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Arkansas To Conduct Study On K2 Effects

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Across the nation, city, county and state officials are taking action to deter the use of K2, which is referred to as a synthetic marijuana, and produces a marijuana-like high to those who consume it.

Arkansas cities (Alpena, Greenwood, Ozark, Paris and Springdale) along with Benton, Crawford and Sebastian counties have joined the ranks of Kansas, Missouri and a number of nations which have banned the substance. K2 presently is not classified as an illegal drug, making it legal to purchase, possess and use in most areas internationally, and thus leaving the lower level governments to take protective measures for their citizens. Most are doing this by adding an emergency clause to the proposed ordinance banning K2, allowing it to take effective immediately once the ban is passed.

Spice, aka K2, has been made illegal to possess, purchase or use in the following nations: Austria, Chile, Finland, France, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. This shows the need to  control K2 in the world marketplace.

Manufactured in Asia and sold online or in local stores, K2 and similar substances are marketed as herbal incense. A disclaimer on a K2-selling web site reads: "K2 Herbal products are novelty incenses and are not for consumption."

Unlike most drugs, there is no way to detect its use in a person, making concerns over its dangers even greater, with effects that appear to be much stronger than marijuana, three to five times more potent, making it a major a threat to communities. In the United States, hospitalization cases have been reported in Florida, Maine and Arkansas, in addition to St. Louis, Springfield and Kansas City.

The psychoactive drug can cause users to experience rapidly increased heart rates, loss of consciousness, paranoia and, occasionally, psychotic episodes. One hospitalized user claimed that he could see his heart beating out of his chest. Individuals react differently to the drug.

Since the ban has been in place, one K2-related arrest has been made in the Arkansas county of Crawford. It seems that the police were notified of a possible drug transaction in the parking lot of one of the city's malls. As one vehicle was departing, one of the arriving officers noticed a traffic violation, giving cause to conduct a traffic stop.

The officers found an unopened package of K2 in the driver's glove compartment. There was no indication that the driver or his juvenile passenger had used the substance. They each now face a fine of up to $1000 and/or confinement for up to a year.

Sold in various flavors in 3-gram bags, the product consists of herbs that are sprayed with synthetic substances that mimic THC, the high-causing natural chemical found in marijuana. Laboratories have found that K2/Spice contains large amounts of synthetic tocopherol, which is not listed as one of its active ingredients.

Until the U.S. Drug Administration places the ingredient, JW-018, on its scheduling, K2 or Spice will continue to be sold legally by public retailers and on the internet.

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  • PaAngel

    The state governments are right to ban this, im 19 years old from pennsylvania and ive been smoking this for over a year and a quarter…its addicting not mental but physical, recently i have been trying to quit using the substance, but on monday 4th of june 2012 i got a case of reality. I became extremely sick not the kind of sickness you’d expect. My eyes would burn constantly and i thought i was allergies, my head constantly hurt, runny nose, burning of the throat, wanting to throw up, pain in the lower intestines, i was week, light sensitivity, loss of where i was even though i was at home. the symptoms continued til the wednesday after where i caved and took one hit of what is called trip fase and the funny thing is all the problems i was having went away. i’d rather die than feel the pain i went through because of that…this stuff is really bad people are so dumb if they would just let people use pot which doesnt do that bad to the human body instead of allowing unknown chemical compound structures to be used than nothing wrong with people smoking. If we had to chose id pick to use pot rather than this chemical smoke that i know is killing me and what is humane inside the person i am.

  • lynn

    I think it would be better off illeagle. I smoked K2 twice. The first time it was amazing. Almost too intense though. The second time I was with a group of friends and I only took two hits and was freaking out. I blacked out about 4 times durring the whole thing. And would always wake up puking. I was screaming, crying, and shaking to the point were one guy thought I waas have a sezieur. The point is, I think this drug should be made more difficult to buy. As of right now, I can go to any gas station in my town and buy some. I don’t think it should be that way.

