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Arizona Cardinals Limit Number of Cowboy Fans in their Stadium

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If you know anything about Steeler fans, you probably know that fans fly 3000 miles across the country to support their team live. I’m one of them. When I went to Superbowl XL—in which the Steelers beat the Seahawks—the Steelers fans outnumbered the Seahawks 17-1. When I went to Tennessee for a playoff game six or seven years ago, there were plenty of other terrible towels waving proudly in the air. So, when I found out that the Arizona Cardinals are trying to limit the number of visiting team fans (specifically Cowboy fans), I was extremely upset.

Cowboy fans are like Steelers fans in that they like to travel. So, I feel like I can relate. It would be like someone doing that to the Steelers. I would never want the Steelers to limit number of Browns fans in our stadium. Besides, that destroys the art of teasing the other team’s fans who show up at the local Pittsburgh restaurant. It’s part of the fun. They all do it to me when the Steelers are the visiting team.

But the Cardinals’ goal is to ensure home field advantage. As team spokesman Mark Dalton said, “Our goal is to have as many Cardinal fans in the stadium as possible.”

Now they aren’t going to say, “Anyone who is a Cowboys fan, you’re out of luck, because I’m not selling.” I’m not even sure you can do that. So here’s how they have cleverly decided to limit Cowboy fans: Any fan that wants to buy tickets to the October 12th Cardinal/Cowboy game HAS to buy tickets for the August 7th preseason opener against New Orleans. Obviously, no Cowboy fan wants to go the preseason opener for a team they don’t even support.

So, obviously, the Cardinals just want to sell out their stadium with Cardinal fans. They have about 58,000 season tickets holders and they want 60,000 (and then there’s the Steelers where there are no season tickets left) and 3000 seats for individual games. But I don’t think it’s fair to limit fans from other teams. I just think, I don’t know, that’s a little cheap.

I like having the opposing team at the Steeler stadium and I just like going to away games. It creates a unique, competitive atmosphere that’s important to the game. Limiting opposing fans is just foul play. 10 yard penalty, automatic first down.

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  • This is standard practice in Europe, principally for crowd control reasons – especially if the game is anticipated to be a sellout as the majority of games in soccer’s English Premier League are.

    Visiting fans usually have a designated section of the stadium set aside for them – there’s not much of the kind of mingling you see at American sports events. The fans like it because sitting all together gives them a sense of solidarity, and the players do too because it makes it easy to locate their own supporters and play up to them.

    There are always ways around these things: I’m sure numerous determined Cowboys fans will buy the damn Saints tickets and then sell them on eBay or Craig’s List.

  • Yeah, I’m not seeing the big deal here. The Super Bowl was one thing, with two teams converging on a neutral field. This is merely a business decision, and AFAIK you’re allowed to discriminate who your customers are provided it’s only based on what their team colors are.

    But it’s not a smart one. This tells the team it’s OK not to sell out, that we don’t need to fill the stands with loyal Phoenix natives because, hey, we’ll always have 51% of the crowd on our side. Besides, give us 20 years, and Matt Leinart will breed enough fans.

  • No one is saying Cowboy fans can’t come, we are saying it will cost you more. Deal with it.

  • Domenic

    I agree with this policy 100%. First of all, I’m a Redskin fan so anything that inhibits the Cowboys is a good thing in my book! But in all seriousness, what’s wrong with a team trying to preserve home field advantage? Quite honestly, I applaud the Cardinals’ management for taking steps to “protect” (for lack of a better term) their fanbase.

    I’m also a Baltimore Orioles fan, and we get a HUGE amount of Red Sox and Yankee fans at our park when those teams come. Quite honestly, going to one of those games has turned into a miserable experience. It’s gotten so bad that plenty of Oriole fans refuse to buy tickets to the games, as they’re sick of the taunting and sneering at the hands of the visitors. So that means that there’s an even larger amount of tickets available for out-of-towners to buy, and they do. I wish that Oriole management would do something more than jack up the ticket price for those games. The O’s draw in the 20K’s for a weekend series, but when it’s one of those two teams normally there are only about 10-15K Oriole fans, as people just don’t want to go and deal with the NYers and Bostonians. I’m a die-hard, and I’ll never abandon the O’s, but the lowest point for me came when they played Frank Sinatra on the PA before a game against the Yankees. I love Sinatra and all, but they had never played those songs before, or since. (And for what it’s worth, Red Sox fans are without a doubt the most classless people I’ve seen in MLB.)

    My point is that the Cardinals’ management is trying to protect it’s fanbase. They know that they have a core group of loyal fans just as any franchise in any sport. They don’t want these people to go through the miserable experience of being surrounded by opposing fans in their own stadium, so they’re trying to stop it. Naturally all the owner sees is the bottom line, but there’s something to be said for protecting your core group of customers.

  • deb

    I loved that the Cardinals did that with the 2 ticket deal. One being preseason. Shows they really want to keep us loyal Cardinal fans. We just don’t appreciate the rudeness of opposing teams disrespecting us as fans.Ex. The bills game. They came in in bunches and and was rude and obnoxious. Throwing beer at me and my daughter.Getting up in ours and other Cardinal fans faces. etc. That’s uncalled for .The worst fans I’ve ever seen .Come to the game represent your team and cheer for them as loud as you want.