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Artists’ Footprints on the Web

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Thinking About Art‘s posting on Kirkland’s disappointment with DC Artists (vis-a-vis their response to his project) has generated a lot of good comments.

One comment discusses the “extremely high cost of digital media. In order to participate, one would need to somehow digitize several works of art so that they could be viewed on your website.”

This is incorrect.

The best way to start out in the digital world and avoid the “high cost” is simply to take your own photos of your work, any film type and take it to your corner film developing store and ask them for digital images on a CD ROM.

Or even better, and what I do, is to ship the film to Photoworks and for a very reasonable price (under $25) you’ll get two sets of slides, two sets of photos, negatives, a CD ROM of digital images and a webpage on their server (password protected for you) where they store your digital images and you can email them around, or copy them to your PC as needed.

I’ve been using Photoworks since I was in Art School (1977-1981) and they were called Seattle Filmworks. They are fast and efficient, and this digital service can’t be beat.

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