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Ariel Sharon Suffers “Significant” Stroke

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From the AP:

Ariel Sharon suffered a cerebral hemorrhage Wednesday and was receiving breathing assistance while under general anesthetic, a hospital official said. Power was transferred to his deputy.

Sharon, 77, suffered a “significant” stroke and was brought to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital from his ranch in the Negev desert, an official said. Channel 2 TV said Sharon was suffering from paralysis in his lower body and was taken into the hospital on a stretcher.

If Ariel Sharon is indeed severely incapacitated (or worse) due to this stroke, the upcoming Israeli election will be thrown into chaos.

Sharon, one of the original founders of the conservative Likud Party, had recently left Likud and created a new, centrist Kadima Party from which to run for reelection. His major opponents were to be Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud, and Amir Peretz of the leftist Labor Party.

But if Sharon is unable to function as the leader of Kadima, this new party could collapse altogether. That would lead to a two-way matchup between hard-line Netanyahu and dovish Peretz.

If that occurs, I predict a massive landslide for Netanyahu (especially in light of the gains terrorists have made in Gaza since the departure of the Israeli military). And I can pretty much guarantee the Palestinians will be dancing in the street in “celebration” of Sharon’s misfortune…

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  • Congratulations, RJ. You scooped me.

    The original AP story was that he was rushed from his ranch “feeling unwell” to Hadassah Ein Kerem. That is a long drive.

    A story an hour later at Arutz Sheva (Israel National Radio) had Sharon as having been at his office in his home near Paris Square in J-lem, and that he was still in charge. Already the spinmasters had taken over, fooling the only independent radio station in the entire Middle East.

    If Sharon is indeed knocked out of the box, one of my predictions – that he would remain prime minister – will go into the dustbin. And if he is, the prediction of a friend of mine who sells backscratchers – that Netanyahu would be the next premier – will come out as correct.

    There is never an boring moment in this country. I’m beginning to crave boredom.

  • This came into my inbox as e-mail a few minutes ago.

    Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 17:27:58 -0500

    TEHILLIM (psalms) FOR ARIEL BEN DEVORAH (Ariel, son of Deborah)
    It is the custom in Judaism when praying for someone’s health to identify the person as the son of his mother.

    Israel has two chief rabbis – one for the Sephardic Jews and one for the Ashkenazi Jews.

  • Am I correct in assuming the Netanyahu is more hard line than Sharon, and therefore will not be pushing the peace intiative so vigorously?

  • That would be my guess. The whole thing makes me very sad. I am no fan of the hardliners; my feelings about Sharon are mixed. But there is no ambivalence at all in my fervent prayers for the health of Ariel Ben Devorah. Cerebral hemorrhages are quite common in my family (my dad died after suffering massive strokes two years ago), so the email Ruvy received quite literally gave me chills. Blessings to Sharon and to his family… and to all of Israel and Palestine. And I also pray for peace.

    As to Palestinians dancing in the streets, I believe that the vast majority of thse fellow human beings would not be so crass, so unfeeling. I certainly hope not. Is there any word that such horrid behavior is taking place?

  • Just heard sad news on WBAL-TV Baltimore’s 11 PM newscast: The stroke was “massive” with a great deal of bleeding, which necessitated surgery. Doctors say Sharon’s chance for a full recovery are slim.

  • “Am I correct in assuming the Netanyahu is more hard line than Sharon, and therefore will not be pushing the peace intiative so vigorously?”

    I would not allow myself to be fooled by perceptions of fact. Much that you ill see in the mainstream media is spinmeistering..

    Both Netanyahu and Peretz will follow the prescription for “peace” as pushed by the United States and the EU. That prescription is to first force Israel back to the “Auschwitz” borders of 1966, redivide Jerusalem and then to pressure the government to concede other parts of the country like the Galilee and the Negev. Already, various Arab media are starting to refer to the Galilee as occupied Palestine.

    If Netanyahu becomes prime minister, he’ll put up a great show, spitting and growling all the way, but he’ll do as his handlers in Washington tell him to. Do remember that it was he who handed over Hebron to Arab control.