  • joe


  • joe


  • Amanda

    I have experienced this k2 stuff first hand. I know what it does to people. Not only myself but now that I have stopped smoking it, I realize what it does to other people when they smoke it. This is nothing like a marijuana high. It is very addicting! I have seen people that I know personally and that are very close to me, smoke k2 and not be able to talk afterwards. All they did was mumble. Could not understand a word they were saying unless they yelled it! And then they would have to sit there for a few mins to think of what there going to say. And this was about every sentenced said. They are absolutely sick when they run out. Throwing up, lack of sleep. Irritable like a mother fkr. Gasping for air at night while they are sleeping. Not breathing consistently while sleeping. I have thought I was dying before on this k2 spice stuff. And now, everytime, just one little hit of k2 for me I think I’m dying all over again. I can feel my heart start pounding. All this stuff makes me think of is death. Myself dying. Or other close people around me dying. I will never smoke this stuff again. People are dying from smoking k2. I don’t have to read about k2 because I know. And I know the truth of what it does. Ban it! Destroy this stuff! Do whatever it takes to keep this out of people’s hands. For their safety!

  • Amanda

    If you want ANYTHING legalized, legalize the real stuff, marijuana. We have already conducted test on this substance. We know about marijuana. Save the research money. K2 is not good for anyone. People are smoking CHEMICALS. Your smoking chemicals when your smoking meth too. That’s the way I see it. Do not legalize k2! Please! Legalize marijuana if anything. It is a plant Grown from the ground. Nothing added to it. I don’t know why we couldn’t tax it and sell it just like we do with tobacco. It would bring more jobs and money to this economy

  • funky green stuff

    ive been smoking k2 for 2 yrs going on to 3 and im addicted and cant quit and when ever i smoke weed i have to smoke at least a 8ter to get a buzz and i get high quality marijuana lol k2 is very addicting

  • Rebecc

    this is serious! my husband has been smoking that crap and was healthy as a horse. After months of smoking it he went into a seizure and almost died! stupid ppl!! go ahead a kill yourselves just for a high!

  • chacha

    Military,i experienced the same thing happen to me. Ive smoked weed for 7 years and had no problems. I smoked spice about 6 times but the last tine i did it i guess i had too much. It was a very horrible experience and now i cant stop thinking about that horrible feeling i went through, like i was crazy or dying. Now two weeks since i smoked i am having that same shitty feeling of doom and depression. I hope it does away soon but ive been living in hell the past two days. Its like the drug is still in my system and controling me. Its poison u idiots and when u experience it u will be kicking urself for not believing anyone. This shit is created to kill of the population. I can’t believe they sell this in america. I thought the fda was around to keep us out of harms way. They failed with this. I can only hope n pray that i will move past this.

  • chacha

    Military,i experienced the same thing happen to me. Ive smoked weed for 7 years and had no problems. I smoked spice about 6 times but the last tine i did it i guess i had too much. It was a very horrible experience and now i cant stop thinking about that horrible feeling i went through, like i was crazy or dying. Now two weeks since i smoked i am having that same shitty feeling of doom and depression. I hope it does away soon but ive been living in hell the past two days. Its like the drug is still in my system and controling me. Its poison u idiots and when u experience it u will be kicking urself for not believing anyone. This shit is creates to kill

  • chdknwsitall.

    k2 will kill you.

  • sarah

    i just bought this stuff called head trip two days ago. Not sure if thats the same stuff as k2 but pretty sure it is. Anyway i got home and tried it, not knowing what it was, how much to take, or how intense it was. But i smoked it anyway. Im an everyday pot user so i smoked it like i would smoke pot. I took 8 hits all at once and let me tell you it was a bad choice…. It was just me and my boyfriend there when we did it and he left before it kicked in fully for me. As soon as it kicked in it felt like i was in a slow motion world. I felt like everything was fake and i was alone so i got paranoid. I forgot what day it was and where i was and i thought i was going to die. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my body so i freaked out and called my boyfriend and made him come back. But when he got back he said my heartbeat was only a little fast. But in my world it was scary. Its really hard to explain. I tried it again, this time only taking three hits and it was fine. Just a really intense high. I just want to know if it has any side affects or long term effects because i like it i just have heard a lot of stories.

  • try logic

    What about this is a case study? Something being made illegal? Something with unlisted vitamin E(tocopherol) I know this is old news bc it has been banned, but there’s new stuff out already. I like research and statistics but since none has been done apparently I will share a personal story. The original k2 actually had incense in it and shortly after ny friends started smoking it, both my brother and good friend had heart attacks. They’re twenty… my other buddy smoke maybe five times a day without any serious health problems. Does that shit feel good? Hell yeah but I would say not worth the risk. If you wanna get high smoke the real thing, is it illegal? Yea but it doesn’t kill and its not synthetic chemicals sprayed on a plant

  • David S

    JWH-18’s Effects on The Brain

    JWH-018 (full chemical name: (1-pentyl-3(1-napthol)indole) ) was developed by Dr. John W. Hoffman, an organic chemist at Clemson University during trials to formulate a pain reliever.

