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As If Rosa Parks Never Existed

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Growing up during the second half of the 20th Century, living through the 50s, 60s, and 70s in particular, my heroes included Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Leonard Bernstein, Lenny Bruce, Gloria Steinem, John F. Kennedy and Sylvia Rivera. These were just some of the pioneers who changed America and put us on the road to defeating bigotry; at the very least to exiling bigotry to the dark obscure corners of bad taste and very wrong.

At the beginning of my childhood, segregation and submissive women were the norm. Coloreds, Jews, and sometimes Catholics as well were not admitted, and women served men. By the 60s the world had changed – ignorance was on the run and from the White House on down the message was clear: This is America and all men "and women" are created equal regardless of race, color, or creed.

So how, when, and why did we revive the beast? At what point did the term "politically correct" become a joke? I'm not talking about politically incorrect humor. In fact, the civil rights explosion of the 50s and 60s gave birth to a new type of American humor: the right and the freedom to poke fun of bigotry and ignorance. Lennie Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor. More heroes.

But how did "politically correct" became an object of disdain? The punchline?

The serious side of political correctness had to do with guidelines for civility, respect, and consideration, opposition to discrimination, bigotry, hate language, and behavior.  Politically incorrect humor allowed us to poke fun at ourselves and our own foibles.

And then it all went terribly wrong and was turned upside down.  People like Ann Coulter, Rick Santorum, Bill O'Reilly, Pat Robertson and so many others portrayed "politically correct" as treasonous and unholy.

At some point, the Bible replaced the Constitution as the standard for the American way.  Right-wing politicians and pundits speak about sexual minorities with utter self-righteous contempt.  So-called Christian organizations openly advocate gay bashing of children in our schools.  A woman is fired from her teaching job because she is a woman, and the Bible says that women must be obedient to men.

A little over a week ago nine black children attending a Louisiana elementary school were directed to the back of the bus by a white driver who designated the front seats for white children. The bus driver has yet to be fired. And of course this is not something you even knew about because the national media was mostly indifferent to the matter.

A prominent Republican politician and presidential hopeful publicly calls an American of color a monkey and a visitor to "real America" at a political rally and is then rewarded by fund raising support from the President of the United States. When the White House was challenged for not only remaining silent on this incident but rewarding it, the White House deputy press secretary shot back that the Senator who called the darkie a monkey had already apologized, and that the White House had accepted the apology." (Feel free to bang your head on the wall over that one.)

CBS television announces that a new version of its Survivor reality television show will pit four racial teams against one another: Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Whites. The good news is that the Asian team includes the owner of a nail salon so everyone will have lovely fingers, the Black team has a jazz musician, and the Hispanic team includes a waiter.

Nary a day goes by without reports of new cross burnings on the front lawns of black homes — and occassionaly Jewish and gay homes — across America. How charmingly retro. And not a whimper from the White House.

Tens of thousands of poor African Americans were abandoned by their own government just one year ago after the devastation in New Orleans and the White House walks away with impunity. And to add insult to injury, the President's mother toured the ocean of human suffering and then turned to the television cameras and chuckled that "they" were probably better off living in a sports stadium camp then in their awful homes. Her exact quote, in case you've forgotten: "And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this – this (she chuckles slightly) is working out very well for them." And then the nation chuckled.

Not since the days of George Wallace and Lester Maddox have we seen bigotry this arrogant and bold. For any one of us who has lived a few years, it has an all-too-familiar and frightening ring. However the difference — and it is not a small difference — is that this is the first time in modern American history that bigotry has been championed and funded by the White House.

Now all of you go back to your celebrity gossip, reality television, and video games and pretend that none of this is happening – until your Internet access is censored and shut down, your career is terminated because you're not a white, Christian, heterosexual, your passport is canceled, or you receive the late night (warrantless) knock on your door.

Oh, and don't trouble yourselves with voting come November. After all, Blacks are once again in the back of the bus where they belong, and all is well and good with Amerika.

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  • JustOneMan


  • Baronius

    Richard, I think most of your article is off-base, but that Shreveport story is just amazing. I’ll have to keep watching that one.

  • pleasexcusetheinterruption12

    O for fucks sake, off base? Godamnit the President’s mother is out there cracking jokes about poor people.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    You just woke up now and are smelling the coffee? What you are describing is the tip of an iceberg – a froshbeiss (tiny snack meant to be a preview of the meal to come). Pay close attention and don’t worry about the big “bigotry” issues. Jews are also on the chopping block…

    With a name like Rothstein…

  • RedTard

    This point of view represent the most ill informed, moronic view of the world I’ve encountered recently. This disgusting viewpoint that blacks and women are discriminated against in mass has exactly zero evidence or support.

    Why did political correctness become a joke? Because of lunatics who take your position.

    The only group who is discriminated against by the US government are white, Asian, and Jewish males, end of story. Unlike the above malarcky a simple perusal of government forms for ‘disadvantaged’ or ‘underutilized’ groups will uncover the fact that everyone qualifies except certain males. In fact, the forms could be much shortened by asking ‘are you a white male? — we don’t want you’

    The school bus incident was a media make up to feed the imbeciles who blame everything on race. Bus drivers sometimes are required to assign seats. If your black and you get picked up first, like these kids did, then guess what? Your going to the back.

    Here’s a quote from a left leaning manipulator way back in 1914. See if you can see the results of this cynical ploy today:

    “We must realize that OUR PARTY’S MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IS RACIAL TENSION. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites… While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites; we will instill in the whites a guilt-complex for their exploitation of the Negroes.” – Israel Cohen, 1914

    Sounds like the plan is still working to me. Of course, you thought that you were following the truth, not bowing to some political manipulation to get you to vote a certain way.

  • You’ve got this article pegged, Red. When I first read it I didn’t bother to comment because I just didn’t know where to begin.

    As far as I can tell to this author it’s as if the real world of political correctness gone wild doesn’t exist, which runs so counter to actual reality that there’s almost no starting point for a discussion in the article if you want the discussion to make any sense.


  • Nancy

    Actually, usually the bus driver makes you sit up front, if you’re a troublemaker. I suspect there’s more to this story than has come out so far, if indeed it isn’t made up.

  • Below is link to a graphic showing the cast from the last four seasons of Survivor (Seasons 8-12) which shows Survivor’s poor track record for racial diversity in casting. Survivor is now just trying to profit by race-baiting Americans. Asian Media Watch
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • The author of the news article didn’t mention WHY exactly the driver made the nine kids sit in the back. Maybe the kids were troublemakers and assigned to the back as a punishment. Perhaps they got pissed at this punishment and told their parents it was a racial thing.

    Maybe the boys had to move to the back to allow students with crutches or physical disabilities to sit up front. Maybe some kids had to sit in the front because they were very young and needed extra supervision. Who knows?

    There’s too many “maybes” in this story.

    On PC:

    PC is now an excuse to guilt-trip white folks, most of whom bear no ill will or racist attitudes toward men and women of color as a group. It’s an excuse to deny qualified students admission to colleges because the schools haven’t met their “race quota” yet. It enables frivolous lawsuits and encourages a victim mindset.

    PC IS a joke. it’s just a rat’s nest of fear, suspicion, personal irresponsibility, and entitlement

  • Josh

    “With a name like Rothstein…”

    Are you insinuating that negative responses to this article are a result of the author being Jewish? It appears that way.

