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Apple’s 1984 Meets the iPod

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Many people know about Apple’s Ridley Scott-directed 1984 commerical, but very few people have seen it. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Apple have gone back and re-released the commerical with a twist. The original featured model Anya Major throwing a sledgehammer at an Orwellian style bigscreen announcement-cum-brainwashing session. Now, Apple have gone back and given Anya Major an iPod … digially, of course! Check out the new ad here. Of historical interest, and a fine short in its own right, the original is also available for your viewing pleasure here. Perhaps most interesting is the actual history of the development, screening and almost non-existance of the ad. Read the history here. In fact, looking at a lot of Apple’s past advertising efforts, you’ll see they often make impressive little stories. Check out a collection of the best of Mac ads here. Happy viewing!

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