    THC (tetrahydrocannibanol), the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the mind as well. JWH-018 shows a marked preference for your CB1 receptor, which regulates psychotropic effects, over the CB2 receptor, which is associated with
    pain relief. Thus, the effects of JWH-018 to the brain are much more hallucinogenic and intense in nature than marijuana, and have virtually no therapeutic value.

    Whether JWH-018 is a cancer causing agent, or just what long-term results of prolonged use are, are unknown at this time.

  • largodave

    ive used it for a year now in place of pot for lower back pain, and found the best method is to take one hit and wait. the buzz is just like pot but without the munchies or paranoia.the back pain relief is greater than pot.due to it’s potency,i also find that i smoke less and less, and some days dont use it at all.i used to smike pot 5-6 times a day in small quantities so i am also saving a lot of money,too

    young people have bad reactions to it because they are stupid enough to smoke too much of it. for adult use its fine,but anyone under 21 shouldnt be able to get it due to their lack of common sense and maturity.
    use it responsibly like any other mood altering substance, and the stigma will go away. keep letting the kids get ahold of it and it will be illegal everywhere soon.

  • jo14

    i do not agree with banning k2. period. we might as well ban paint and glue, too.

  • Patricio

    fuckin stupid kids are going to fuck it up for all of us who smoke k3

  • Patricio

    What do u mean have something real or fake, HOW the fuck is K3/k2/spice fake, its right there u fuckin cunt. k3 is just another drug, not fuckin synthetic marijuana, its fuckin Damiana. fuckin retards, read some shit before u write something stupid,this goes to that dumb cunt LINDYLOU

  • BIGK2Smoker

    i have smoked k2 everyday since last october and the only thing i see is that its to expensive. i have not been hospitalized i have been so high that i felt sick like i was drunk. k2 is no different than a pack of cigs or a case of beer the more you smoke the more you get high, just like the more you drink the drunker you get. if you cant handle k2 dont effin smoke the shit. Dont ban the shit be responsible and pay attention to your damn kids people i mean seriously. its not k2s problem if your kid smokes the shit and there under 18. besides if you dont know what your kids are into then you need to figure out your priorities straight.

  • hmmm…

    By the way…I personally dont use the stuff because I have made too many mistakes already to be getting caught up in the legal system again, but seriously people? Bottom line is marijuana should have never been made illegal…and it should at least be de-criminalized so people like myself…who COULD be a true contribution to society can be allowed to get a better job than a manager at a fast food restaurant. I COULD make a difference in the lives of many people depending on what field of work I were to go into…but I cant go into ANY of the fields that I would like to because I used to smoke MARIJUANA!!! How does this make sense…illegal to smoke a green leafy substance that grows naturally in almost any climate and does slightly impair visual judgement…legal to drink as much of a processed manufactured substance that is in fact POISON to the human body.

