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Art and Economics

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The San Jose Mercury News reports:

Non-profit arts groups in Santa Clara County annually generate $229.1 million in revenue, through everything from ticket sales to money spent by employees on rent and groceries, according to an economic-impact study released by the California Arts Council on Thursday.


California, which spends 3 cents per capita on the arts, ranks last in the nation in state arts funding. The recent economic downturn led the state to slash the 2003-04 funding for the arts council to $1 million in general funds from $18 million in 2002-03. Because of its drastic budget decrease, the agency has shifted its emphasis from distributing grants to arts advocacy

America (and especially California) being such a high advocate of culture sure doesn’t show it much in it’s failing to support the arts. This study shows that art is beneficial to everyone. So support the arts!

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