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Art-O-Matic may be the Nation’s Best Art Show

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One of the most interesting facts that I have noticed over the last 30 years of observing people and art together, is that the trite saying that “art is in the eye of the beholder” is one of the truest sayings around.

Here’s the test:

Go to any museum… MOMA or the National Gallery or the Hirshhorn or the Guggie or the Corcoran…. and sit down in one of the galleries and pick the one piece in that gallery that you (a) like the best or (b) hate.

Then observe 500 museum visitors… you will notice that 97% of them will (probably) ignore or glance or barely notice your favorite.

But that other three percent!

It’s as if that painting (and it could be a sculpture, or an etching, or anything… except a video, because nearly all of them suck) throws a fishing line out and manages to “hook” a small, but strongly attached percentage of the masses.

It’s a beautiful experience… it teaches the power of art reaching to the lowest common denominator, which by any account, is still a pretty good thing.

Thus Art-O-Matic.

Anyone, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religion or nationality, can join in. This is perhaps America’s most famous (and infamous) all-Democratic show).

Art-O-Matic says: “If you create something that you think is art, come and show it with us!”

And liberal-voting card-carrying Democrat art critics from all over Washington will diminish them for joining and becoming part of this most-democratic-of-all of art shows…….. anyone who wants to exhibit (uh…) can!

If you are an artist, and want to exhibit your work in an exhibition that will be part of Art History books of the late 21st century… please visit Art-O-Matic’s website.

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