  • Martin Lav

    The fact of the matter is that their are differences in people, cultures, sexual orientation and on and on. Each different group generally doesn’t mix with the other and each poke fun of the generalizations of each group. That’s fact, right or wrong. However, what happens is that if any of the groups, step up and claim bigotry, prejudice or unfair treatment because of the makeup of their group, the rest of the groups get pissed. As long as everyone stays in their group, don’t take themselves too seriously and realizes that all the other groups make fun of them, think their different and can’t relate and no one protests or plays the makeup of their groups “card” then PEACE is had by all.

  • JustOneMan

    The story about the “blacks in the back of the bus”..has already been outed as an overblown story by some parents who dont want to take resposibility for their kids bad behabviour…sond familiar…again rather than admit that thier kids were bad they had to use the classic “its am be becuz we be black”

    Ruvy and Josh…you guys are just as bad…”why us why us…its because we are Jews”

    Not so..people disagree with you because you are just wrong NOT because you are Jewish…I guess its easier to “be a victim” than defend your position…

    The culture of victimization flourishes…

  • Martin Lav

    I would have agreed with you, but your written impersonation of a presumably African American helps the authors cause.
    Mel the famous Movie Jew was the king of the NON-PC movie and I would love to hear what he has to say about this.

  • JustOneMan

    Helps the authors cause??? What are you the PC police?

  • Martin Lav

    “its am be becuz we be black”
    “be a victim”

    The PC police are the thought police by virtue of their own actions, after all Mel Gibson would have been PC if he wasn’t so drunk.

  • JustOneMan

    what am be yo point?

  • JustOneMan

    Could it be that Mel had to deal with discrimination since he was a minority in his profession? Those controlling the deals may have treated him poorly because he’s not a “member of the tribe”?

    How come thats not allowed to be discussed?

  • Martin Lav

    Oh Jom….what happened to your blunt talk?
    Now you are being PC. “Member of the tribe” what does that mean? Scientologists? Youth? I mean Mel has made a good movie since Mad Max, but he’s aged you know…..

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Josh asks,

    With a name like Rothstein… Are you insinuating that negative responses to this article are a result of the author being Jewish? It appears that way.

    No Josh, not at all. Did you read the rest of the comment at all? There is a great deal of what the author writes that I agree with.

    The issue I’m raising with the author is that he should stop worrying about American bigotry issues and remember WHO HE IS – remember his roots – and pick up his ass and do what I did. COME HOME! He can do that, you know.

    He’s describing the tip of an iceberg of race-hatred and Jew-hatred that is slowly resurfacing where he lives. He has a homeland to return to where he need not worry about such crap…

  • JustOneMan

    “He has a homeland to return to where he need not worry about such crap…”

    No just suicide bombers, missles nad crazed Muslims…the US is so much worse that Israel…

    Ruvy…take your US passport and shove it up your ass…the US is the only place in the WORLD where a Jew can live and raise their family in peace….

  • JustOneMan

    Martin “Member of the tribe” refers to being Jewish….

  • Martin Lav

    I know the 12 tribes of Israel of course, just trying to incite you like gruvy is.
    Yeah the US is full of bigotry and hatred towards Jews and minorities and gays right?
    That’s why we are taking crosses and nativity scenes off the public lawns. No pledge of Allegiance allowed, no one will fund a movie about the “Passion of Christ”. No movies getting made about Cowpokes on the big screen. No racial profiling at the airports.
    Get real Ruvy, who are you trying to kid?
    This Rothstien (stein, steen ??) kid has made his point, yet your iceberg is just a cube.

  • JustOneMan

    Martin..your right on target…the US has gone made with this nonsense we can teach “Sally has two Mommies” “And Freds Mom is a Man” but we cant say Jesus, all european explorers commtted genocide…

    In my sons 2nd grade class the spent 3 days on Martin Luther King….an assembly, in history,etc. and less than 1 hour on Christopher Columbus! When I called the teacher she stated that due to the forced ciriculum they didnt have that much time…give me a fucking break!

    We have become a third world country….as a country if we dont remember our “true” past our future is doomed!

  • pleasexcusetheinterruption12

    Personally, I dont put much standard in being PC either. As far as I know, I hold no rational hatred of any particular group. And yet I frequently find myself making slip of the tongue remarks about gays, christians, etc. I would hate to think my failures at being PC make me a bigot.

    And yet, I think the author is right. Through several of his examples, and just my own personal sense, I feel people are becoming more intolerant and less compassionate. Maybe Im just becoming more aware of it or something, and as several of the posts point out, this intollerence is rarely put openly into law.

    At the same time, when I turn on the TV, I am overwhelmed by the narrowmindedness of it all.

    Republicans vs Democrats
    Christians vs sinners
    Christians vs gays
    liberals vs rednecks
    Nazis vs everyone else
    America vs muslims (how many times have I seen the 72 virgin comment posted here on blogcritcs?)

    And most of this dialogue going on is just name calling in both directions.

    And ill never understand why the relatives of 9/11 victims recieved huge lump sums of cash, while the relatives of Katrina victims got practically zip. Is there something particularly honorable about dieing while filing an expense report to your boss?

  • “In my sons 2nd grade class the spent 3 days on Martin Luther King….an assembly, in history,etc. and less than 1 hour on Christopher Columbus!”

    I had no idea you lived in the West Indies.

  • JustOneMan

    Sussman…I always had a hunch that you were a fool…thanks for the verification

  • Funny stuff, Suss! A waste of time, I’m sure, but very funny.

  • JOM, send your kids to where I went to school. We cut math and science classes in lieu of an entire semester dedicated to Johnny Appleseed.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem



    There are two kinds of peace: there is the peace of the feeding cow who goes peaceably off to slaughter, and the peace of the hunting lion.

    In America, the Jew has the peace of the feeding cow: here he has the peace of the hunting lion – with a whole bunch of fuckheads in Tel Aviv trying their best to turn us into feeding cows [Edited].

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Well Chris, I see you woke up and are applying your editing pen again. Do check out comment #20 on this article. Your editing pen needs application there – either that or restore my remarks in comment #29.

    If you cannot apply these rules in fairness, my only conclusion is that you do not know how to.

  • Ruvy, when you are the comments editor, you can make the call. For now, it’s me and I’ve done the bare minimum to maintain a little civility here.

    JOM is just some anonymous commenter; you are a registered Blogcritic. As you already know what the rules are, why don’t you simply follow them and save me the trouble of having to exercise my fine judgment..?

  • fine judgement would be a matter of opinion…

  • That’s the wonderful thing about opinions, Andy, we all have our own. If you’re really nice, one day I’ll tell you some of mine 😉

  • JustOneMan

    Ruvy…you really believe that you are some sort of “Desert Sage”…you cow stroy is pretty pathetic…”peace of the hunting lion” yes while you hide behind American money, weapons and personnell – enough of the propoaganda…as I said befor Israel is basically Florida…a place where NY Jews go on vacation and buy a winter home!

    For you to say the Israel is a better place to raise a family…me thinks your yamkule is a little to tight…who would want to raise their family in a country with the religion and culture of – prejudice and arogance runs the country?

    As much as you deny it you keep proving that you are an active participant on the “culture and financial enterprise of victimization”

  • Scott Butki

    I started out nodding here and there but when you asked when PC became a joke I stopped. The term PC itself was a label conservatives slapped on anything they didn’t like.
    The term was always a joke.

