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Apple is an innovative computer and electronics company founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 and best known for its Macintosh line of personal computers, its iPod MP3 players, and iPhone cellular PDA phone. Apple products are known for industry leading design creativity, user friendly characteristics and relatively high price.

According to past Apple news, Apple only controls about 12% of the computer market, it has the highest brand loyalty in the industry and dominates the graphic design, publishing and animation industries. Newer Macintosh computers built on an Intel chip platform have added speed and features and access to more software, and basic models in their MacBook line are competitively priced. The iPhone has quickly become one of the top selling cellular phones, accelerated by recent price reductions, and the availability of more downloadable applications than any other phone/PDA platform.

Apple is also a leader in online media sales through its iTunes software and store, which has been a leading force in the development of an online market for music and media sales through the internet for both Macintosh and Windows based computers.

Useful sites for Apple and Macintosh computer users include MacWEEK magazine, AppleInsider, MacWorld and Robert Barga’s review column on Blogcritics.

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