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Arizona Pauses on Birthright Citizenship

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Should a child born on U.S. soil be a citizen even if her parents are not U.S. citizens? The issue is a hot button in a variety of states, including Arizona. However, the Grand Canyon State may be standing down from its red alert on undocumented workers. Sen. Ron Gould (R-AZ) called off a vote on a controversial measure to deny birthright citizenship to the children of undocumented workers yesterday.

Sen. Gould has not changed his convictions. He strongly believes the 14th Amendment is wrong. However, after counting votes, it was clear he would not be able to get the measure out of committee.

WWII Anti-Semetic Sign

Gould says he may bring the vote up again later, according to ABC News. Rather than repealing the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, a difficult prospect, the strategy is to force the courts to reinterpret the Amendment. Where the parents of a newborn have an allegiance to another country, conservatives argue, the child has no allegiance to the U.S. He should be denied citizenship. A second proposed law would provide a certificate of birth but not grant citizenship.

Past efforts to deny citizenship to those born on U.S. soil have failed. Sen. Gould understands his proposed law will force the state into litigation at a time when it is denying health care to its poor. Many lawmakers believe efforts should be made to create jobs and build the economy rather than divide alliances and force lawsuits.

“These bills do nothing to move Arizona forward,” noted Senate Minority Leader David Schapira. “The legislature should be focusing on issues that are important to Arizona citizens, such as getting our economy back on track,” ABC News reports Schapira as saying.

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  • I think definitely yes, if US is the most important community in the world than it for sure comes with great responsibility!

  • Lorne

    Senator Gould strongly believes that the 14th Amendment is wrong?! In that case I’d say I strongly believe he has no clue about the ideals the US are based on. Opening the jus soli would cause inexplicable harm to the whole country and I am only glad that many people still think this way.

  • Cannonshop

    dammit, I’m still wound up…

    Look, yes, there are costs. THIS IS WHO WE ARE-we have junkies, lunatics, traitors and secessionists, scumbags, Leftists, Fascists, even Royalists in the USA-and we have an illegal immigration problem.

    My solution? instead of denying U.S. citizenship to a child because Mom wasn’t here ‘the right way’, we should be sending these ladies (’cause they try to have ‘me in U.S. hospitals) to facilities much like Ellis Island-places where they go through classes and can’t leave until they can pass the exam, find a sponsor (and there WOULD be sponsors. Believe me. one or two measured ‘hit pieces’ on Dateline NBC or the Oprah Winfrey show would have churches and organizations running forward to sponsor these ladies-so that they can be with their offspring here in the USA…) and boarding schools (with parental visitation) until Mom can pass the tests and find a sponsor. If she never does? well…if she’s still kicking about when junior has found a job and established himself/herself, maybe the kid will sponsor mom. It’s a hell of a lot better doing THAT than trying to build a wall you can’t defend without sacrificing your morals, soul, and sanity trying to hold.

  • Cannonshop

    The current interpretation of the 14th Amendment is entirely “Constructionist” or “Originalist”. It says what it says, it means what it says, buckle down and deal with the consequences, ’cause it protects YOU as well as that eight-pound baby whose mumma crawled through a sewer/storm drain outlet to get here.

  • Cannonshop

    “Reinterpreted” or treated as a “Living” document, the provisions can be “interpreted” in ways that result in de-facto tyranny, even supported de-Jure, it can be used to strip rights from people (doesn’t ANYONE remember “Separate but Equal”??)

  • Cannonshop

    I’m sorry, but speaking as a Conservative (okay, some would call me a fanatical right-winger), I think the movement to ‘reinterpret’ the 14th Amendment is bloody dangerous. “Born in the U.S.A.” Means you’re a CITIZEN, imnsho, regardless of the parental units’ “allegiances”.

    After all, if things were so great that they were, in fact, loyal to another nation, they sure as hell wouldn’t be risking their lives (and prison time) to get across the border and into this country to have their kids.

    The only issue really, is what to do with the Parents (not citizens, here illegally), and what to do with the kids (Hey, how many childless couples are buying kids from china now? or trying to? and what about the ‘illegal’ adoption rackets as claimed by the Haitian government when they locked up those missionaries?)

