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Artist Confidential to be Kicked Off by Smashing Pumpkins and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Artist Confidential to start off with Smashing Pumpkins

XM Radio Program "Artist Confidential" is set to kick off with the Smashing Pumpkins. The show will air on September 13th. The band will answer questions on the show as well as they a live set. "Artist Confidential" will be airing on XM 47 at 10 pm EST. Other artists set to perform on this season's shows of "Artist Confidential" include KT Tunstall, Megadeth, Yankee Daddy and Korn.

CBS to use Nirvana songs in Cold Case

The season premiere of this season's Cold Case will include a number of Nirvana songs on its soundtrack. This is only the second time that the iconic rock band's music has been used in a network television program. The first time was in the Season Finale of the third season of Lost. The show will include the songs "Heart Shaped Box", "If You Must", "All Apologies", "Lithium", "Drain You" "Stay Away, and "Something in the Way". The series has in the past had episodes that feature of the music of a single band. The episode is set to air September 23rd.

New Skin Patch may help deliver drugs to the needle phobic

Hewlett Packard has announced that it has used the technology from its ink-jet printers in order to devise a patch that will release drugs through the skin. The patch is made with tiny needles that just barely penetrate the skin. While patches are already in use for hormones and nicotine, they have not proven effective for all types of drugs because the skin acts as a natural barrier. Hewlett Packard has licensed the technology to the Irish company Crospon who are expected to manufacture it and make it available to pharmaceutical companies.

OpenOffice joined by IBM

IBM has joined OpenOffice.org and has said that it will be centering its developing efforts to the OpenOffice suite. IBM has used OpenOffice.org code in the past in such programs as Lotus Notes 8 and it is expected that IBM's first contributions to the project will come from the work that has been done on Lotus Notes. In addition to joining OpenOffice.org, IBM will be putting around three dozen programmers to work on its development efforts for the project.

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