    Peretz is a piece of cake with all the spine of a soft banana. He will do what Shimon Peres tells him to do. The same is true of the acting prime minister, Ehud Olmert. If either get out of line, Shimon Peres will find a way to do them in, and they both know that. They know who REALLY killed Yitzhak Rabin.

    Just to remind all of you. Ariel Sharon was percieved as MORE hardline than Netanyahu when he ran for office in 2001.

    As for what I’ve written elsewhere as to what may happen in the near future, I write it because I believe that G-d has a different agenda for this planet than the oil and banking establishment of the United States, and the “black pope” of Rome, the head of the Jesuit order.

    Is this “sad” news? Sharon is a sick old man. If he dies, he can join a woman he still loves, one whom he misses greatly, his late wife.

    Whether he dies or not, an incapacitated Ariel Sharon will no longer have to care for his idiot sons. They will finally have to grow up and take care of him.

  • I picked this up from Independent Media Review & Analysis (IMRA)

    Poll: Kadima without Sharon 13 Labor 18 Likud 16 Undecided 36
    Aaron Lerner Date: 5 January 2006

    Israel Radio “It’s All Talk” program anchor, Gabi Gazit, noted this morning that a poll carried out for Israel Radio yesterday before PM Sharon’s medical emergency asked “If Ariel Sharon does not head Kadima in the elections, how would you vote?”

    The results:

    Knesset election vote expressed in mandates[current in brackets]

    13 [00] Kadima without Sharon
    16 [40] Likud
    18 [21] Labor
    36 [–] Undecided

    Gazit did not read the results for the other parties

    Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
    If Ariel Sharon cannot any longer lead the Kadima party, as it increasingly appears, it will wind up in the trashbin where it belongs.

    If he dies, there will be no move among the populace to make him into a saint. He has been a terrible disappointment, except to the “peaceniks” who were pleasantly surprised that he didn’t crush the Arab rebellion as he implied he would. The media didn’t really like him either.

  • i recall sharon as

    bei being a tankcommander
    during the six day war.
    a very tough guy!
    i beleive he got in trouble
    for invading egypt.
    he may not be down for
    the count yet! larry

  • Ariel Sharon has passed away.

    I received this e-mail at 13:49 Israel Winter Time.

    “A girlfriend just returned from the hospital. It hasn’t been announced yet, but Sharon has died…”

    Ariel Sharon z”l, was once a hero in this country. Thirty two years ago, he saved it by doing what the Defence Minister didn’t have the guts to do – he broke the Egyptian tank line at Suez ad invaded Egypt proper.

    It would be preferable that we only remember the good things he did. But unfortunately, the evil he has done lives on after him. The bitterness he has created in his final months will take years to heal.

    Barúkh Dayán haEmét
    Blessed is the True Judge

  • Ruvy, interesting news – will wait for confirmation

  • Bing

    I don’t recall Jews dancing in the street when Arafat died.

    Maybe this fact is all you need to know about the difference between Jews and Palestinians.

    I have no white liberal guilt and I have no sympathy for the Palestinians and anyone has has a drop of either of these things in thier body can kiss my ass.

  • “I believe that G-d has a different agenda for this planet than the oil and banking establishment of the United States, and the “black pope” of Rome, the head of the Jesuit order.”

    Amen to that. A-frickin’-men to that.

  • BTW, the latest reported news is that Sharon is heavily sedated and on life support; doctos say he will remain on a respirator for at least the next 24 hours. Given my experience with this sort of thing, I suspect that this doesn’t bode well. The move could be an attempt to forestall communicating publicly the news Ruvy reported in his email (if indeed that sad report is true) so that israeli officials can scramble to decide how they will proceed. At this point, even if Sharon is alive, I believe we can assume that the extent of his brain injury is such that the running of the government and the peace process will be quite tumultuous.

  • Shark


    Ariel Sharon jumps out of bed and finds 12 miners alive in West Virginia!

    ~ya heard it here first.

  • Sharkie, my love, you’re going to hell.

