHeads that are generally speaking shit of the most intolerably undecipherable kind, let us await their painful deaths. And if possible, live-skinning.

    Ta-ta. x

  • Clavos

    When are they asked ‘do you want to die so I can wear your hair?’ They’re not. So who is considering their opinion in this world – the desire not to die?

    Wow! You talk to minks?? Cool!! What language do they speak??

  • All minks speak French. A few also speak Russian.

    Don’t ask how I know this.

  • duane

    Victor, you are such a bullshitter. French and Russian speaking minks. I ran into a mink on the coast of Northern California that could speak perfect English except for a Minnesota accent and a slight lisp. And it said “ya know” a lot and … oh wait …. that was an otter … sorry … nevermind.

  • Clavos

    You guys should see the Cuban minks down here on Calle Ocho. ¡Aayyy, Mamacita!

    French and Russian, indeed..

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Clavos, were you talking abut minks or minxes? They often appear to go together…

    Marty Dodge, you posted a 75 word article and have gotten over 40 coments so far. Not bad!!!

  • Hey thanks!

  • Clavos

    Ruvy #41:

    Ah, I see you are a man of the world. They do indeed go together, they do indeed.

    And I was, of course, speaking of both…

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    #35 Angie,
    You are right about the atrocities towards animals. It’s disgusting what people have done, but PETA acts very similar to a terrorist group by using fear & intimidation to get what they want. It’s one thing to boycott & protest,but it’s pretty nasty when PETA has had dealings with known arsonists and have broken laws to get their message across. They also euthanize animals as well under the ideology that the animals are better off dead than being abused.
    They even had a campaign to try to show what’s done to animals is the same as the Holocaust…There’s no fact in that. It’s just dirty propaganda tactics used by a fascist organization!

  • Well, fuck all of you! Animals do not deserve to be killed for their fur, they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. Wear your own fur. Fur is for beautiful Animals and Ugly people! ASHANTI CANT SING, SHE HAS SIDEBURNS AND IS THE MOST BORING BITCH IN THE WORLD hahahaha!!

  • piss off peta drones

    animals are lower in the food chain, simple as, why is it that because someone wears fur, it MUST have been torn off the back of a live animal, and not a bi-product of using an animal for food, or the animal wasnt bred for the intent to kill and use the fur, isnt this why (one for all you god fearers) GOD provided us with the know-how and the tools to use these animals that have been provided for the human race

    next you will be telling me that eskimos should be using synthetic materials instead of fur, you tossers.

    FUCK OFF AND GET A LIFE YOU PETA PRICKS, try dong something useful with your life, instead off bothering other people with your nazi views.

    oh yeah and pink? probably wearing make up/hair dye that was tested on animals at some point in its evolution.

  • John Jacob Jingle Hammerschmidt

    You PETA mornons need to get a life. Look at all the “PEOPLE” being slaughtered in the world, and you’re worrying about a mink, or a chinchilla? Who gives a crap about a rodent being killed for the purpose of clothing or food, that’s what they’re here for. So they’re serving their purpose. They’re serving a far better purpose then PETA that’s for sure. Plants are living entities too, are you going to go around terrorizing vegeterians, and produce farmers? Who cares that a couple of braindead ditzes like Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton don’t like fur, if they “choose” to not wear it then that’s their choice, but leave people who choose to wear fur and eat meat alone. I would love to be a celebrity just to eat a big steak and while wearing a fur coat just to piss off PETA, and I’d whish they’d answer my prayer by calling themselves harrasing me! I’d have something for dat’azz, but Beyonce and Ashanti are sweet humble young ladies with an image to portray and protect. So you pick on them, I don’t see’em buggin none of the rappers who wear fur.

  • Dr. Shuckalgrover

    At my internship many many years ago I became a vegetarian. At the time I was working with Dr. William Danford. He introduced me to vegetable sounds. His system used high density frequency shift measurements of Roman N2 Q-Branch transitions. My observation of this procedure brought to my attention that vegetable’s have a primitive form of feelings, desires and pain. Now Im back to eating meat and fish with limited vegetable’s. PETA should pay attention to this and in the furture I will discuss insects as an alteritive food source.

    Dr. Shuckalgover
    DEC. MTA
    Sacramento Ca

  • Athena

    For those uninformed about the fur industry (mostly those that are against fur wearing here):

    1. Minks are gassed to death before being skinned. Their heads are put into a box and they fall asleep. If you think that is inhumane, how about going after PeTA and other animal rights organizations that SUPPORT the gassing if chickens in almost the same way. Very hypocritical. How do I know this: 1. I’ve been to a mink farm and learned about it. 2. The chicken thing was mentioned on an online newspaper about a year ago.

