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Are American Taxpayers paying the families of Palestinian Homicide Bombers?

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On September 20, 2001 President Bush in a speech before a Joint Session of Congress stated:

”Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime”.

On July 16, 2004, for the first time in the history of U.S.-Palestinian relations, the U.S. has directly given the Palestinian Authority over $20 million to be used for repairing and maintaining roads, public buildings, and power, water and sewage lines damaged in years of fighting with Israel.

The very same day (December 5th, 2005) that an Islamic Jihad homicide bomber killed at least five Israelis and wounded more than 40 innocent people in a Netanya shopping mall, the Palestinian daily, al Hayat al Jadida (page 3), reported that Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, signed a new law to support the families of homicide bombers. Each homicide bomber’s family will receive a monthly stipend of at least $250. The family of a married homicide bomber will receive an additional $50. Parents will receive an additional $25, and each additional child and/or brother or sister will get another $15.

So I have three questions:

1. Did President Bush mean what he said in his September 2001 speech?
2. Are American Taxpayers paying Palestinian Homicide bombers families?
3. If the Palestinian Authority is going to support the families of Homicide bombers should any rational Nation or Country give them any money?

You decide!

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  • Can we have some links to the news you report?

  • Are these payments specifically earmarked for these families because they had a suicide bomber in the family, or are they part of a broader compensation system? If the latter then we should immediately cut the funding and hell, give the money to the families of Israelis killed by the bomber.


  • Luke

    Why the hell are Palestinians still bothering to do that stuff?

  • Bliffle

    Palestinians are going to have to decide what they want: to continue witless suicide attacks or to have the respect and trust of other nations. They can’t have both.

  • Chief Wiggum

    With all the concessions Israel has recently made it’s nice to see the Palestinians haven’t changed thier ways and anti-semitism is still on the rise in Europe.

    [Deleted in line with BlogCritics’ Official Comments Policy. Comments Editor. FOR THE LAST TIME]
    If we are giving them money that shoudl be stopped immediately.

  • I’d wait to see links on this. A program which provides support for a family in which the main bread-winner dies (aka ‘welfare’) is far different from a program which rewards the families of suicide bombers (aka ‘the Saddam plan’). The fact that this is a monthly stipend rather than a one-time cash payout as Saddam used to give, leads me to believe it is more of the former than the latter.

  • Phillip, are you nuts. ” A Program which provides support for a family in which the main bread winner dies” is OK with you? Wake up. The Main Bread Winner died while killing 5 other innocent people and maiming 70 others! He was killed by his own Homicide Bomb, not in an accident while at work or on the highway!!!

  • For those who are asking for “links” you can read President Bush’s speech to the Nation at whitehouse.gov and FrontPage Magazine which translated the Palestinian Newspaper Article at Frontpage and for the US giving $20 Million to the Palestinian Authority go to usinfo.state.gov or just Google U.S. Aid to Palestinian Authority.

  • Bob Greenspan

    Sorry, look at Comment #8 that I posted. I put in the links but BlogCritics does not allow them or I did not add them correctly. [I have corrected them for you, Mr Greenspan. Comments Editor] But check out the White House Speeches for President Bush dated September 2001, FrontPage Magazine for the translation of the Palestinian Authority edict on payments to “martyr’s” families, an article written by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa Lappen on December 6, 2005. ( Yes, I know they are Jews. But who else is going to keep track of Arab Terrorists) and Google U.S. Aid to Palestinian Authority. It is all there.

  • Aaman

    Please paste the URLs – what is this Frontpage magazine?

    Also, Israel has bombed numerous Palestinian households, committed homicide, to use your phraseature.

  • Bob Greenspan

    I did Paste the Links in Comment Number 8. But when I published the comment the links do not show. I believe this is BlogCritics policy. Can someone enlighten me on this?

    [The only policy is to limit active links to three per comment Mr Greenspan. I have already corrected the incorrectly formatted links in your earlier comment. Comments Editor.]

    To find FrontPageMagazine do a search for FrontpageMagazine in your URL address window or Google it.