  • Nancy

    Rather wit in hell than dullness in heaven! Sharkie, that was sick but funny, in a gallows humor sort of way.

    It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to admit he’s dead, & how they spin or fudge the facts in the immediate aftermath. I have no doubt Ruvy’s info is correct, & the Israeli government is currently in a power scramble, with the Shrub in hot pursuit trying to control the whole thing. Reports are the Palestinians are also in some kind of stew at the moment, altho it wasn’t clear why, or if they were just reacting to the Sharon story/rumors.

  • Ms. Davis, Aaman, Nancy,

    There will be NO journalistic confirmation of the death of Ariel Sharon before the Israeli government gives its say so. According to a journalist I know working for Corriere della Sera (Evening Courier), there will not be confirmation until Sunday or Monday. For this reason, I would not risk Blog Critic’s rep by reporting what will be dismissed as a rumor.

    However, the word is out that he is dead, even as the radio and TV pretend otherwise. The Arabs pulled this same stunt with Arafat. My son’s class was told by their teacher, though he said he could not give his source till Sunday. The students at the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew U. (I did some serious walking there on the track today) all said that their professors had informed them that Sharon was dead. Two more e-mails came in from in town saying he was dead, while a fellow writing from Montréal insisted he was not. Even folks from Tel Aviv who are not in the loop are just believing what the TV tells them. Are you getting the picture?

    Truth of the matter, even though I have nothing but contempt for the idiots and thieves on government hill, there is very sound reason to hush up the death of a man perceived as strong and brutal when needed.

    In all likelihood, this is because the present actig prime minister is trying to figure out what to do, and keep his ducks in a row – to the degree that he knows how to.

    Ehud Olmert is a corrupt incompetent lawyer who was a thief when he ran this municipality as mayor. Sometimes men rise above the evil in their souls and prove themselves fit to do what no one thought them capable of. I personally do not think Mr. Olmert is one of these people. The country is in the hands of a child who has no clue how to run a country.

    A pity.

  • Ruvy, I suspect you’re correct about that. I just was thinking about Arafat’s death while out chauffeuring my kid. Interesting: Yasser Arafat’s death was said to open the way for the possibility of peace. Ariel Sharon’s death (or severe diminishment) threatens to have the opposite effect.

    Hearing your thoughts on the acting PM doesn’t make me feel any better.

  • Aaman,

    I received this e-mail at 02:17, 6 January 2006. I would call this journalistic confirmation, but I would want to see one more source before going to press with the story. Also, since it is Reuven Koret’s story, I’d want his permission first
    The person sending the e-mail wrote,

    I guess dead is “stable”. I think they’re keeping him on machines till the political situation is resolved.


    a href=”http://web.israelinsider.com/Articles/Politics/7461.htm”>israelinsider.com

    By Israel Insider staff and partners January 5, 2006

    Reliable sources indicate to Israel Insider that PM Ariel Sharon died at 11 am. Israeli media channels still report his condition is “very grave.” Director of Hadassah Hospital Shlomo Mor-Yosef officially denies “rumors” of death and says Sharon’s condition is “serious but stable.”

    Channel 10 reports those closest to Sharon as saying he has suffered “brain damage.” A likely explanation to reconcile the two reports is that Sharon has suffered brain death — the lack of cerebral activity — but that his heart continues beating, while he remains anesthetized and respirated.

    Mor-Yosef, briefing journalists at the hospital’s gate, said that “the prime minister is suffering from low intracranial pressure, and is heavily sedated. He will be respirated for at least the next 24 hours. All the parameters that we can check are as expected, following an operation of this type.”

    He said he came out to counter rumors of Sharon’s death. “I came out to update you and to refute the rumors flooding the country,” he said, referring to rumors claiming that Sharon had already died, and that the news is being delayed for one reason or another.

    “Sharon is still alive,” a Sharon aide in the intensive care unit told Ynet. But Channel Ten quotes “someone very close” to the PM as saying that he had suffered “brain damage” — to what extent was not indicated — unconnected with the effects of the operation.