    You may want to ask “when did it become funny to be racist?” But that’s an entirely different question.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    If I didn’t know I was right, I would not have made the sacrifice of moving here. Sometimes, you need to look beyond the obvious to see reality. Contented cows chewing their cud cannot. They’re too busy chewing the cud.

    The train of destiny is coming your way – and you are on the tracks. By the time you figure that out, it will be too late. That does not just apply to you, who basically supports what he thinks to be an incompetently run state, but to millions of other Jews in North America, as well.

    So stick to your corned beef and pastrami delusions. They’ll help you like a censer helps a dead man.

    By the way, it is not “desert sage”, it is “mountain sage”

  • Having stated an opinion in my original post, I’ve refrained from participating in the comments; however, one comment in particular deeply disturbed me because it came from a Jew representing an attitude that partly fuels anti-semitism in this country. I am fiercely proud of my Jewish heritage but do not practice the religion of Judaism. Nor do I feel some Biblical magnetism drawing me back to the “holy land.” I am a 5th genertion American and New Yorker and very much of a patriot. I am a Jewish-American much in the same way that George W. Bush is Swedish-American. I will fight for my constitutionally defined rights here at home and very much resent any implication from a fellow American, a fellow Jewish-American or an Israeli that Israel is my “home.”

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I gave you my advice, and you responded. I can ask for no more than that. The subject is closed on this article, so far as I’m concerned.

    Shabbat Shalom

  • JustOneMan


    Until we in America accept the fact that we are “Americans First” their will always be a divide….Thank you for setting Ruvy straight..he hell bent on laying some sort of guilt trip on American Jews that if you dont move to Israel you are not a “real” Jew…

    Dont let his inane illusions of self granduer get to you…as much as he pretends to be a “hunting lion”…he is more like a lion in the Bronx Zoo waiting for his zoo keeper – the US – to feed him and prop him up for the vistors….

    While he beats his chest he still has his American Passport in his back pocket along with a bag packed just in case he has to “run home”

  • pleasexcusetheinterruption12

    Ill never understand why author’s dont participate in comment threads about their work. They prop it up there for the world to see and then they run away expecting it to be accepted as true. Imagine a world where we all wrote articles, but never read anybody elses article, and certainly never commented on them.

    Personally, I liked this article and agreed with most of it. But I sourly wish more people would stand up for it – including you Richard.

  • Frankly, it seems that I’ve clearly stated my opinion and my concerns about some issues in our nation. So many of the comments have been really hateful and dripping with bigotry and not worthy of response–except for the crazy Israeli who called me a lazy cow. That needed a response. Moo.

  • Very little of this thread — much like 99 percent of the comments on this site and the world wide interweb — actually pertains to the article of which you speak.

  • Martin Lav

    I couldn’t agree with you more Matthew.
    I truly understand your point of view and generally believe what you’ve stated, however, at some point the radicals need moderation in every society. If we started with forcing blacks to sit in the back of the bus and we needed to take a radical position to reverse that, which I agree with, however, we must at some point realize we have won and quit the fight or moderate. After all, Gloria Steinam while credited with the womens libs movement could be today vilified by starting in motion the end of the traditional family. Point is things can go too far and blacks that have been saved by guilty whites, are also in effect kept held down because of these same feelings. The more we embrace our differences and realize we are, the more we accept personal responsibility.

  • Suss, once again, you hit the nail on the head. This article has created one of the most pathetic series of responses I’ve seen in my decades of service to BC.

    What is wrong with you people? Are you so angry at everything that you can’t see what’s happening to this country. Richard’s article is brilliant. Sure there’s some hyperbole, but a little of that never hurts.

    We are becoming more divided, more antagonistic, more bigoted, more uncaring, and less civilized as a society as the years go by. Anyone who can’t see that is living in a mirrored room.

    Civility is dead. Compassion and empathy are empty words. Remember “brotherly love?” What a joke. Racism, sexism, anti-Semitisim are on the rise throughout the U.S. The Christian right is doing everything it can to replace the Constitution with a screwed up translation of the Bible, called King James. How many millions of people secretly agree with Katharine “Kill The Heathens” Harris in Florida?

    We’re becoming a nation of self-centered, paranoid, soul-less creatures who hide behind their so-called values but who haven’t a clue what those values actually mean.

    How much more depressing can you make the world, folks. As was said to Sen. McCarthy, “Have you decency? At long last, have no decency at all?”

    In Nihilism Veritas

  • Mark and Suss have said it all…



  • Another take is that we are slipping into a quasi soicialist state where no one wants to take resposibility for the actions or future. We have generations of people in the US who will blame everyone but themselves for their addiction, poverty, illiteracy and laziness….

    We need to retirn to self sufficiency and self responsibility…the “so-called racism and bigotry” will be gone!

  • pleasexcusetheinterruption12

    Sure there was the out of line come home remark, and the disgusting imitation of an African American…but that’s expected.

    There was also some very real, justifiable criticism and input in posts 4,5,6, 9, 11, and my post #24. You seem to have overlooked them, being too preocupied with your nostalgia for PC. And forgive me for trying to provoke you into respnse…

  • Martin Lav

    “We are becoming more divided, more antagonistic, more bigoted, more uncaring, and less civilized”

    You think it, you say it, therefore it’s self prophecy.

    Hmmmmm…..how many people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds went to help the gulf coast clean up and are still there today?

    Is this hyperbole?:your career is terminated because you’re not a white, Christian, heterosexual,

    Gimme a break!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    It is not out of line for a Jew to suggest to a fellow Jew that he follow Halakhá and come home. Particularly if the fellow Jew warns of the rise of Jew-hatred in the land he lives in, and particlularly if the home is there to come home to. In fact, it is a mitzvá to suggest to that Jew that he come home, and to assist him if at all possible.

    If the fellow Jew chooses to say he has no part in the Land of Israel, he himself has spoken his fate, and his blood is upon his own head. If the fellow Jew cxomes into danger in that foreign land, it is commanded – also a mitzvá – to save him, if at all possible. And one can break all the laws in the Torah to do so except for three. That is Jewish law. And whatever your opinion is of it, I’m bound by it.

    This is the case here. My conscience is clear. I have done what I had to do.

  • pleasexcusetheinterruption12

    The problem, for me at least, wasnt offerring him a home in Israel, it was implying that Israel is his home. Since home is self defined, and he feels at home in America, your statement was potentially and actually insulting – nothing more. No one likes to be told where home is.

  • Ruvy did not invent the idea of Israel as the real home of all Jewish people. This is well known to be a central tenet of Judaism, at least according to certain widely held interpretations of that faith tradition.

    If a person chooses to be insulted by a reminder of this belief, that’s as it may be. But it’s ludicrous to even suggest Ruvy meant it as an insult.

    The suggestion does make a suitable addition to a long string of counterproductive comments from multiple people, though.

  • Martin Lav

    To suggest that his suggestion was his duty and not an insult is insulting. He basically called the guy a cow chewing his cud waiting for the bigots in America to turn him into chopped liver. To stand behind the Torah and Tenents of Judaism is much like blowing yourself up in a crowd of people because the Koran says you are defending your religion. It’s all bullshit and pretty transparently pathetic.

  • PETI…most of the comments you suggested were just rants. Yours was in agreement with much of the author’s statements, so I’m not sure what you’re point is.

