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Arnold blitzkriegs California

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With due respect to Snoop Dogg, today’s post-election mantra is

Ar-NOLD’S up side your head
Arnold’s up side your head

I don’t necessarily care that much about Schwarzenegger. He’ll likely be better than Davis, if only on the grounds that a random name plucked from the frickin’ phone book would be an improvement on that weasel. On the other hand, Arnold’s rhetoric has so much mushy compassionate conservative nonsense as to make him pretty suspect.

What does make me especially happy about his victory is the rebuke it represents toward all the haters. I’d be hard pressed to think of another American political campaign in my lifetime that was near as vicious and malicious as the unwarranted wickedness thrown at Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m happy to see him win just on that ground alone.

The calls for a retributory recall against Schwarzenegger started before the polls even closed. Every left wing jackass going was threatening legal challenges to the election. Jesse Jackson was all but literally foaming at the mouth about voters being disenfranchised by the lack of “infrastructure” for a legitimate election. Apparently minority group members were not being allowed to vote or something- though of course he could cite not a single example of even having long lines at a polling place, despite the high voter turnout.

A reasonable person of a left wing persuasion might be somewhat skeptical of Arnold. Will he be proposing some cuts in their favored programs? Possible, but his rhetoric has been really mostly to the liberal side- and he did marry into the Kennedy family.

Instead, however, many pinkos have absolutely gone off their beam and come after Arnold with every wicked thing they can accuse him of, no matter how ridiculous. This long time support of Jewish causes has been smeared as a Nazi overthrowing democracy.

OK then, let me gleefully indulge/rub your face in your dumb dystopian fantasy just a bit…

I look forward to Arnold taking office. It’s going to be sweet. First thing, he will doubtless declare the state constitution null and void, and declare himself emperor for life.

Second thing on the agenda, he’ll definitely be doing away with all those pesky laws against rape and sexual battery and such. All them cheesy pinko Democrats in the legislature can definitely look forward to getting groped- for starters.

Of course he will be replacing the state flag with a nice classic swastika.

Naturally education reforms will be required. Doubtless Mein Kampf and Protocols of the Elders of Zion will be newly required reading in grade schools. Wagner will surely become the centerpiece of school music curricula.

Of course there will be internment camps for all the undesirables, starting with the commies and homosexuals. [Don’t worry, Brian– I’ll get you asylum down here on the farm in Indiana.]

Oh yes, all you pencil necks better watch out, cause
Its gonna be real hard times for all of these
grit eatin’,
scum suckin’,
boot lickin’,
drop kickin’,
gut grindin’,
nail bitin’,
glue sniffin’,
scab pickin’,
butt scratchin’,
egg hatchin’,
pepper bellied,
dirty, lousy, rotten, stinkin’, freaks.

Yeah, Arnold is really going to be doing the “Blitzkrieg Bop” all across the state- before he moves the National Guard into position to start taking over neighboring states.
OK, end o’ cheesy fantasy.

Arnold seems to have a pretty calm personality, quite even tempered. This is fortunate, considering all the noise from these sore losers. What a bunch of infantile nonsense. In practice, rather than all this silly Nazi stuff, with all these overgrown left wing babies to deal with, he’ll be closer to playing out his old movie role as the Kindergarten Cop.

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  • DOc

    As a certified Gay man, I’m not unhappy with Arnie. Though I would have preferred him to have won in a general election rather than the Issa-initiated recall.

    George Will has some harsh words for so called conservatives that supported Arnie. Me thinks he correct.

  • From a games theory point of view, I don’t think Arnold will be so bad. If he doesn’t create a perception that things are fixed, it seems likely that California will go democratic soon enough.

    If he does, it might revive the moderate wing of the republican party.

    Speaking of games theory, I’ve been wondering if those of the “the government that governs least governs best” persuasion shouldn’t be in favor of every recall ever. The time, energy, and cost of the election might well be offset by the advantage of nothing getting done for weeks leading up to the election and the chaos of a change of government following it. A million signatures every 90 days and California will of necessity “govern least.”

    Down with everybody. 🙂

  • As a California resident who thought that Arnold should step down after admitting his violence against women, I now have to take a pragmatic approach:

    He’s there so deal with it.

    The first good news is the the former Pay-for-Play governor is no longer in power.

    The second piece of good news is that the electorate showed a smidgen of common-sense by not replacing the governor with another shorter version, a Pay-for-Play politician whose main skills seemed to be sneering and “subtly” playing a race card.

    That still leaves the Democratic Senate and Democratic legislature, who are easily as guilty as our ex-governor, but at least there’s a certain amount of checking-and-balancing possible now.

    There was certainly a better choice than Arnold available, but we’ll see how this plays out.

    And this really has no effect at the Federal level, so I can keep sniping at the Republicans who are screwing us in D.C. (One of whom, David Dreier, is Arnold’s main handler.)

  • mike

    It’s NOT a tumor.