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Armor For Sleep – Dream to Make Believe

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Wrapped nicely in a digi-pak case with a unique layout (barcode on the cover?), this release from Armor For Sleep is a well done punk/rock/ “the new emo” album of polished charm and clean production. Many a song is built around the catchy sing-along, with built in hum-along ability. The album stays reserved, it seems, though the tracks scream of dynamics – I just can’t feel it though. There aren’t too many parts that beg to be rewound and listened to again and again, rather each track seems built for play from beginning to end. Not much more.

This might not be a bad thing, though. Dream to Make Believe has merit in hooks, memorable lines, and good production. Left out seems to be the sweat of a good show, as I’m sure Armor for Sleep is entertaining from the stage. Break some strings and smash something and this album would be top-notch.

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    Thanks Seth, great to see you back!