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As Gang Green Turns: Jets Defeat Lions in OT 23-20

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Okay, New York Jets fans, you can take a deep breath. The Jets (6-2) defeated the Detroit Lions (2-6) at Ford Field, but you can’t feel too good about this game. Yes, a victory is a win, but the struggle to get this one should worry head coach Rex Ryan and the rest of us as well.

In a week that featured the lowly Cleveland Browns beating the New England Patriots, this could have been a game the Jets regretted all year long, but they did pull out a victory courtesy of Nick Folk’s 30-yard field goal (Folk’s 36-yard field goal tied the game and sent it into overtime).

I’ve been pretty hard on quarterback Mark Sanchez in the last few weeks, mostly due to his penchant for throwing interceptions. While he gave one away today, he also completed 22 of 39 passes for a career high 323 yards. He tossed one magnificent touchdown pass to Braylon Edwards, a 74-yard beauty that came near the end of the first half. This doesn’t mean Sanchez had a great game, because he looked lost at times (as I have been pointing out consistently), but he and the offense got the job done overall.

The Jets defense was not much better than the offense in this one, although Darrelle Revis and company did limit Calvin Johnson and that was a big factor in this game. Also, during the game injuries to Lion’s kicker Jason Hanson and quarterback Matthew Stafford certainly helped matters.

Gang Green and all their fans can breathe a sigh of relief after getting away with this one, but we should have no illusions; a good deal of luck and some mistakes and injuries for the Lions made the game go to the Jets.

I don’t know what Rex Ryan is going to do, but he had better get these guys playing like they did at the end of the game for four quarters, or there are going to be lots of unhappy Jets fans when the playoffs come around and we’re watching other teams on the field.

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