  • hmmm…

    Yeah…So to this supposed “Military” that made a post back on August 24th…It MIGHT be possible that you did in fact experience getting “too high” from K2 or whatever brand of incense you were smoking. My question is this; Why is this legal drug being banned? Has not anyone else besides myself drank so much that their body has FORCED them to throw up, or face the reprecussions the next day??? But were rapidly making this product illegal WITHOUT doing any research on it. Im pretty that a majority of the nation can say with some confidence that there has been PLENTY of time to study the effects of alchol over the last 70+ years…THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of deaths have been due to or related to alcohol since it was first banned. Why is the answer always to ban something rather than to research it and actually have a BASIS for banning something. And to whoever said that they’re surprised that the government hasnt legalized marijuana already because of all of the potential money they could make….UH HELLO!!! Do you not realize all the money they ALREADY make off of marijuana from every side of the operation…from taking bribes to allow mexican drug lords to transport marijuana/other drugs INTO this country…to the amount of money they make in fines/restitution from the people that are convicted of posession. If it was even POSSIBLE that the government could make more money off marijuana being legal…THEN IT WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN DONE!!! Wake UP people…Lets not forget why marijuana was prohibited in the first place….because it threatened some of the most profitable industries at the time in our nation….Tobacco…Cotton…and lumber were all threatened by marijuana because HEMP can be produced for much cheaper than cotton and does the EXACT SAME THING. Big tobacco wanted it banned because people were realizing that there was no reason to smoke TOBACCO when they could smoke something that TASTED better, BURNED better, AND actually did something other than burn their throat. The lumber industry was threatened because the byproduct of producing hemp into a cotton like product could be used to…wait for it…MAKE PAPER…OH MY GOD…wow it makes so much sense why marijuana is illegal now…Its because its truly bad for US as people right? yeah…..NO. People need to get a grip on reality and quit supporting a government that is busy BANNING things so that it can make MORE MONEY off of the fact that they HAVE made it illegal…people…please get a clue. Its not rocket science…just research and common sense. The government will NEVER legalize ANY drug because thats not how they make money off of drugs…they make money off of everything else involved in it being illegal. When the LEGAL reprecussions of a drug do MORE DAMAGE than the DRUG ITSELF does…then its time to rethink our policies as a nation. Im living proof…got a 32 on my ACT’s…but because Ive been convicted of marijuana posession more than once…its almost impossible for me to get a good job. Gotta love our “free” nation.

  • Average Joe

    You guys know you can get high off huffing canned duster or paint fumes too, right? As long as we’re banning shit we should go ahead and do that too. Oh, and did you know that the combination of sugar, salt, and trans-fats gets you high? I guess we should ban fast food too. Yeah, you’re probably right, marijuana is evil, but there’s nothing wrong with 1 out of every 2 Americans eating themselves to death. Did I mention it’s impossible to ingest enough marijuana to kill yourself?

  • Rhewt

    I’ve tried it quite a few times. Never had any adverse effects. I no longer do it as it has been banned in my area and I only used it before because it was legal. I think that people use scare tactics to get things banned. Ive never smoked a large quantity at once so I can’t comment on that experience. One thing is for sure, legalize Marijuana and this problem goes away. It ridiculous that alcohol is legal and people can’t smoke weed. Prohibition doesn’t work it just causes crime. rethink this people.

  • Another military

    This stuff is strong as it’s been stated. Do it in moderation. I had some after I had drank quite a bit and holy crap I could barely move. As for you military, if you’re smoking pot, it’s only a matter of time before you aren’t military.

  • Military, was it your drug use that lead you to believe in magical superbeings or were you that gullible before you started taking drugs?

  • Military

    Hello all I’m a 20 year old male. I used spice, magic gold, k2 all the legal highs that were available in Oceanside calif. I’m a military service memember and I’m well aware were are supposed to use drugs, but me and my friends chose to anyway. I used spice regularly from June until October when I deployed to Iraq with no ill effects. Ceased usage while in Iraq and continued when I returned state side. I absolutly loved spice and never had a problem until oneday I smoked a high amount which is what I normally done. I got a horrible case of tinnitus I could feel my heart beat on the blood vessels next to my ear on my face. I went deaf temporarly and had a persistant very loud roaring noise which felt like my brains was going to spew out my ears. My heart felt like it was at heart attack levels. All I could do was lay in my bed and pray to God not take me now. I had extreme anxiety which I’ve never had on any drug. This experience was the worst experience I’ve ever endured. It lasted about 2 hours I would assume. After the effects wore off I just thought I got high and induced myself into a panic attack. This same experience happened 1 or 2 more times. Which lead to my immediate ceasing of the drug. I am incredably paranoid of smoking marijuana know because I get uncontrollable paranoid thoughts what I would compare to schitzophrenia. I have been clean from spice for about 4 months with no physical or mental impairment. I know it was a very foolish choice I made to injest chemicals that are unresearched. But I’m hear to share my experience with anyone that may be considering using or is currently. Stop now before you have this happen to you. I know you think it was just me or my genetic build, but don’t take the risk with something you don’t know anything about. I thought I knew it all. Thankfully I’m still here to share. Thank you Jesus for saving me from myself.