    Martin, sorry, but what you wrote ain’t a rebuttal. Neither is your crack about white, Christian, holy, and employed. Do you have a point? Can you indicate where we’re becoming a kinder, more caring society? Sure people help out in disasters…but they ain’t doing anything in the day-to-day life that’s becoming a disaster for more and more Americans…of all economic levels.

    And Gonzo, me lad. Welcome back. I was just about to e-mail you and threaten you with cheap scotch if I didn’t see you on the site more often!

    In Jameson Veritas

  • ah Mark me boyo, dinnae fash yerself , laddie…

    sure’n now, yer a’knowing i’m lurking about…

    not much to say, and still in the Quandry i spoke about in the “Far Beyond Driven” article…

    but i digress…

    /game on


  • Martin Lav

    A rebuttal is in the eye of the beholder.
    The author wrote in his piece, if you read it, that anyone that’s not white, christian and heterosexual should be worried about being unemployed. Mr. Ruvy thought his comments were simply hyperbole, I think it’s bigotry.
    You on the other hand think that this country is full of selfish, egotistical…..pro athletes!
    Since you yourself have shown prejudice towards King James and his bible along with all the current thumpers, then I would say you are in the same class that you cast all others in, but leave me out.

  • pleasexcusetheinterruption12

    I think you phrased it well Mark, what the author says is mostly true with a fair does of hyperbole. The comments I cited rant and rave a little, but there are some good underlying points. Since their author’s are too busy raving to make them concise I will reiterate them:

    Redtard #5:

    Why did political correctness become a joke? Because of lunatics who take your position.

    The only group who is discriminated against by the US government are white, Asian, and Jewish males, end of story.

    I think this expresses a common complaint. The hate we see today may be partially caused by a backlash against PC word police types. People resent being corrected for using improper word choice and percieved word policing creates more problems than it fixes. People also resent affirmative action in colleges when the moral basis for it is so far removed from present times. It is aggravating for many to think they got rejected from their college of choice because they were white or asian. This again, creates resentment.

    Dave #6

    As far as I can tell to this author it’s as if the real world of political correctness gone wild doesn’t exist

    Dave is probably in a majority of whites who hold no deep seated hatred of other races, but feel political correctness has gone wild. True or not, it’s a legitimate complaint esp. if it leads to hatred in otherwise compassionate people.

    Lady D # 9:

    As far as I can tell to this author it’s as if the real world of political correctness gone wild doesn’t exist

    Rothstein’s assertion that the bus driving incident was all about rascism seems to be on shaky ground. Redtard also made this complaint.

    PC is now an excuse to guilt-trip white folks, most of whom bear no ill will or racist attitudes toward men and women of color as a group. It’s an excuse to deny qualified students admission to colleges because the schools haven’t met their “race quota” yet. It enables frivolous lawsuits and encourages a victim mindset.

    PC IS a joke. it’s just a rat’s nest of fear, suspicion, personal irresponsibility, and entitlement

    Couldnt have said it better myself. Although personally, I think affirmative action is a good thing that is still necessary. But Lady D brilliantly expresses how it can inspire resentment of African Americans by people who “bear no ill will or racist attitudes toward men and women of color as a group.”

    Martin #11:

    That’s fact, right or wrong. However, what happens is that if any of the groups, step up and claim bigotry, prejudice or unfair treatment because of the makeup of their group, the rest of the groups get pissed.

    The resentment factor again. Martin also seems to feel that different races will never get along so we should just try and take it easy and not be insulted by other’s misunderstanding of our race.

    And finally me, “As far as I know, I hold no rational hatred of any particular group. And yet I frequently find myself making slip of the tongue remarks about gays, christians, etc. I would hate to think my failures at being PC make me a bigot.”

    So I think the main objection is that the author seems to be harping on political correctness, when most of us find political correctness is running rampant. Several others find the author’s complaints about institutionalized rascism hard to swallow when there is still affirmative action – the opposite of rascism against minorities.

  • After some thought, based on a number of the comments left here, I decided it was worth responding at greater length to the “Jewish” remarks.

    Some Jewish fundamentalists have conveniently forgotten that the state of Israel was founded by Zionism, a movement that was dominated by Socialists and Atheists, struggling for a safe haven for 19th Century and early 20th Century European Jews in a world dominated by dangerous Christian-driven monarchies and autocratic governments that even after 2,000 years had not accepted people descended from the ancient Israelites and Judeans as full citizens. They were not religous individuals and one could even argue that most Zionists used Biblical history in a somewhat cynical way to acheive their goals for a “Jewish” homeland.

    It is also critical to remember that Palestine was divided by the British between Jews and Arabs long before the Holocaust was even a twinkle in Hitler’s eye. The Jewish side became Israel and the Arab side became Jordan.

    Am I an anti-Israeli Jew? Certainly not. But I do wonder how many European Jews would have abandoned their traditional ancestral homelands throughout Europe if the Allies had returned their homes, savings and investments that had been illegally “transferred” to European Christians during the Reich.

    In fact, many Jewish-Europeans have through today, 2006, continued to battle for the return of their real estate, bank accounts, art collections and gold–and with some success.

    I thoroughly reject the Holocaust–driven notion that as a Jew I live in “exile.” This is no more or less valid than claining that descendents of the Puritans, Hugeunots and Irish farmers live in exile.

    Do I feel the romantic tug of the ancient ruins and sites of my legacy? Absolutely, but no more and no less than a Christian is drawn to Bethlehem, an Italian-American to the Roman Forum or an African-American to the ruins of the great Ghana Empire, Wagadou. But at the end of the day, I’m a proud and patriotic American, fifth generation on my paternal side. And the America I love is not some parcel of ancestral land defined by superstitions, graveyards, tears of sorrow, bigotry and violence, it’s a principle and an ideal and I will fight for it until the day I die.

    And for those of you lost in the wildnerness of religious superstituion, bigotry, racism and ignorance (yes, Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter, I do mean you) I say that as an American I have a constituion that protects me from your abominable behavior and it’s time we all dusted it off, rolled it up and used it to bash those who would take away our rights, our compassion, our vision and our imagination.

    And to the Jewish fundamentalist in Israel who called me a complacent cow, send me an email and I’ll give you Fred Phelps’ phone number…he’s always on the prowl for kindred spirits.

  • Martin Lav

    Excellent recap Mr. PETI.
    I would concur that we are just far too sensitive. Differences exist, making fun of them or exagerating them is fun also. I mean Jewish, Black, Hispanic, Chinese comedians are all hilarious when they can make fun of their own stereotypes and often do. Look at that show Will and Grace…..same thing. Some of the best movies ever, use this approach and I think it does more to make people comfortable than to pretend it doesn’t exist. I mean some people that say things in the heat of the moment like Howard Cosell did (little monkey) or Colin Powell (Chinaman) I don’t think these things are indicative of racism. How about when Muhammad Ali accused Joe Frazier of looking like an ape. Was that racist?
    ….but I rant, the jest of the article was well written and should be understood.

  • pleasexcusetheinterruption12

    I like being called Mr. 🙂

  • Martin Lav

    Truth be told.
    Rosa Parks was just tired.
    The Biatch just wanted to sit her ass down in the first seat she came to, cuz there already wuz white folks sittin in the back…..

  • “Politically correct” has become the evil joke and punchline because it represents “liberalism” corrupted and turned into fascism. It’s one thing if you apply some social pressure to people being mean and hateful to ethnic minorities. It’s gone to something else entirely when you can get fired from your job for passing blonde jokes in the email. Any reasonable person would resent this kind of nonsense hanging over their heads.