    Mor-Yosef called on journalists to “cooperate in a responsible manner with the transfer of information on the prime minister’s condition,” adding: “As Hadassah’s director, I am obligated to bring every change in the prime minister’s condition to light through hospital statements.”

    Mor-Yosef was not reporting any untruths, but neither was he addressing the critical issue of brain function, a subject which has been studiously avoided by all hospital officials.

    One of the factors in the cloud of uncertainty regarding the announcement of brain death, media sources speculated, relates to the effect of the announcement on stock markets.

    Another reason was a supposed regulation preventing publication of the PM’s death except by the official representative of the government, presumably the Cabinet Secretary Yisrael Maimon.

    Perhaps the most important reason for the delay is to allow time for the preparation of a state funeral and the invitation to world leaders to attend. According to the expected schedule, Channel 10’s Emmanuel Rosen reported,Sharon will be detached from one or more of his life support machines in the next day or two, with the likelihood that he will not be able to survive without support. At that point, Rosen, “the most difficult” decision would need to be made.

    According to Channel 10, the official death announcement is planned for Sunday, when world markets are closed, assuming that this will suffice to accommodate the travel plans of A-list world and Jewish leaders.

    At a Thursday 8 pm press conference, Mor-Yosef denied that Sharon was in a vegetative state and that his brain was functioning.

    Israel Insider subsequently received an additional confirmation from one of its original sources, which we here quote verbatim:

    “Israel Resource News Agency confirms that at about noon today, Israel time, doctors at Hadassah Hospital and security officials at the Israel Ministry of Defence in Tel Aviv were simultaneously informed that Prime Minister Sharon had died during surgery.

    Israel Resource News Agency has again spoken with officials from both Hadassah and the Israel Ministry of Defence who were officially informed at noon of Sharon’s death.

    That begs the question: why does the government of Israel deny reports of Sharon’s death?

    There are two possible explanations.

    One is that, for whatever reason, the government is withholding the report.

    The other explanation is that Sharon has been placed on a life support system, and that Sharon is ‘only’ clinically dead.”

    © 2001-2004 Koret Communications Ltd. All rights reserved.

  • Shark

    Ruvy; a serious, hypothetical question:

    Say Ariel Sharon gets up and walks away in three days; will you people FINALLY get on board this “messiah” thingy?

    Just wonderin’…


  • If Ariel Sharon gets up and walks away from this thing, hale and whole, every third rate piece of shit, goniff, lowlife and crapdoodle will claim to have personally seen “the messiah” and use the opportunity to try and steal, rob, swindle and take asdvantage of the suckers that believe him. They’ll all be screaming “ness gadól hayá shom!” (A great miracle happened there!)

    And you do not want to see the number of “pious” rabbis that will line up behind the third rate crapdoodles holding a pishkeh, yelling “tzedukeh!”, “tzedukeh!” (Charity, charity)

    It would prove what many have asserted for a long time – that G-d has one Nasty sense of humor.

    Why do I have a feeling I’m going to regret posting this, Shark?

    Seriously Shark. This messiah thingy IS OUR thingy that OTHERS (we won’t get into details, here) have stolen, twisted and gotten wrong for a millenium and a half.

  • Of course Shark, thinking about this a bit more, if Ariel Sharon gets up and walks away from this hale and whole – and then says there will be no Oslo Plan, no Roadmap to Hell, no evacuation of Judea and Samaria, no division of Jerusalem, no more bans on Jewish prayer on OUR Temple Mount, I will have to pray that G-d will forgive me for every evil word I’ve said about the man.

    If G-d gives Ariel Sharon to walk away from this and if he he turns from his evil ways and mobilizes the IDF and starts to fight the wars of the messiah – you’ll have to look up in Jewish works to truly understand that phrase – a great miracle WILL have happened, and he will lead our people back to G-d.

    In such a war, you will see miraculous victories and you will see miracles – if your eyes and your mind are truly open. You will see the concept of messiah, son of Joseph, brought to glorious reality. If this happens, Ariel Sharon will have redeemed himself in the eyes of those he has disappointed and he will lift a huge stone of sadness from the hearts of the Jewish people who live and struggle here.