  • T to tha J

    How can we let this go on???? People will always be smoking marijuana, you know, the drug thats never killed anyone, and yet it remains illegal. Our kids get caught with weed and are drug tested. They still wanna get high so they turn to this K2 untested stuff that somehow remains legal and which is unditectible by drug tests. Good job america. LEGALIZE POT AND SAVE OUR NATION!

  • onepissedamerican

    i think people are stupid to even be concerned with K2 or marijuana.ancients used maryjane for specific purposes, now days people just use and use to get fucked up. which is not what its intended purpose is.. if stupid ass teenagers would use it like it should be used then there wouldnt be a problem and just because the government says somethingis bad doesnt mean it is ..they lie more then anyone else..its there job and its a game of control. people should live there lives the way they want to..with the rights our four fathers gave us and stop letting the government control everything. and stop going to them with your problems…cause they dont care they created those problems..instead we should fix our own problems(like our gov.)our biggest problem of all. man people are such sheep”letting them herd you to your cage”(or this so called free life we have)

  • zach

    I love how newspapers say how europe has illegalized it and that means we should. Well in England weed is legal and this isn’t if we follow them weed should be legal. No more k2 problem. hook line sinker

  • Irene Athena

    You know what Pokey would say, don’t you?

  • gumby

    cant we all just hit da bong…

  • gumby

    fire it up



  • @MAAAAADDOX, from what I have been reading during my research in various articles and readers’ comments, the main problem with those that have had negative reactions to K2 are not using it properly. They feel that they can smoke this unknown substance the same way they smoke weed. Instead of puff, wait 5 to 10 minutes and repeat until the desired high is obtained (which I have read that to be 3 to 4 hits) they are smoking same amount or quantity that they would smoke of marijuana, however, K2 is reported to be 3 to 5 times stronger.

    A reasonable comparison that has been made would be a person that normally drinks 70 to 80 proof liquor to get intoxicated, or to get in to a party mood, to assume drinking the same amount of 151 proof Bacardi will get them the same way. More than likely they would end up with alcohol poisoning since the 151 proof is about twice the strength of the liquor they are used to consuming, and with K2 being an unknown and 3 to 5 times stronger than marijuana, the approach to consuming K2 should be one of caution. This is one reason that an official study should be conducted to find out exactly what effects K2 has.

    I believe what scares the lawmaker so much that they ban it is the ages of the persons reporting negative effects after consuming K2.


    I’m 21. I’ve been smoking k2 every day for 2 weeks. The high is similar to marijuana, but at the same time very different. It’s more mental than physical.. Kind of an in-between of marijuana & psychedelic drugs.
    I enjoy it. It has no immediate or short term side effects at all – anyone who says that it does is lying, or can’t handle being high (probably smoked too much, it doesn’t take much).

  • @Concerned Mother, in another article I wrote on BC, “Controversial K2 Ban Spreads Across Nation, Spawning Pro vs Con Debates,” lists some of the side effects K2 users have stated in various article/blog comment sections. This data is not from official testing or research, or a complete list, but from individuals alleged reactions to K2. Note that as with alcohol and drug usage, it was not a common/same reaction in each user, experiences varied, perhaps due to the user’s experience, age, metabolisms, etc. However, it does give you an idea of what one might expect.

    @John Doe, out of all my readings, you have stated the most positive reaction to K2. Hopefully when the official research is conducted this will be one of the positive reactions confirmed.

  • john doe

    I would just like to say, I have smoked k2, Im in my late thirtys, Im a disabled vet, I have 3 herniated disk in my back, arthritis in my back and knee’s, and I also have asthma. Im not taken up for k2 dont get me wrong I do feel like alchohol there should be an age limit. But since Ive smoked it, I have not had to take any of my pain medication and I have not had to use my breathing inhaler. Like with any drug it has its ups and downs. I smoked pot in my younger days, and I dont feel k2 is any stronger then pot. Maybe it is bad for us in the long run, but so are ciggarettes, and alcohol. I just wanted to comment on this post.