    The enlightened ones who are the self-declared repositories of love and human understanding declare anything that doesn’t pass their Stalinists standards to be “hate speech” and screw anyone who takes any significantly dissenting opinion.

    Of course, your entire story is largely built on completely presumed and made up nonsense. Where are all these cross burnings? I say you pretty much made that up to fit you pre-chosen beliefs.

    Even granting pretty much every other questionable factual claim for the sake of argument, it’s the best proof of the utter lack of merit of your arguments to note what small straws you’re grasping at – ONE ambiguous bus incident, and the passing dumb comment from Santorum – who almost certainly had NO idea about the one lousy goddam offhand word. If a couple of slips of the tongue like Santorum’s are the worst problems that ethnic minorities have to deal with, then they’re doing pretty well.

    To answer the question of your headline quote: “When did the civil rights advances of the 20th Century become politically incorrect and an object of disdain?” That would be about the time that the likes of Jesse Jackson took the important advances of Rosa Parks and Malcolm X and turned them into a cheap demagogic shakedown racket, purposely fomenting ginned up racial resentments to line their own filthy pockets.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I regret sending this to you because there may be things in this comment that will be hurtful to you. Nothing I write here is intended as a personal attack, but for that which is hurtful, I apologize now.

    You reopened a topic that I tried to close.


    Let’s start with a few facts. You’ve posted two articles to this on-line magazine. I’ve posted fifty, with about 2,200 comments and counting.

    I’m not saying this to compare penises. Eventually, if you decide to stick with Blog Critics, you’ll have more articles and comments yourself.

    But before you call me names, read my articles. You’ll find that none of my ideas are holocaust-driven. It is long past the time that Jews stop worshipping victimhood, the holocaust and the minority status they were forced to endure in exile. It is also past time for Jews to stop worshipping the flag of Zionism, the IDF and Theodore Herzl. It is also past time for Jews to stop worshipping American consumer culture – a culture which brings them a false prosperity but in reality brings nothing but inequality, disunity, hatred, violence and sinfulness. It is high time they started worshipping G-d, instead. Those themes run throughout the many comments I’ve posted to Blog Critics.

    I’m saying this to make it clear to you that the fellow who comments here under the moniker “just one man” is pissed off at me because I made aliyah, sharply criticize both Israel and the United States, and yet have not torn up the US passport that I have. He has stalked me all over the damned site with his comments that show only sinát Hinám – (needless hatred). Sample from this thread at comment #20.

    “Ruvy…take your US passport and shove it up your ass…the US is the only place in the WORLD where a Jew can live and raise their family in peace….”

    I answered him in kind. All you see is [comment deleted], so you do not know that. This was the work of Christopher Rose, the comments editor, who writes out of Spain.

    The comments editor did not see fit to delete his personal attacks on me and gave a lame excuse fit for a polically correct regulation reading Brussels bureaucrat, but that is his problem, not mine. I told “just one man” about the difference between the peace of a cud chewing cow and the peace of a mountain lion. These comments were directed at him, not you. But these comments seem to have hit home with you. Twice you have had to tell us that you are a 5th generation American who is proud of his country and who will die for it, and that America is his home, not Israel.

    Which goy do you need to impress by saying this, Mr. Rothstein? Is it “fuck the Jews,” James Baker? Is it “Jesus is my favorite philosopher,” George W. Bush? Is it “I hate fags!, Fred Phelps? I hate to say this, but all the Jew haters in you country hear when you or any other Jew talks is – “moo”. This is true even about the damnable anti-Israel supporters of HizbAllah and the Arabs. The Jew haters hear “moo” – and laugh while they pretend to adulate “their” Jew.

    What I said to you was that you had an option to come home. (Comment #19)

    You answered back once, complaining that comments like mine tend to foment anti-Semitism in your country (comment #37). Are you afraid of a fight, Mr. Rothstein? I do not mean a lawsuit with some putz talking to a judge – I mean a fight – with fists, knives or guns. The kind where an M1 makes the important points, and where pistols supply the sub-paragraphs. And I do not mean a fight with me, G-d forbid. Are you afrid of a mob of goyim attacking you? Is that execrable motto, “good Jewish boys don’t fight” back in vogue in the streets of New York?

    I know the name Rothstein from history, Richard. Arnold Rothstein, the gangster who bought and sold judges and politicians like pork bellies. He wasn’t a nice guy, but he was a man who was not afraid of a fight.

    Have you forgotten everything that Rabbi Kahane taught 35 years ago about pride and honor? Or do you run from Jewish pride the way you would run from a mob of goyim attacking a yeshiva boy?

    Jew haters have a much harder time with someone who writes like me because I don’t give a damn what they think and am not afraid to call them on anything they say. I don’t care if they like what I have to say or not, and I don’t waste time reasoning with fools. And I’m never afraid to threaten them with death at my own hands if they dare show their faces where I live. All this is because I live here. Sometimes, they break a bit and show a bit of the human hiding behind the monster. Sometimes a bit of respect comes out. But they protect the sources of their hatred and refuse to view any Jew as a fellow human being. This is experience talking.

    I did not call you a lazy cow, I called “just one man” a contented cow. What I’m saying to you is this.

    A Jew in exile who follows the commandments has an obligation to attempt to come home to Israel, particularly if you know that there is danger for you in exile.

    You claim to be proud of your Jewish heritage, but that Israel is not your home.


    Your Jewish heritage is the Land Covenant between the people of Israel and G-d, which gives you Israel as a home, and the Torah, both written and oral. With your own words, you’ve rejected that Land Covenant. Therefore damamkhá ‘al roshkhá – your blood is on your own head.

    This is Elul, the month of repentance. So I ask your forgiveness for having written things here that may have been hurtful. And I’ll not hold what you say about me against you. But do understand that when you reject the Land Covenant with G-d, it is G-d that listens.

    May the Almighty One look upon us from his Seat of Mercy, not his Seat of Judgment. May you and I and all of the People of Israel be inscribed in the Book of Life for the coming year. May the Merciful One open your heart, so that you can understand truth and not be afraid.

    Shabbat Shalom,

  • Holy Mackeral Ruvy…I thought the catholics were bad, but this rant has them beat to hell!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Andy, try reading on a Jewish list for a while and you’ll see that Catholics are mere amateurs.

  • Well…you guys have been at it longer!

  • Reuven: I answer you not for you but for all the non-Jews who read this. The key difference between us is while we are both Jews by genetic and national origin, you live in a world of superstitious nonsense and I do not. You might want to explore my blog, particularly in the “bushwatch,” “religion,” and “gay issues” categories. You’ll quickly discover that not only do I enjoy a good fight, but I have little patience for religious fools regardless of their particular brand of self-delusion (Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or Southern Baptist.)

    And as for your damning of me because I don’t live according to fairy tales…get on line with all the other fundamentalist morons.

    If there is a God and a heaven, when you die she will likely send you back to earth as many times as it takes until you get it right. (According to my count, I blasphemed at least four times in this sentence? Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

  • Ruvy….”me thinks thou protesteth too much”

    I find it kind of funny how you have to “prostelitize” in order to convince yourself that you really believe what you believe. “Oh thee of little faith!”

    Keep telling yourself that you are smartest and holiest person on earth. Once again you prove that you are part of a CULT of “intolerance and arrogance”.

