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As Seen On TV: The Big Business of Infomercials

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The term “as seen on TV” has become a very popular catch phrase for those products you see advertised on television.

As Seen On TVThe “as seen on TV” market is a huge industry even in today’s rough economic times. The ads can typically run from 30 seconds to 30-minute infomercials. In these ads you hear many buzz terms like “buy one, get one free,” “but wait, there’s more,” “order now,” “risk-free trial offer,” and “limited time offer.” Some popular spokespeople are Anthony Sullivan, Ron Popeil, Vince Offer, George Foreman, Suzanne Somers, Cathy Mitchell, and Marie Osmond. Billy Mays, who sadly passed  away in 2009, was also known as “The Infomercial King.” Billy’s claim-to-fame catch phrase was “Billy Mays here.”

In the past years you would typically see these products advertised on late night TV, but today these ads are on all times of the day. To help these products really take off you may see them being endorsed by celebrities. Some recent commercials with celebrities in the ads include Marie Osmond for Nutrisystem, Meaningful Beauty with Cindy Crawford and Valerie Bertinelli, Proactiv Solution with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry,  and The Ab Circle Pro with Jennifer Nicole Lee. If you see an “as seen on TV” commercial over and over that is a good sign that the product is a hot seller.

Among the products advertised are items to use in the kitchen, for pets, for kids, sports and fitness equipment, products for your automobiles, beauty products, products just for women, products just for men, weight loss programs, home business materials, collectibles, lawn and garden products, and other categories.

Infomercial products are such a big business The Discovery Channel started a television show called Pitchmen. Season one of Pitchmen followed Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan around as they tested out new inventions by everyday inventors hoping to get their products marketed on television and go from rags to riches. Season two recently premiered with Anthony Sullivan and AJ Khubani from Telebrands. It’s great to see that Billy Mays’s son Billy Mays III is also still involved with the show. Season one was a big hit. Can season two of Pitchmen be as big of a hit without Billy? Time will tell. I wish Sully the very best in keeping up the legacy of his longtime best friend and business partner. What will be the next million dollar idea?

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