  • Concerned Mother

    I think that anything that has to be manufactured /with additives to make it consumable should be banned. Yes this includes alcohol! Now Im not saying foods etc… should be banned. But think about this for a second. Back in the old days before we had all the additives in our foods etc.. we didnt have 9 and 10 year old girls looking as if they were 17 & 18 year olds. I think that all the additives we have put in our foods have had a bad effect on our/and our childrens bodies.
    Even so recent as the 70’s we didnt have 9 year old girls going thru puberty. But now days we do. WHY???? Could it be from all the chemicals we have put in our foods? I think so. I look at my 13 yr old daughter and, if I didnt know her age, I would think she was 19 or 20, just because of her stage of development.
    So we may not know today what this K2/Spice does to us or our childrens bodies, but what about down the road???? From what I read about this stuff they have added chemicals to it. Which in turn WILL have an adverse effect on our bodies. Now dont get me wrong Im not saying that pot should be legal just because it can be grown naturally, and I DO NOT CONDONE THE USE OF IT, But I have never heard of anyone driving like a bat out of hell while on pot. They all are so mellow that all they want to do is sit around, veg out and eat! But drink some beer/any alcohol and get behind the wheel and see how they drive!!!
    As for taxation on this K2/Spice stuff, maybe they should tax it as they do cigarettes. And tax the heck out of alcohol as well. We dont hear of beer getting a 2.00 tax raise. Why not??? Where I live its almost cheaper to buy a case of beer than it is to buy a case of soda. No, just a cigarette tax. It gets taxed every year now it seems. What used to cost 15.00 a carton here, is now up to 50.00 a carton. And how many incidents have you heard of where a person smoked a cigarette and got a DUI? Or loss of motor skills from smoking a cig?? Yes I am a cigarette smoker, and I think all the additives they have put in them is wrong as well. I think the gov. just doesnt see the big picture when it comes to the safty of our/our childrens lives. They dont care as long as they can gain a profit from it! And truthfully I am SURPRISED that they havent legalized pot. YET! I think if they could get away with it they would, because they know they could make a boatload of money from it!!!!!

  • william

    i think it is stupid that everyones first reaction is to bann everything. it isn’t supposed to be sold to anyone under 18 to begin with. which means its for adults to choose whether to buy and or to use it how they want. besides most of the people who couldn’t handle it turned out to be kids who couldn’t handle being high because they were too young to even be touching it to begin with. that should fall back on their parents, and not mean take it away from everyone else in our supposed free to choose country. so if a teeneager gets alchohol posioning becaus he drinks too much too fast, should alshohol be taken away from the rest of us? why is the majorities freedom always being taken to accomidate the few?

  • sheeb

    I dont think K2 could possibly be any more dangerous than cigarettes, or alcohol…
    and if it was, then why not legalize marijuana instead of K2?

  • Cody

    Oh no, it contains large amounts of “tocopherol”… you people know that’s vitamin E right?

  • I know that K2 is a very high mountain, but its rain shadow can’t extend all the way to Arkansas, surely…

    [runs away giggling]

  • I agree that it should be studied thoroughly to find out exactly what type of danger it presents to the public. So far, the only results we have seen or heard about are those where someone have had an adverse effect from it.

    However, I do agree with the officials, states and nations that have banned it. An indepth study should have been conducted prior to putting it on the open market. Until this is done, the potential threat should be eliminated or deterred to protect our youth since they are the main K2/Spice abusers.

    You do know that K2/Spice is 3 to 5 times more potent than marijuana? This makes you think that it could be addictive in the long term, and presents a greater danger than marijuana ever has if it is putting people in the hospital, and chances of becoming addicted to K2 is too strong a probability.

    I am going to keep monitoring the studies, legal and health issues about K2 that are being raised, and hopefully the effects, long and short term, will be discovered without anyone dying.

    Prohibitation seems to be the first obvious step to take until more information about the drugs used in K2/Spice are known. Not regulations and taxation. The pros and cons of K2 in general are going to be open for debate for a long time, just like the arguments over legalization of marijuana.

  • Cannonshop

    The stuff kind of shows-people will do/pay anything to get high.

  • Doug Hunter

    How about we use this as an opportunity to conduct a real study? We should let it remain legal but tax and regulate it, monitoring it’s use and see what happens. If it fails and use of the drug skyrocket beyond typical users and the taxation and regulations are ineffective then we’ve learned a valuable lesson about future drug policy. If we’re able to get people help quicker, limit crime associated with the drug, without encouraging it’s use then we’ll have another answer.

    I think the questions raised by those against current drug policy deserve at least an answer. K2 gives us a guinea pig we should be able to study.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    JT –

    Thank you very much – because I’d never heard of K2 before now (other than the mountain, that is). Just another thing that parents need to watch out for….