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Arnold Schwarzenegger Nude Photo

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Yes, this really is a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger naked as a jaybird.

No, I will not reveal where I got it.

Yes, during the period in which this picture was taken Arnold Schwarzenegger did take lots and lots of anabolic steroids, by his own admission.

Click to see the photo, if you wish…

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  • rob

    Maybe Annie Liebowitz was the photographer.

  • Faye

    How do women please each other? How many people continue with sex even if the guy or gal picked up at a bar stinks down there? I’ve become grossly over-interested, – how may I find a video of Pammy and Tommy Lee?, hispanics with donkeys?, men with men? Have celebrities commited beastiality? How many would sleep with someone knowing the soon- to- be bed fellow just caused a chicken to lay an egg? Does it bother anyone to know that he just had sex but hasn’t showered, and the sex involved his penis in a man’s back door? No wonder there are diseases out there huh? Or, oh heck no, a pedophile. Not because the child is nasty, but because the fella is. He should be put in a middle aged gadget that holds his head and arms, placed in the courthouse square, bare bottomed, mouth raped, neutered and a penilectomy which should then be shoved down his throat. Diddle animals, that’s your problem, sleep with someone who has commited beastiality or necrophilia, you should know to ask, but to knowingly sleep with someone who molests children.., I can’t think of an appropriate punishment. ‘jack hammer up your aaa–choo. up your aa–aa–aachoo. up your back door. I bet you’re even scared to get an enema if you’ve been in a hospital. dimwitted, evil, selfish maggot in rotten hyena guts.

  • Faye

    P.S. In the movie “Christmas Vacation”, Randy Quaid seems to be having problems keeping his best buddy tucked out of sight. What ever it is, it almost reaches his knee. Is it true that the King Mr. E. Presley used that rubber tube trick on stage? Why are today’s gals unembarassed to admit to using fakies? James Arness, what’s his stats? Carmen E.’s stats? Do vagina’s really get large if multiple partners or large fakies or whatev? Could Holmes have pleased a canyon gal? Serial rapists and killers, did any of them have large members that hurt victims badly? Do stretch marks turn guys off? Do men like large breasts with big, dark nipples that darken with a tan? This is my only source of learning the answers, small town so library is out, will not buy from a bookstore either. Yet I want to know. But I don’t need to know, – there’s the “result”, my man pleases me, ( I’m happy to report he is above average ), but if he is my only lover for my entire life, then of course he will please me. And he sure loves to make sure I get no less than 3. That’s what I call a good man, 13″ or not.

  • Faye

    I am a spectacularly beautiful woman and would like to have some fun. To begin, I wan tto know length and girth of those hard things that pleasure me. Truly, size does not matter. I have more O’s with average to small one’s than w/ biggies. But to encourage me, I also want to know and see pics of gals breasts, and their measurements, height and weight. I guess the bottom line is, am I normal?



  • red

    his package is kind of a disappointment. i always fantasized about how big it must be…what a waste of a good fantasy!

  • ramalamadingdong

    hmmmm….i had heard that arnie was not much endowed, and that is now true. I had to really strain my eyes to see his wanker 🙂

  • Tattooz

    I wasn’t doing research for a friend I wanted to see how “big” he was.

  • SexySuzie

    Pablo needs reassurance in his life. Every give em a pat on the back. Poor guy:)

  • sarah

    i think he should have worn a speedo or somthing to cover up his unmetionables cuz everybody in cali knos what their govenor’s umetionable looks like……and its just gross

  • Pablo

    Its not very big =(

    Before see this i guess his dick *Woow Its a muscle man… Must be a colossus dick e.e*
    My dick is bigger 🙂

  • jeff mcsweeny

    he is so sexy and i love his dick

  • Frankly

    You forgot in his book Arnold-The Education of a Bodybuilder where he admitted to considering sleeping with a man just to get his ‘head’ start in America. No lie, he says it himself right in the book.

  • Grave

    its not that his penis is tiny its just that during bodybuilding, your body gets bigger(obviously) but your penis doesn’t so its relatively small compared to his body. it is illogical for a man’s penis to shrink but after a certain point it will stop growing.