  • He can’t help it, JOM, he’s just one of many poor people who’ve been fooled by the god scam…

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I looked at your blog – technically, you do a better job on your blog than I do on mine, and I agree with much (but not all) that you say about the Middle East – and I’m leaving it there.

    You said more about yourself in the last two sentences of your comment #66 than you realize.

    I’m out of here.

  • That reminds me, why have you removed the url of your blog, Ruvy?

  • Maurice

    As a black/hillbilly/conservative/athiest I find this article very VERY offensive.

    Black Americans do NOT need white people to tell us how to feel or what to think or fear.

    I grew up poor and have made a success of myself in spite of white people trying to ‘help’ me.

    ..Father, I’d like to leave the getto now. Richard Townsend

  • Maurice, you’re obviously suffering from false consciousness, putting you against your true interests as a black man. Perhaps you could atone for your bad thinking by making a donation to Jesse’s Rainbow Coalition.

  • Rob

    It’s so easy to be a victim.There have always been people who will hate for any reason,you’re black, gay, white,Christian,Jewish, Muslim,deformed, whatever.The only reasonable response is to get off your ass and not worry what other people think about you. PC isn’t a joke, jokes are funny.

  • Maurice

    Thanks for the advice Al. Rather than make a donation to Jesse and the RC I would put in a plug for a true leader. Walter E Williams.

    Sorry for the bare link – I know Nalle will fix it.

    [Actually, I fixed it. There is a very simple explanation of how to do it for yourself on htmltutorial.com. Comments Editor]

  • Walter Williams is true American hero!

  • Martin Lav


    Gimme a break. Can you say…..looney?
    As a non-Jew I can speak for myself and say I don’t hate Richard for being Jewish. I have no idea what this Groovy Ruvy cat is talking about and I find it absolutely insulting that he can judge an American Jew such as Richard based on his own interpretations of his beliefs. Oh and to call him a chickenshit without even knowing him at all. What a crock of shit!

    2000 thousands posts indicates to me you are in prison in your homeland. Sounds like a lot of fun….

  • Maurice

    I don’t know about being a hero.

    Certainly he is a true leader vs. people that purport to be leaders for black people.

    Side note: I have always objected to the term people of color. Technically white is the presence of all colors. Black is the absense of color.

  • Martin – Ruvy can do that because he never learned that judge not thing that Jesus taught…

    Best excuse I can come up with anyway…

  • Martin Lav

    Well everyone has his cross to bear 😉

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    Some day, you should learn how to read. Let’s give you a primer. Read comment #4 to begin with. If you read carefully, you’ll realize that I agree with much of what Richard Rothstein has written in his article. Because I do. You don’t think so. Nu, so you disagreee with him.

    Now, read comment #19. Asked about my own observation, I detailed my point. I’m a little older than Richard Rothstein; visit his blog-site, (a well done job technically, even if I find some of it disgusting) and you will realize that a young man keeps reappearing in many photos – that young man is Richard. And believe it or not, I share many of his opinions about this neck of the woods. He is not a stupid man, and has taken the trouble to do intelligent research about this part of the world.

    Nevertheless, I am somewhat older than him, and know considerably more about the American Jewish commnunity than either he or you. While I aimed my comment about “the peace of the contented cow” (comment #29) at “just one man,” Richard chose to take it as a personal insult to himself… And he was disturbed enough by what I said to personally single me out for a response, “And to the Jewish fundamentalist in Israel who called me a complacent cow, send me an email and I’ll give you Fred Phelps’ phone number… he’s always on the prowl for kindred spirits.” (comment #57).

    Originally, Richard had chosen to comment on “the Jewish comments” on this thread, with this remark (comment #37) “I will fight for my constitutionally defined rights here at home and very much resent any implication from a fellow American, a fellow Jewish-American or an Israeli that Israel is my ‘home’.”

    And I answered him “Richard, I gave you my advice, and you responded. I can ask for no more than that. The subject is closed on this article, so far as I’m concerned” (comment #38). For me the subject was closed.

    It wasn’t for him, though, nor for PETI. So let’s get this straight for the lot of you, [Personal attack deleted] “just one man” [Personal attack deleted].

    A Jew who follows the commandments has an obligation to warn a fellow Jew, particularly if he sees, as Richard does, that there is a danger of rising Jew-hatred in his own country. That is Jewish law. You don’t like it? Too fuckin’ bad; nobody asked you or gives a shit what you think about it. G-d gave JEWS these laws – NOT YOU. You’re not in the Tribe.

    Now Richard is not a contented cow. He sees the danger to Jews in America, as well as to other minorities there. The vast majority of those minorities have to stick it out and fight. Richard, because he is a Jew, is bound by a Land Covenant that gives him, as well as Mark Schannon, or any other Jew, the right to live in this country – a way out. I’m not talking about some crappy little piece of legislation by the Israeli Knesset – I’m talking about the Torah – G-d’s Law You don’t like it? Too fuckin’ bad; nobody asked you or gives a shit what you think about it. G-d gave JEWS these laws – NOT YOU. You’re not in the Tribe.

    Were Richard a mere contented cow, he would not be bothered by this –

    . Molotov cocktail thrown into Montreal Jewish boys school
    05 September 2006; or this –
    . Young Jewish girl assaulted on London bus
    01 September 2006; or this –
    . Unexploded bomb found outside Corsican synagogue
    04 September 2006; or this
    . – Brothers confess to attack on Oregon synagogue
    18 August 2006 – all pulled from the World Jewish Congress Global News Archives; or even this.

    My father-in-law, who had gone to the University of Minnesota and Brown School of Broadcasting, could not get any kind of broadcasting job in the anti-Semitic Minneapolis job market of the early 50’s. He had to work in a butcher shop for a number of years before securing a position with the USPO. I know a lady who grew up in North Carolina and who had to contend with cross burnings on her front lawn. I know a fellow who grew up in Virginia and had to fight – not throw angry words over an internet chat line, but fight with his fists and with two by fours, because he is a Jew and would take any shit from the “good old boys.” I, growing up in Brooklyn, had to fight Christian kids because I didn’t believe in their crappy litte god-on-a-cross. A room-mate of mine years ago grtew up in Lodz, Poland, and had to fight daily because the Jew-hating bastards wanted to finish off Hitler’s work. My nephew got fired from a job because he wanted to take off the Jewish High Holy Days. That was in New Jersey.

    Richard understands not these particular stories, but others like them told by his older relatives and friends. He is not a stupid young man.

    So Richard, is not a contented cow. He is worse! He’s blind to and denies the underlying reality of Judaism – G-d’s Law. He calls basic Jewish law superstition, and those who follow it – well, I’ll let him speak for himself – “The key difference between us is while we are both Jews by genetic and national origin, you live in a world of superstitious nonsense and I do not.” Those are his words – not mine, and by his own mouth he condemns himself. Now what he calls me is irrelevant. I count little in the equation here. But G-d also listens to his words – both here and on his blog – words that, in essence, Richard utters… So, if he calls the Torah Land Covenant superstitious nonsense, he calls G-d judgment upon his head. What I think about is irrelevant. These are G-d’s laws he’s talking about, not my misguided opinions.

    The most I get in the line of a vote is a the option to pray – literally to ask – mercy for him and for me. After all, there was a time when I had opinions very similar to his. And I was as blunt about expressing them as he is. You do recognize a prayer, don’t you?

    Now, Martin, if you think I’m looney for believing in G-d and for praying to Him, what mental hospital do you belong in? Or has your country sunk to the point where a man who honestly says his religious beliefs is deemed crazy?

