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Arnold Schwarzenegger gung-ho about new movie role

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LOS ANGELES – Blockbuster Actor/Politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will play Pte. Jessica Lynch when the former PoW’s story comes to the small screen.

A spokesman for Schwarzenegger’s agent confirmed Wednesday that he has been chosen to play America’s latest sweetheart. Lynch was captured during the war in Iraq, and later rescued.

The young soldier’s rescue was initially portrayed by the Pentagon as a dangerous special-forces mission; some doubt has since been cast on the official storyline.

One thing is known for sure though, Arnold will kick some middle eastern ass in this box office blockbuster mega gigaplex of oozing action megastar explosion.

When asked to comment , Arnold was quoted as saying “Hastalavista, dignity”.

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  • RP

    I want you to not be kidding SO much.

  • Oh, nooo!

  • Jonathan

    Thanks alot asshole!
    When I Read that I laughed so hard and spilt coffee on my keyboard..

  • Ha, ha.

  • hey, im a fan, what can i say.

    i like to dream.