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Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch: The California Field Poll Part 1

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The California Field Poll March 1, 2006:


The latest Field Poll finds 40% of voters approving of Schwarzenegger’s performance in office, while 49% disapprove. While still more negative than positive, this represents a slight improvement in voter assessments of the Governor since October, when 37% approved and 56% disapproved of his performance.

This is a seven point improvement in Governor Schwarzenegger’s disapproval rating. Is the Governor’s swing to the LEFT responsible or was the depressed poll rating this past October the result of the millions spent by California unions in negative television ads leading up to the disaster of the November 2005 California Special Election? Hard to say and certainly not a polling result that would make an incumbent governor pleased – no matter what the spin.

But, there is better news for Arnold on his infrastructure bond proposal.

Voters favor by a two to one margin the Governor’s proposal to place a series of state bonds for infrastructure projects before voters over the next ten years. However, there is significant variation in the degree of voter support for specific bonds depending on the purposes they would be used for. Large majorities are inclined to support bonds that would underwrite road construction and repair, educational facilities, water systems and flood control, the seismic retrofitting of hospitals, public transportation, affordable housing, and parks. By contrast, voters oppose issuing state bonds for prison construction and renovating the courts, and are divided with regard to issuing bonds to expand the state’s port facilities.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, second from left, gestures toward the Sacramento River, while walking along the river levee near Sacramento, Calif., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006. Schwarzenegger, accompanied by Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo, left, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., third from left, Congressman Dan Lungren, R-Calif., third from right, Congressman Richard Pombo, second from right and Congresswoman Doris Matsui, right, called on the federal goverment to help provide additional funding to help repair and maintain the San Joaquin Delta-Sacramento River levee system.

Californians understand the immediate need for infrastructure improvements. California needs them and Schwarzenegger is opportune in his proposal. The Governor will run on his proposal in the Fall and MAY win reelection as a result.

The photo opportunity and tour of California levees with Senator Dianne Feinstein last week was a good move and will demonstrate the bipartisan support for California infrastructure improvements. And if the Governor does NOT obtain federal money, then he will obtain the necessary funding himself.

The Governor has a new election team and look for more bipartsian themes coming from the campaign office. Arnold is RIGHT on the infrastructure program – no matter what the cost. Simply put – California NEEDS it and the voters SUPPORT it.

Will it be ENOUGH to overcome his negative voter perceptions?

Stay tuned…….

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