    Now, let’s get one final point clear with all of you. If I still lived in America, I could not afford to express myself so bluntly. I would censor my comments so you would not be too offended. The reality is that Jews are guests where they are a minority, and one does not offend one’s host.

    It’s hard here, and it is often not fun. I’m often angry about what the government does, etc, ect. Money is often hard to come by. But this is MY home, and no damned goy will chase me out of it. I’ll fight and I’ll die if I have to. Because I have the privilege of living the dream of a lifetime. Ands I feel reassoncably certian that all the suffering over all those generations of my forehears or my wife’s forebears will not have gone in vain. We will have, G-d willing, grandchildren – Jewish grandchildren!

    Jews in exile like Richard Rothstein will assert that America or whatever country is their home, and they will fight for it too. But wherever they go in that country they claim is theirs, someone in the majority will eventually let them know that they are not welcome there – no matter how much blood they may have spilt for the goyisher country they live in.

    The Jew who doesn’t live in his OWN country is just a guest.

  • Ruvy – Please explain to me why it’s ok for you to type…”crappy little god on a cross”…but when you refer to the jewish god…it’s G-d…I was taught they were the same thing…or person…

    You spew bullshit like that…and expect others to respect your opinion?

    As far as your comment about what you’d do if you were still in America…and what you couldn’t do…that’s straight up bullshit and you fucking well know it!

    Apparently, former New Yorkers are even more fucking arrogant than regular New Yorkers! LIke former smokers…

    How ’bout this…[Edited]

    You talk like Jews were the only group ever persecuted in this country! You, Ruvy, are a religious racist! I always thought you were better than that… but it doesn’t matter… you’re not catholic… so… you’re going to hell anyway!


  • I don’t understand what’s going on with Ruvy these days. He used to make his case and have a certain sense of humour but these days he seems so much more “earnest” and way less funny.

  • He’s going fundy on us CR! Or is that fundie???

  • I asked him a while back to explain this end of days scenario he says is coming up in about 20 years time but he didn’t.

  • I saw that movie!

  • I’d like to see the movie of the day when all the various BC extremists get together and party. Not sure I’d wanna be there though!

  • Think of all the editing work you’d have to do CR!

  • LOL

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I haven’t lost my sense of humor, just my patience with fools.

    There are a lot of real intelligent bellyscratchers at this site. There’s Dave Nalle, who is very well informed about this neck of the woods, even if he doesn’t necessarily share my opinions, and even if I think he makes too many excuses for the establishment in power in your country.

    There is Gonzo Marx, who can call bullshit a mile off – again, while I don’t necessarily share his point of view on many things, it is hard not to respect his points or his logic, or his patriotism, or his devotion to principle.

    There is Mark Schannon, who is a passionate man with the sense of humor of an imp – but one who has a solid writer’s sense… and who is not anywhere near as confused as he pretends to be.

    There is Silas Kain, who has been absent for a while – but with whom I share many points of view and attitudes, and who has taught me things here, some hard and painful lessons.

    There is Diana Hartman, a good writer and good manager, and her husband, an American marine first sergeant who will hopefully retire from the marines and make serious and informed contributions to the magazine. His commentary is usually extremely intelligent.

    There is the kernel for a great news team here (I mean real news, not which band is going to break up or whose nipple got exposed at a baseball game) with Richard Marcus, John Bambenek, Scott Butki, Kathy Gil, Howard Dratch, and the marine first sergeant… I’ve missed a few, mostly from South Asia, and I apologize.

    And when his eyes improve, or when he can get some kind of assistance writing, there is a great science writer and satirist in the fellow who calls himself “Jet from Columbus.”

    Dawn Olsen is a great entertainment writer, as is her husband, the publisher of the site, Eric, who works like a dog to make it go. There is Phil Wynne and Eric Berlin, who back Eric up, as well as Aaman Lambda, who publishes Desicritics. This is a good place to write and to try to promote writing and writers, and Eric and his team have worked at making the site better, even over the objections of Sharks who occasionally surface to bare rows of angry teeth…

    Finally there is the comments editor, Chris Rose, a fellow who does keep the site clean and tries to keep the comment writing civil. If I were him, I would keep my comments to an absolute minimum. The Speaker of the House is wisest when he does not speechify but merely raps the gavel to keep the Honorable (and less than honorable) Members in order, not to mention keeping the peanut gallery quiet. He’s the kind of fellow I would not mind sharing a beer with – even though I would not agree with his views and he would not agree with mine.

    Every site has its sores – which is all that needs to be said.

    I’ve made the serious mistake of wasting time with comments on what others write, instead of writing articles myself and pushing my writing and developing my own blog. That is what the author of this article has taught me. As of this moment, that is over.

    I will not waste my time and yours with further comments or expressions of opinions, unless it is at an article that I myself have written, and in writing them, I’ll stick to news and news analyses, if I can manage it – assuming I’m still allowed to write here.

  • troll

    Ruvy – I’ll miss your comments

  • RUVY: Ignoring the fact of your dismissive attitude to the value of dialogue through the comments, please allow me to correct a couple more of your misapprehensions.

    In general terms and in my opinion, anybody on the planet has the absolute right to state their opinions on any topic they care to. Therefore, not only Israelis can comment on Israel and events there and so on.

    Furthermore, I absolutely refute your frankly odd idea that simply because I serve as Comments Editor here on Blogcritics I shouldn’t partake in our virtual community.

    I feel absolutely entitled to say anything I care to here, provided of course I respect the intentions of our comments policy.

    It is very simple to see the difference between my views and my responsibilities, unless one simply doesn’t want to. I trust your elevated level of dogmatic zeal will not blind you to the distinction.

  • Martin Lav

    Ruvy, I never said you were crazy for believing in God or G-d I said you were looney for continually going on rants about your PPC (perpetual persecution complex.

    what mental hospital do you belong in?

    Resist not Evil……that is my “mental hospital” and it was taught by Jesus Christ the “crappy litte god-on-a-cross” and is contained in the Beatitudes and Lord’s prayer. It tells me that my “heaven” is a direct reflection of my mental state of mind and that if I wish to think bad things, I will feel bad, if I wish to think good things I will feel good and that God wants his creatures to feel good.

    Stick with your PPC and think the world is against you, that Christians and Muslims and virtually the entire world is against you and you will never get to heaven on earth. Your home is your prison and that’s your state of mind, not Brooklyn, Israel, Poland or wherever you choose to live.

    Blessed are the peacemakers.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Some brief answers:

    Troll, you’ll still see my comments, just a lot more rarely. Besides, if you thnk about it, and Chris Rose will probably agree, I’ve said most of what I need to say already. I’ll be mining those comments for further articles and discussing with those few who see fit to talk with me…

    Andy, I’m sorry if my attitudes seem bigoted to you. I guess you’re getting a sense of what life is like for a Jew in exile when that Jew really understands and internalizes the position he is in. My respect for Christianity, Catholicism in particular, disappeared when I had to deal with the bullies in Brooklyn who tried to push me around. Studying Jewish history has not restored my respect at all, merely reinforced my impressions of the bullies of my childhood – that breaking their noses was too good for them.

    It’s not like Jews have been the only minority ever persecuted in America. Quite the contrary. And Jews have been very active in helping a lot of persecuted minorities in America. But when a lot of the minorities you try to help turn on you and spit in your face and call you Jew bastard, and team up with the Arabs – well, the hell with them.