    The immigration issue HAS been mishandled, and five thousand miles of indefensible border don’t help much, but abandoning Tradition in favour of fear is not the answer…

    neither is hiding in a hole and pretending that it will go away-fact is, we DO need to reform our existing immigration statutes and defend our borders-but if the Berlin Wall couldn’t keep East Germans in, what makes ANYONE think a Baja-Rio-Grande wall is going to keep desperate people OUT?

    talk about an unfightable, unwinnable war-there you go, to make that wall work would require actions that, frankly, Americans don’t want done-whether overseas, or (especially) here at home.

    The Traffickers bring the drugs for the same reason the rum-runners brought the booze during prohibition, and they wage their wars for the same reason that the various mobs waged THEIRS during Prohibition-the drug-gang problem is a result of laws WE enacted. They are the “Natural Consequences” of a U.S. population trying to hide from their personal demons, whether through intoxication/drug use/getting high, or by passing a law and magically expecting it to work.

    De-Classifying U.S. Citizens because their parents didn’t have the right background is a deeply dangerous precedent-once you’ve done that, you can’t be assured that your party will always remain in power-and some other party might decide that, for instance, italian heritage, or jewish, or Irish, or…whatever heritage, isn’t ‘covered’ by the 14th Amendment, and once the camel’s nose is under the tent for stripping citizens of their citizenship, well…it’s like any other change that disenfranchises people-it would likely take a civil war to un-do the damage once it was noticed by the majority-assuming they EVER notice.

  • Brittanicus

    Illegal Immigration is one of the most serious economic and cultural issues, ever to face these United States. In Kentucky, Colorado, Utah or any other State we must–DEMAND–zero tolerance enforcement on this OUT OF CONTROL problem. The Heritage Foundation, Robert Rector analyst and futurist calculates that for every $1 unskilled workers pay in taxes they receive about $3 to $4 in government benefits, including Medicaid, food stamps, low income housing and other welfare programs. Even the Federal government (GAO) agency has accepted this as a fact. Using data from 2004, (It’s my suggestion that the US Government is not releasing to many statistics, either Liberal-Democrats or Republicans after this decade on this matter?) The report shows the average household headed by a low-skilled worker paid $9,689 in taxes but received $32,138 in benefits a year.

    More than $22,000 difference is the “tax burden” which rises to $1.1 million over the worker’s lifetime. How much is being drained from any State or Municipal county and cities funds is anybody’s guess? Because of this, the poor illegal immigrants who enter the United States raise the national poverty rate. The biggest financial pile-driver that depletes the US and local coffers is the Instant baby citizenship law. May be the Supreme court will give no relief on this highly controversial subject, but the illegal parent-parents have no legal standing, so they can and should be deported forthwith. Cruel as it seems, it would not give the parents a free pass to have access to taxpayers dollars knowing they are “Person non Grata” and had to leave before being deported.

    According to FAIR, illegal aliens cost American taxpayers $113 billion annually. Broken down, the direct cost to the US government is about $29 billion, while the states pick up the remaining share of about $84 billion dollars. Illegal’s cost each household in America, meaning the households of citizens-Legal residents who pay taxes, $1,117.

    The largest expense for illegal’s is educating their American-born children, some $52 billion. Not surprisingly, the states with the highest number of illegal’s also pay the most – to feed, educate, house, medicate, and imprison them; the Sanctuary State of California. This States price tag for its 2.55 million illegal’s (Rough projection), FAIR reports, is $21.8 billion annually. As FAIR concludes, the cost of illegal’s accounts for all of the budget deficits for California and New York are now facing massive financial red ink in 2011. Business who hire them should face a penalty of prison, as they are stealing jobs from Americans.

    Those interested in this sickening phenomenon should read this, if the Liberal media allows it? “The Fiscal Impact of Immigration”, by Edwin S. Rubenstein, president of ESR Research, economic consultants, financial analyst. Investigate further costs and consequences of this issue at Social Contract Press. We must build the double layer border fence. Eject every anti-sovereignty politician. Revise the instant citizenship amendment law in the 14th Amendment, originally meant for slave emancipation and above all else stop the catering of tax dollars being siphoned to –ALL–foreign nationals, no matter their country of origin. Call your Congress [Edited] and demand they build the?”REAL?”FENCE under the 2006 Secure Fence Act. Not just to stop the illegal alien invasion, the criminals and drug traffickers, but the incursion of murderous terrorists with many already here and set up cells. These zealot fundamentalists are not coming here for a picnic lunch.

  • Robert Weller

    Jus soli has been the tradition in the U.S. Changing it could cause great hardship. There are too many unforeseeable things. Leave it alone.