  • his penis is kinda tiny

  • Anna Astley

    Fox News Censors Nico And The Velvet Underground

    News Corp Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, Myspace.com “Unwritten Policy” Force Nico and The Velvet Underground Offline for Second Time: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna images at Center of Cultural Firestorm.

    New York, NY – Nico and The Velvet Underground were removed off the popular website, Myspace.com on Monday December 12, 2005. Ironically, it was the same day that Governor Schwarzenegger denied clemency for convicted murderer and former gang leader Tookie Williams. In its bidding war against NBC Universal, Paramount bought out rival Dreamworks for $1.5 Billion, wrangling entertainment giants Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Viacom, which owns Paramount, reportedly negotiated a purchase of Myspace.com before the shocking buy out from Fox News on July 19, 2005. Spokeswoman Anna Astley is concerned about these recent developments and commented on the censorship fiasco. “Myspace.com and Fox News made no warning that the band’s account was being cancelled. Cancelling Nico and The Velvet Undergrounds’ Myspace.com account is tantamount to censorship and a violation of their First Amendment rights.”

  • Hey, no big deal…no wonder he had upside down oral sex in the dark…who’d want to look at him!

  • i think he may be a grower, not a shower.

    i am more concerned with the massive weight loss of his wife. he should think about feeding her.

    i want to see the photo of arnold f*cking ken starr.

    jack e. jett

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    I had respect for Arnold, but HE MUST DIE AS WELL.

  • Puke indeed — his tits are almost as big as yours.

  • EW.


  • Afterman

    I think thaht arnie is one of the worst choices for a political figure but i must admitt that he did look gorgeous in his youth. and this photo is now in my documents folder for later analyzation

  • Bill

    A naked pic of Arnold, that looks a lot like yours, was published years ago in Spy Magazine. Spy was an ireverent Magazine popular in New York in the eighties.

  • Like Arnie, I mean, not Fat Bastard.

  • This makes me think of Wayne’s World. Why?

    Dana Carvey on SNL as George Michael: “Look at my butt, Dennis!”

    Mike Myers as Fat Bastard:
    “I’m dead sexy!”

    I’m secure enough in my masculinity to say that if I looked like that, I’d pose nude early and often.

  • Juan

    Beautiful photo, our modern day “David”. What’s the big deal? Just confirms that he’s got one just like all the rest of the males on this planet, including all the previous male presidents and leaders of the world. How much longer will it take to accept each other as we truly are?

  • Information gleaned from the September 7th San Francisco Chronicle http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2003/09/06/MN307117..DTL and a Google search brings some interesting information. Playboy is reportedly considering a re-release of a 1993 video of Arnold in Rio during Carnaval. A somewhat incriminating still from the video is at http://www.moderateindependent.com/v1i8arnoldpic1.htm (questionable objectivity on this site, but the still from the video speaks for itself):

    . . . August 7, 2003 – “They are going to call me a womanizer.”

    That was Arnold’s comment during his announcement for Governor on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He then claimed if he is called a womanizer, it will just be Gray Davis being mean, nothing to do with…

    [still from video appears here, deleted for this e-mail]

    Um, we guess Maria was busy that night – since they had been dating for six years already when this video was taken. Notice how the woman is trying to pull his hands off of her butt. She has to struggle for a bit to get him to stop. Then, he is on to two other girls…

    And what does Arnold have to say about all of this: “After watching mulattas shake it, I can totally understand why Brasil is devoted to my favorite body part, the ass,” he says in the video, after the above scene.

    He earlier said snidely, deriding the country he now wants to run for office in, “Yeah, Americans like breasts… no, no.” . . . .

