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Arizona Immigration Activists Urge Bud Light Boycott

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Arizona immigrants’ rights activists urge a boycott of Budweiser Light Beer and Budweiser Hensley, which distributes Bud Light in Phoenix, Arizona, especially during the Super Bowl. The activists have called for a national boycott against the state of Arizona because of the passage of SB 1070, likely the toughest anti-immigrant law in history. Following passage of SB 1070 in 2010, activists pursued ways to bring their cause to the attention of the public. SB 1070 criminalizes presence in Arizona without immigration documents and requires law enforcement to detain all persons suspected of being undocumented.  The law criminalizes the transportation and housing of a friend, client or even church member by a citizen. By fiat, SB 1070 requires every person of color to carry proof of legal presence or risk being detained.  Under federal law, presence without documentation is an administrative, not criminal, violation.

Budweiser Hensley distributes most of the Budweiser products in Phoenix, Arizona and sells Bud Light mostly to Hispanics. Activists say the owners of Budweiser Hensley support candidates who aggressively legislate against Hispanics.

The US Justice Department filed suit against the state of Arizona in an attempt to defeat SB 1070, claiming Arizona is setting national immigration policy. Judge Susan Bolton enjoined portions of SB 1070 pending the outcome of expensive litigation.

Not all activists support the boycott, since Hispanics are often the victims of the boycotts, and not all Bud Light is distributed by Budweiser Hensley.  Bud Light is not distributed by Budweiser Hensley in Tucson, for example. 

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  • CR – not much taste to any of our beers, but they do produce the desired effect!

    What’s amazing to me is after I spent 2 and a half months in Germany a few years back, drinking the local brew in Ulm, which is called Gold Ochsen, I actually came home leaner and meaner than when I left! And when I got back here, American beer tasted like shit for quite awhile! And I gained all the weight back!!!!

    You mean the hispanics in this country don’t all drink Dos Equis or Corona??? Wow, I thought I was the only one who thought they sucked!

  • cindy

    Great article, Tim. Thanks!

  • cindy

    …who are as subject to being manipulated into becoming markets as any other humans.

  • cindy

    …to be an inferior product. That is just a personal perception and doesn’t reflect anything at all about Hispanics.

  • cindy


    Tim seems to be right. Search on the string: bud light hispanics,
    and you can see that. Search: Suda la Verde and you will find the site which evidences the serious marketing targeting Hispanic males who like soccer.

    I don’t think Tim undermined his point. I sense you find Bud light

  • Bud and the other similar main US beers are only sold to people who hate beer! I’ve never tasted anything blander in my life.

    As to Bud Light, it must presumably have all the taste and personality of water or air.

  • Phil Arthur

    Bud Light is sold “mostly to Hispanics?” What evidence do you have of that? Don’t get me wrong, I too am opposed to SB1070, but my guess is that 80%+ of Bud Light sold/consumed in Arizona is not to/by Hispanics. You need to refrain from suspiciously unfounded assertions of you need to cite something factual lest you undermine your overarching point.