    Chris, there is nothing wrong with dialogue – up to a point. That is the value of the comments section. But anything carried to excess loses its value. Furthermore, I’m not telling you what to do, I’m saying what I’d do in your position – something very different. Finally, while I disagree with most of your comments, the point is not that you speak up, but that you wear both editor and commenter hats at the same time.

    IMHO, it would be better if there were a second comments editor to help you, so that you could partake in the discussion freely, without constantly being aware of needing to censor your own words or the words of another.

    Martin, I answered you already – at length.

  • Martin Lav

    Acceptance is the key Ruvy.
    Have an open mind for once and realize that your nose gets bloodied not from the fists that strike it, but from the places you stick it. You don’t have to believe the “crappy little guy on the cross” was the Son of God to extract good wisdom and advice. RESIST NOT EVIL will help you lose your insufferable PPC and more people will agree with you.
    Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?

  • for Ruvy…

    i had Thought my talking aroun dhere had ended yesterday, but i had to say “thanks” for the kind Words you tossed in my direction in comment #89

    i’m both flattered and Honored

    a fine Note to finish with…

    my best Hopes for you and yours…

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    In a personal relationship, I happily sacrifice being right so that we can be happy. Otherwise, I’d rather be right. And unfortunately, I usually am.

  • Unofficial Commenting Rules:

    1. Let a few bad apples ruin the experience.

    2. Always get in the last word with someone you disagree with. If they try to get in the last word, have none of it and respond in kind.

    3. Lightening up is a sign of weakness.

    4. Carnell Breeding is damn fine and it absolutely matters who of his fans he would date.

    (Hey, uh, was there an article associated with this forum?)

  • Ruvy, your relentless arrogant and self-righteous Bible-thumping is no different from that of Islamic and Christian fundamentalists and is frightening to me as a civilized human being and embarrassing to me as a man of Jewish descent. You very well know that modern Israel was created by secular and even atheist Jews and you would now hijack this modern secular and thriving democracy much in the same way Islamic fundamentalism is hijacking moderation and democracy in the Muslim world and Christian fundamentalism is attempting to hijack American democracy. You are not engaging in an intelligent dialogue on this website, you are propogandizing for religious war. As I said before Fred Phelps, Osame bin Laden and you are all cut from the same cloth.

    And by the way, your remark about finding much on my blog to be “disgusting” is just more of your abominable fundamentalist bigotry at play. Now go clean the venom out of your beard.

  • “Ruvy, your relentless arrogant and self-righteous Bible-thumping is no different from that of Islamic and Christian fundamentalists and is frightening to me as a civilized human being and embarrassing to me as a man of Jewish descent.”

    Wow, that’s over the top! Ruvy doesn’t scare me, and I’m roughly 100% sure that Ruvy does not plan to strap explosives to himself and seek to kill and maim civilians, so I see it as quite different.

    “As I said before Fred Phelps, Osame bin Laden and you are all cut from the same cloth.”

    Fred Phelps is a repugnant human being with beliefs I despise and reject completely, but he has never — to my knowledge — conspired to kill anybody. Nor has Ruvy. Cut from the same cloth? Really?


  • You might want to go back to some of Ruvy’s comments on what he’d like to do anti-Semites as well as his predictions for my eternal fate. As for Fred Phelps, speaking as a “Fag”, carrying posters that proclaim “Death To Fags” is not something I take lightly. Gay bashing and murders are not unknown in this country. None of this may be on the scale of bin Laden but let us not make the mistake of underestimating the potential danger of religous zealots yet again.

  • Martin Lav

    damamkhá ‘al roshkhá

    Me thinks this could be interpreted to mean the same thing as Osama and his followers believe in the name of Allah!

    I think that’s the point and although you don’t believe Mr. Ruvy from Brooklyn, has conspired to kill anybody, who’s to say that the beliefs he espouses aren’t in themselves inciteful to the point of consipiring hatred, intolerance and mistrust?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I read comments #98, #100 and #101 and only one thought comes to mind. “I’m surrounded by idiots.” (The Lion King, 1995)

  • How interesting that you would relate to the character who breaks no less than five of the Ten Commandments.

  • duane

    Ruvy, fine, OK, you’re surrounded by fools. I understand why you would want to leave.

    Gonzo? a fine Note to finish with… ?
    Did you mean on this thread, or are you leaving too?

    Christ. Arguing is supposed to be fun. If it gets to you, take a breather. No need to run off for good. Both of you guys.

  • JustOneMan


    Thank you for coming clean and admitting that you are nothing but a Christian hater! Your blather here has shown you to be the “King of The Victims”….hmmmmm maybe you should try on a crown of thorns!

    You are part of a cult of arrogance, hate and victimization…

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Let’s amend comment #102 a bit:

    I read comments #98, #100,101,103 and #106 and only one thought comes to mind. “I’m surrounded by idiots.” (The Lion King, 1995) Skar got all the best lines in that movie, just like the Pharaoh did in “The Ten Commandments.” Evil has to be interesting or its just – evil.

    Gonzo, and Al, thank you for the kind words, both. Duane, I’m not leaving altogether, just putting the emphasis elsewhere – writing articles and arguing from there; provided, of course, that I’m still allowed to write here.

  • JustOneMan

    Why is Ruvy’s farewell taking 100 posts?

    “Dumb people are just blissfully unaware of how very dumb they are (as he drools).”Patrick – Sponge Bob Square Pants

  • Why did Cher begin her Farewell Tour in 1935?

  • Idiots? At least they don’t get their rhetorical insults from Disney movies.

  • Clavos

    Point to the Mistress!

  • Maurice

    Intolerance is intolerant – Maurice

  • steve

    thank god it is a farewell.

  • Martin Lav

    No, thank G-d!

  • LOL. God. Gods. Goddesses. Goddettes. Do I get an A+ in Really Bad Jew 101? By the way, what did I write about…some 114 comments in the past….?

  • Martin Lav

    I think you wrote about which row in the bus you got to sit in depending on how Jewish you are. If you think you are only visiting a visiting stranger in America, you sit in the back. If you live in Brooklyn, vacation in Miami and sometimes eat non-kosher hot dogs at the ballpark, then you can sit in the front with the bus driver.

  • Alyssa

    You need hlep and stop talking about black peoplp in a bad way !!!!!!

  • darkflux

    sorry i’m abit late to the party here 😀

    i think that people on one side of the arguement are too thin-skinned, and those on the other side of the arguement are too non-empathetic with how what they say affect others.

    i still say “black” instead of “African-American”, and still say “white” and not “Caucasian”, and i don’t say it out of spite, i say it because i was raised to say it, because peopleunderstand me when i do, and because it is neither racist, nor offensive to say them. but (many) people forget about the reasons for everything, and why we do and say what we do. those people will make snap judgements about others without trying to see things from THEIR perspective, or without analyzing HOW they say what they say, so as to avoid confusion.

    the one thing i want more than anything is to be understood. whether or not somebody gets offended by what i believe is none of my concern, but i don’t just force MY opinion on others, and even when i am asked for it, i give it with great amounts of tact, and with the understanding that not all people are going to agree with me.

    it often comes down to how you perceive something. what offends one person may not offend another, even of the same race (just look at rap music). if we were all more understanding of other people, we might just get along that much better.

    it’s worth a shot, we certainly haven’t tried it yet…