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As Long as Wisteria….

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I have very eclectic taste in music. I admit that some of it is “Disneyish” (the big ballad with lots of orchestration, much of it is classical, some is rock, some alternative, and a lot of it is Nashville (but I’m selective…yes..yes..I like Shania and Faith, but also Sting, Dave Matthews and U2).

Kate Campbell isn’t anyone but herself. She reminds me of a younger Emmy Lou Harris, or a Mary Chapin Carpenter in certain songs. Kate is an amazing artist. She isn’t just a singer. Previous CD’s have proven that, but Monuments is the lock on the door.

Most of her CD’s have a theme which she carries through the tracks. My favorite track on Monuments “Petrified House”, is about a southern woman who is determined to live in the “pre-Civil war” South, even though it isn’t the pre-Civil war south anymore. That appeals to my southern roots.

In a previous CD, Rosaryville, she paints a picture of the singer’s roots and the south…it is stunning. It is not gospel music as one might think. It is a chronicle which tells an amazing story. Her lyrics are deep, cleverly done, insightful, and she is a complete artist.

She is a story-teller, a lyricist, a singer, a painter of pictures. And she does it with smoothness and panache. The instrumentation ranges from classic country to alternative…primarily acoustic, with a little spark but not alot of electricity going on in her music. It is the extraordinary CD which will allow me to listen to it for hours at a time and never become bored or tired with it. Monuments is one of those….”As long as wisteria climbs up the wall.” (a line from “Petrified House”.

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