    Today’s Chonicle article also mentions a 1991 Premier magazine article (I did not find the original article online) which in turn is reported upon at http://www.virginmegamagazine.com/default.asp?aid=ABD in a column titled “Rumor Mill” from August 5, 2003:

    The Premiere magazine story from 2001 begins like this “Once, he was a box office terminator. But now that Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost some of his muscle in Hollywood, stories of his boorish behavior can no longer be routinely erased. Then again, he’d make a helluva politician.” The story goes on to talk about three different talk-show hosts in London, including the free spirited Denise Van Outen of The Big Breakfast, who protested that the Austrian-born actor could not keep his hands to himself during an interview. After apparently “tweaking” Anna Richardson of Big Screen’s “nipple,” the reputable TV host alleges, “I left the room quite shaken. What was more upsetting was that his people rushed to protect him and scapegoated me, and not one person came to apologize afterward.” Arnie’s people as said to have issued a statement saying that Richardson, who described the actor as “a dog in heat,” was only trying to get her “15 minutes of fame.” Later in the Premiere expose, a producer who claims to have regularly worked with Schwarzenegger is quoted as saying “You don’t get it. That’s the way Arnold always behaves. For some reason, [this time] the studio or the publicists couldn’t put enough pressure on the women to kill the story.” Oh, we get it alright, and so did the writer of the story, John Connolly, who allegedly goes on to report of other instances on Terminator film sets where the top paid actor would freely grab women crew member’s breasts and that he even did it to film star Linda Hamilton in a limousine in front of the man she was allegedly having an affair with – married director James Cameron. Another instance in the story refers to someone walking into Schwarzenegger’s trailer and seeing him give oral sex to a woman (not his wife, Maria Shriver). The writer also quotes a source who says they went out with Mr. Terminator during the filming of Total Recall with costar Rachel Ticotin and that the two were indeed having an affair. And on and on it goes. Is this the kind of man that California wants as Governor? He seems to be the only candidate espousing family values, but hopefully actions will speak louder than words.

    Then, by going to another gossipy british site from 08/11/03, apparently specializing in british soccer, http://football.guardian.co.uk/Columnists/Column/0,4284,1015989,00.html

    (in the lower half) we read:

    The only person who managed to talk more tosh last week than Little was Gigi Goyette, who outed herself as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret mistress for the past seven years, on a hilarious programme called Arnold Schwarzenegger – Made In Britain, a fascinating look back to his beginnings in bodybuilding contests.

    The programme traced the Austrian’s unlikely journey from a sweaty gym in Romford Road, East London, where a dear old couple called Wag and Dianne Bennett worked on building up his calves, to success in Hollywood and some of the finest bedrooms in America, including Gigi’s.

    Gigi solemnly informed us that what she and Arnie have been doing is what she likes to describe as “outercourse”. This, film fans and political supporters of the Terminator alike will be relieved to discover, involves in one of Gigi’s many memorable phrases: “no insertion”. She was very strict about this.

    Anything outside of the body, though, is fair game, said Gigi. “I could be standing on my head and getting head,” she said, conjuring up an image which successfully erased all those pictures of naked hiking from the visual memory bank. Gigi described herself as not so much a mistress, more Arnie’s “avenue of relaxation”.

    Thought you would find all this interesting.


  • Arnold’s 1977 “Oui” magazine article is at http://www.thesmokinggun.com

    A photo of Arnold smoking a joint is at http://store.yahoo.com/ymarketing/arnold-for-governor.html

    You can also download the video there.

    Let’s hear it for Gov. Gangbang!

  • r

    Has anyone sent it yet to The Lincoln Club of Orange County? I wouldn’t think a conservative group would endorse a candidate that had posed nude.

  • r

    Has anyone sent it yet to The Lincoln Club of Orange County? I wouldn’t think a conservative group would endorse a candidate that had posed nude.

  • That’s actually a perfectly nice picture. I see nothing wrong with it whatsoever. It’s quite interesting artistically, somewhat like looking at the famous statue of David.

    I can imagine such a photo being a bit of an embarassment to a politician, of course.

    You suggest handing out copies of this picture at Arnold rallies. Is this supposed to illustrate some hypocrisy on Mr. Schwarzenegger’s part? That doesn’t seem real viable, as Arnold is pretty strongly socially liberal. It’s not like he’s on an anti-smut crusade.

    Or is the idea just to break it off up in him because it might be embarassing? Not that there’s anything wrong with embarassing a politician. That’s always good sport.

  • Thanks, but no thanks!