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As Gang Green Turns: Jets Miss Revis in 31-16 Loss to Giants

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Okay Jets fans, it’s the morning after the big game against the Giants. Keep telling yourselves, “It’s only a preseason game. It’s only a preseason game.” Maybe if you close your eyes and wish real hard, Darrelle Revis will appear in a cloud of smoke, and he’ll be back on the team. Yeah, that’s about as likely as Francisco Rodriguez ever pitching another inning as a Met again.

The truth, the hard sobering truth, was visible in the first football game ever played at the New Meadowlands Stadium on Monday night. Antonio Cromartie, who has earned the number one spot in Revis’s absence, was beaten in one completion by Hakeem Nicks. But he also missed two interceptions. Kyle Wilson, the first round draft pick who took over Cromartie’s position on defense later on, went untested in the game.

The real worry was seen in the lack of depth now apparent, with both Dwight Lowery and Drew Coleman looking like they were in big trouble last night. It was especially notable when Eli Manning left the game because of an injury, as these guys were burned by the Giants’ backup QB, Jim Sorgi. Not a pretty picture to be sure.

All of Rex Ryan’s bluster about the team being headed for the Super Bowl suddenly seems more ridiculous than ever now. With this real weakness exposed, it doesn’t matter how great Mark Sanchez and the offense looked in the first half. If the defense is going to be like this come September 13, Ryan’s going to be drowning his sorrows in large Mickey D shakes soon enough.  

Hopefully, Woody Johnson was watching this game carefully. The Giants beat the Jets and made the D look bad. Revis is no doubt at home watching ESPN and grinning from ear-to-ear. As Rex Ryan removes his big foot from his big mouth, Woody should be taking the wallet out of his back pocket. A Jet fan’s homemade sign at last night’s game sent the message loud and clear: “Pay Revis!” Come on, Woody, you know you want to. It’s going to be a long, tough season if Revis sits it out because you wouldn’t do what was right for this team.

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  • longtimejetfan

    Pay Revis and work and D for the love of god..!!!

  • Jimmy

    This is really a mind-numbingly stupid article.

    Learn something about football.

  • Greg

    I have no idea what game this moronic writer was watching. Against the 1st team Jets D, Eli and co. couldn’t run, couldn’t pass, and took three tries to get 1 yard so they could turn a gift interception into a touchdown.
    “Antonio Cromartie was beaten in one completion by Hakeem Nicks” – Yikes he gave up ONE COMPLETION? Give Revis whatever he wants
    “Kyle Wilson went untested in the game” – That’s called COVERAGE. Cornerbacks go untested when they’re covering the guy they’re supposed to be covering. Otherwise they get tested, a lot
    In conclusion, you’re a moron

  • Gee, Jimmy and Greg, nice to hear from guys who know so much about the game. Let’s see where the Jets are without Revis come December; then we’ll see who the morons are.