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Arnold Schwarzenegger dies from own campaign lies

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I haven’t been writing about Governor Gangbang all that much, because most everything that’s happening is so predictable. The people of California were stupid enough to believe Arnie’s outrageous promises, which he obviously couldn’t keep, and now it’s turning out that…brace yourself for it: He can’t keep his outrageous campaign promises.

Nothing that’s happening is terribly remarkable or surprising. The people of California are still stupid, the Governor is still a liar, and the state is still fucked.

There really isn’t much more to say.

Still, Mark Kleiman manages to find some humor in the dismal situation:

State mourns passing of new governor

Flags flew at half-staff and state buildings were draped in black crepe today to mourn the untimely demise of Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger.

While no one is officially using the term “suicide,” the cause of death seems to have been the governor’s own actions: he promised during the campaign that funding for education would be cut “over my dead body,” and his decision to propose exactly such cuts appears to have had fatal consequences.

His term of office, though the shortest in the history of the state, will be remembered for the vigor of the leadership he provided. We shall not look upon his like again.

Mark has more on the dead Guv here.

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  • Doc

    I like how Arnie quickly learned the GOP method for dealing with budget shortfalls: Go into more debt!

    Ingenious! Let someone else figure it out later and let me throw out some old movie lines and small for the fawning press.


  • Schwarzenneger was definitely the wrong choice, but at least we got rid of the corrupt Gray Davis. Now there’s only the over-spending Democratic legislature to deal with.

    But Republican Tom McClintock would have been a far, far better choice. He had a specific plan that would have cut expenditures by at least $9 billion without hardly trying. Here’s how, from a speech he gave even before he ran for governor:

    “… identify and eliminate state bureaucracies that merely duplicate agencies at the federal or local level – or that merely duplicate private agencies. These are functions that are being performed anyway – perhaps not precisely as we would like, but that are still being performed and will continue to be performed while we take a break to get our house back in order.

    “ For example, Cal-OSHA and Cal-EPA are entirely duplicative of the Federal OSHA and the Federal EPA. We have parallel state and federal banking agencies. There has never been an evaluation, to my knowledge, of the extent that our state agencies simply duplicate federal functions.

    “Meanwhile, many state agencies needlessly duplicate the functions of local governments. The State Architect’s office, duplicates local planning department functions. The state fire marshal duplicates local fire department functions. It is human nature to want to have a hand in everything. But we don’t have the resources to do that. Removing duplicative jurisdictions and agencies is an important place to start.

    “And finally, we need to eliminate the duplication of functions that private interests perform anyway. An example: the entire Trade and Commerce Agency simply duplicates what the Chamber of Commerce and other business interests used to do on their own – with their own money.

    “The liquidation of idle state assets would produce considerable one-time savings. I would begin with acquisitions made over the last two years. When a family sobers up after a spending binge, sometimes it has to return the stuff and say, “we just can’t afford this right now until we’re back on our feet.”

    Maybe we’ll get it right next year.

  • Scarlett

    Arnold Schwarzenegger reminds me a lot of Ronald Reagan. They both won the governor of California, and they both don’t know the difference between movies and real life. BTW, how will the GOP react to Ronald Reagan, Jr. speaking at the Democratic convention?

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