  • On 5 January, I posted the following to Aaman at comment #19.

    By Israel Insider staff and partners January 5, 2006

    Today, I received this e-mail from Emmanuel Winston, a writer who tracks with many of my views. He passes on to his readers a note from David Bedein who reported the death of Ariel Sharon on 5 January. It was David’s report, published in Reuven Koret’s “Israel Insider” that convinced me that the General had indeed passed on.

    It may well be that the life support that General Sharon has been enough to keep him alive, but in a coma, for this past three weeks. I do not know.

    Dear Friends, Please take to heart David Bedein’s confirmation of sources regarding the announcement last Thursday January 5th at 11 AM Israel time that PM Sharon had died. David has always carried great credibility and the highest of ethics in checking his stories and his sources. All the best. Shabbat Shalom,
    Gail & Emanuel Winston

    Dear Colleagues,

    I think it appropriate to send a personal note to each of you.

    These have been frustrating days.

    All we have to sell in our field is credibility. Nothing else.

    On Thursday, at noon, the police in Jerusalem got an SMS message that the PM had
    died at 11AM. I saw that SMS message.

    Doctors at Hadasah were told the same thing. So was Shabak. My sources in all
    three entities – police, Hadassah and Shabak – confirmed the news.

    So I went with it, and sent out a message to my fellow reporters in the Jewish
    media, with the sad news, assuming that the gov’t announcement was imminent, .

    The credible New York radio personality Nahum Siegel contacted me, and I
    appeared on his show, discussing the implications of Sharon’s passing for
    Israel, echoing the Gary Rosenblatt theme that no matter what you think of the
    guy, he was most certainly the most influential person on the Jewish people.

    And then nothing. People who heard the radio show called Hadassah and the
    hospital held an immediate press conference to squash the news that the PM had

    That left me in a difficult position.

    After 19 years on the job, whatever people have though of my work, which now
    encompasses a serious news agency and six reporters on the job, people have not
    doubted my honesty, and I have never been accused of sensationalism or rumor

    Well, it does not help that I later confirmed that official sources contacted
    Zaka to take the body.

    And, later on, I confirmed that Fox News had reported that, indeed, he was
    declared dead and a “decision was instead made to put him on life support”.

    Anywho, the situation is confusing, and it has cost a valuable asset:
    credibility, and that hurts, because there is no other product that we “sell”.



  • pussy cat

    huhuhu….thaks to God…that is a blessing to u sharon….im very hapy with ur condition… is a laknatullah…u get want u have done in ur life…i also that condition is never d end this because all of the thing on the world didnot accept u ever and ever…

  • I’m a Jew – and I’m not supposed to say what I will say – not because it is false – it is the truth. I’m not supposed to say it because it denigrates Mr. Sharon’s honor and memory – this is called lashón hará; and because it indicates my utter contempt for the man – what we call in Hebrew sin’át Hinám. So G-d will judge me for my words. But, nevertheless, they need to be said, and reiterated.

    Not only did Ariel Sharon bully political opponents, literally beating them up like a fascist goon, he massacred (unnecessarily) scores of Arabs in the early 1950’s. Thirty years later, he betrayed his boss, MenaHem Begin, and brought dishonor upon him. And then 23 years after that, he made the lives of 10,000 fellow Jews a total misery, destroying their homes and livelihoods to keep his sorry ass out of jail.

    He deserves to rot like a tomato, suspended between life and death denied the rest of death, and denied life – while his son Gil’ad works further corruption in the hospital that holds him, bringing further dishonor upon himself and his father. We see the evil he wrought brought upon him as punishment upon his own head.

  • We are in condolescence about this news, he, Ariel Sharon must be have watched what’s the certainty and the truth. Being in coma for many years was never a choice he prefered. That’s merely a God willing. As what he has done to palestinian citizen, that been massacred thousands of innocent palestinian people. Hopefully now he saw the afterlife of eternity, God’s law and justice, along with thousands of people who have been killed first.

  • muslimah

    muslims don’t dance when they are happy and feel blessed. they said ALHAMDULILLAH to praise ALLAH 🙂