    2. Skinning an animal alive is dangerous. The animal can turn around and bite you.

    3. Also, you can damage the fur. The whole idea of skinning a dead animal is to get the fur as a whole: no tears in the fur. If a raccoon pelt costs $20 as a whole, a damaged one can range at most $2, not even, it would be free. The idea is to make money, not lose it.

    4. When an animal panics, hormones are released. These hormones can destroy the fur (balding) even after death. So skinning them alive would be out.

    5. Usually the rest of the animal is used as well. They are used either as food or sold to science labs. Some museums also buy them if there is some sort of muscles skeleton exhibit. If you think that a museum just has one skeleton of an animal (not talking about prehistoric though), then you are foolish.

    6. The very sad STAGED videos. Sadly, you may be watching a video of a person skinning a real animal. The violence is real….but was it staged? A few years ago, a group of aras paid a bunch of fishermen to kill dolphins. The aras pretended to be scientists and said that this was an animal study and they needed some dolphins to be killed. The aras filmed this and of course said that fishermen were killing dolphins like this everyday. Problem is, the fishermen saw the video and took the aras to court and sued for defamation of character and basically lying to the public about the video. I remember the fishermen won the case, but I forgot what happened to the aras.

    As for Pink: She recently admitted her stupidity when she was protesting against sheep mulesing. Aparently, PeTa (who she supports) neglected to tell her the procedures and how the animals are really cared for. She had to go see it herself and realize that PeTA mentioned only the negatives. Here’s an idea: Don’t support a group that only tells you one side of the story.

    “empirical data that shows that 95% of cat haters eat meat!”

    Hey Layer, I want scientific proof from an UNBIASED source to confirm this as well as it being peer reviewed.

    Which means that you will never provide it because your bsing. Oh, by the way, could it possibly be that there are more OMNIVORES in the world than vegetarians/vegans for the numbers to be high in the first place, hmmm? I could go around and say and hold proof that the majority of anorexics use veganism/vegetarianism as a disguise for their illness. But by your logic, that would possibly make a large amount of vegans/vegetarians to have eating disorders

  • There is video evidence of animals being skinned alive, so Peta Sucks members, stick your inane logic up your ass.

    No animal was ‘put’ on this earth, or evolved for the purpose of being exploited by human scum. Animals are part of an intrinsic ecosystem which help keep this earth going…one that humans are readily destroying.

    Like others have said, wear your own damn ‘fur’ and leave innocents alone.

  • sr

    Not Applicable#50. You cant fight evolution dude. Maybe in the future we as humans will evolve beyound scum. We may be readily destroying however in the grand sceam of evolution we have no control. Couldn’t we just be an extention of this intrinsic ecosystem? We just need more millions of years to find out.

  • wolftank

    Uh peta dudes it is her choice to wear fur not petas so leave her alone. oh and to the peta member who calls humans scum shouldnt you committ suicide seeing as how you human scum?

  • sr

    How many members of PETA have ever been to one of Dr. Shuckalgrover,s lectures or read Dr. William Danfords books. Im sure it will give you a better understanding of shift measurements and maybe help your cause.

  • Jimmy

    Yeah! Ashanti good job for ignoring these PETA fascist-Nazis. I support your rights and for being pro-choice! PeTA are bunch of racis sissies.

  • wow…

    seriously, peta needs to lay off people who eat meat…

    being a vegitarian is fine. but DO NOT fucking tell ME what to eat!
    i love meat, it’s delicious, and is in fact, HEALTHY. contrary to you peta buttfucks say about it.

    and killing animals for food, really isnt cruelty, and i dont give a shit how smart they are, they taste pretty god damn good.

    you arent going to tell a lion not to eat that zebra because it’s intellegent will you?

    and with you people who keep saying “why dont you eat your own babies” …yeah, that’s cannibalism…and not even the hungriest meat eating predators do that shit…so just fuck the fuck off…in case you didnt know, our species just so happens to be omnivorous…a healthy diet can include just about anything we want to put in our mouths.

    you peta fucks make me sick. you blame the portion of the world who eat meat because the animals are “tourtured” tourturing animals is right fucking illegal, and should be stopped. but the cow has to fucking die before it arrives on my plate, so just fuck off and let the butchers do they’re damn job.