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Aromas are magical, powerful things. A whiff of a baseball card shop can transport someone back to their youth again. With one scent they are back on long summer days, buying and selling baseball cards down at the local card shop. The smell of your mom’s apple pie can immediately make you feel like a kid again. Or, the smell of a hotdog and peanuts at a baseball game can take you back to your first major league baseball game. A waft of the devil’s mouthwash (alcohol) may take you back to your freshmen year dorm at college. Like a good song on the radio, aromas can transport you to another time. Even another place.

Aromas can also be healing devices. They help the body rejuvenate itself and can promote wellness and health. If you put a peppermint leaf in your shoe, all day long a minty aroma will be your reward. Certain lotions and oils have been known to make a person feel more content, calm, and peaceful. The aroma of Chamomile tea is widely used to help people relax and unwind.

Bloggers speaking about aromas can be found at sites like doterrablog and aromahope.

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