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As Gang Green Turns: Euphoria Limited in NYC After Tebow Trade

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The announced trade of Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets has not sent crowds running through Times Square in joyous celebration. Jets fans know the score: Tim Tebow is no Peyton Manning – not by a long shot. Manning gets to go to the Mile High city and soak up the big bucks, and we get the detritus of this deal in a trade that takes two draft picks and cash.

There is another side to this story too, one that all fans of the soap opera As Gang Green Turns can appreciate: Mark Sanchez, the newly signed to an extension Sanchez, now has to fester in his own brooding way until training camp to see what this all means. If this is not a good reality show what is?

I guess the Jets could not resist the headlines this deal would give them. Headlines here in New York have kind of been rare for Gang Green, while Big Blue sucked up all that ink and screen time on the TV news with winning a little thing called the Super Bowl. I guess this is the Jets’ way of grabbing back the spotlight – but how long can this last?

There is one other truth to consider here – Tebow may not be Peyton Manning, but neither is Sanchez. One can run and one can throw; one can pray and one can play, but the truth is that both of them have come up short and have a long road ahead to become anything resembling a Manning brother.

We Jets fans will have to just sit back and see how this all works out. We can only wonder what King Rex is thinking now, and I am sure his mouth will roar in the days ahead. Stay tuned because there will be more to come in the best soap opera in sports.

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  • RJ, I see all your points, but I think there’s more to this than meets the eye. Forget Stanton and forget Sanchez’s extension: Tebow is a starting QB and everyone knows it. The Jets know everyone knows it.

    Mike Tannebaum said today he would like to go with four quarterbacks this season. How much you want to bet two are gone by the first game? Also, when Sanchez falters (and he will) who’s going to get the ball?

    If you ever saw the movie All About Eve, you’ll know where this thing is going.

    Now, picturing Sanchez as Betty Davis is another story.

  • RJ

    Ugh. The Jets are about the worst possible place for Tebow to end up.

    – He’ll be a backup, so Tebow fans will be upset that he’s not starting, which will create something of a QB controversy, which won’t be good for team harmony.

    – The fans in NYC are unlikely to embrace him like the fans in Denver did.

    – The NY sports media will savage him at every opportunity (they do this to everyone, but it will be double-bad since Tebow is a conservative Christian Southerner).

    – Newly-signed backup (now third-stringer) Drew Stanton is unhappy and wants out.

    – The Jets probably aren’t going to be very good this year, meaning Tebow gets to sit on the bench for a non-playoff team.

    – Some of his new teammates are unlikely to embrace him (Sanchez, Cromartie, etc.).

    – Tebow by himself won’t be able to change the climate in a poisonous locker room, especially one that is still going to be led by a clown like Rex Ryan.

    – I’m a Tebow fan, but I can’t imagine rooting for the Jets, no matter what.

    Jacksonville (or Cleveland) would have been a much better fit for Tim. Sigh…

  • Thanks, Sport. The problem is coach Rex needs to grow up too. We’ll see if Tebow can force the agenda. It should be interesting.

  • Another interesting article Rex. Id anything, it’s good that baby Sanchez will feel some heat. It might force the spoiled QB to finally grow up.