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As Gang Green Turns – This Jets Fan Wants a Big Giant Win

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This Jets fan has a confession to make: I want the Giants to win. There, I did say it! Incredible? Absolutely. Bizarre? Most definitely. Still, when I look at Bill Belichick and his smug supermodel marrying quarterback Tom Brady, I can’t help wanting them to lose in a big way. Since Gang Green imploded this season, I cannot have the pleasure of seeing my team in there, but the always likable quarterback Eli Manning and his rock steady head coach Tom Coughlin are deserving of a championship for all the reasons the Jets were not this year.

Make no mistake, I am not donning a Big Blue shirt or hat – wearing anything Giants would make me melt like a vampire on the beach in the Cancun sunshine – but I am going to be rooting for them because in this Super Bowl battle they are the good guys. It’s kind of like being in King Kong’s corner when he is up against Godzilla; they’re both monsters, but at least Kong had a heart and wouldn’t hurt the girl. Godzilla would have used his fire breath to roast her and have her for dinner, so he had to go down.

It is the first time (and probably the last) in my life that I am rooting for the Giants, but as someone who bleeds green for his Jets, this is not a difficult choice. Sure, I will be thinking about the Jets players, many of whom will be home watching the game in disbelief. I am certain Rex Ryan will be sitting on the sofa, enjoying the taste of his toes rammed down his throat as he watches the game. As most Jets fans know by now, Rex has a proclivity for foot in mouth disease. I doubt he will learn his lesson, but something has to give next season for the Gang that is Green and their fans, so let’s hope Rex is taking notes.

Right now the focus has to be on Indianapolis and Super Bowl XLVI for Jets fans. I don’t care about anything but seeing the Giants take down Brady and company. That’s the first order of business. Then, after the game is over, the next thing on the list should be for Jets owner Woody Johnson to break the bank and sign Peyton Manning and trade Mark Sanchez to get some help on the offensive line. Imagine two Mannings playing in New York (really New Jersey, but that’s another story); and can you further imagine a Super Bowl pitting brothers Manning against one another? That would be bigger and better than any Subway Series or even the Rangers playing the Islanders for the Stanley Cup.

Okay, the soap opera As Gang Green Turns is still on hiatus, and I’ll catch up with the action soon enough, but for now this Jets fan is hoping that Big Blue takes the trophy and sends Brady and company home for a long winter’s nap.

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  • Arco Conservadora

    If Tom Brady is smug what does that make Cris Canty Victor.

    What about Rex Ryan garaunteeing the Jets would be in the Super Bowl?

    The Patriots, from top to bottom are one of the classiest if not the classiest organization in the NFL and that is the real reason people hate them. It’s sort of like the way godless liberals hate Tim Tebow. He’s wholesome and decent so he must be fake and deserves to be ridiculed right?