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Apple Wireless Keyboard review

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I have had my Apple Wireless Keyboard for 6 full months now. The batteries actually lasted 6 months! This is another great keyboard design from Apple. Although, I really miss having a power button on the keyboard, but it is great not having any wires.

Wether you want to spend $60 on a wireless keyboard without any stupid “internet” buttons is up to you. I had a Logitech keyboard for my PC with those extra buttons all over the place, I never used them. Apple keyboards have always been well built and designed well (except for that little keyboard that came with the original iMac) and I think the money is well spent.

And like I said, the 4 AA batteries lasted for 6 months. They would have probably lasted a week or two more but I got tired of seeing the alert messages telling me my batteries were low. They were getting more frequent anyways.

This keyboard has an extra F key, that is the only thing that is different. It has a F16 key. This might not mean much to you, but for people who like to use macros like me, its one more key I can map to something. Other then that F16 key, its just a normal Apple keyboard with Bluetooth instead of wires.

When I first got the keyboard, it lost its Bluetooth connection twice in a week. I was not happy. But since then, knock on wood, it has never lost its connection.

Pairing the keyboard to the computer is very easy, thanks to a Bluetooth Assistant. You are prompted to choose a device, then when it finds it, you need to type a unique number sequence and thats it, its paired.

It is worth a note that the 6 month time for the batteries were using Durracell and I did not turn the keyboard off except for when I left for the weekend. It does have a power button, that is a nice feature that more Bluetooth devices should have.

I am happy with the white, and with the keyboard in general. I liked the black Pro keyboards, but I have learned to like the white. It does show dirt really easy in comparison to the black Pro keyboards. But dirt is easy to wipe or brush off.

This is the best keyboard I have had. It is very solid and sturdy, something I could not say about the Logitech. Highly recommended.

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  • I have gone on average 5-6 months without having to replace the batteries in mine. I am using good old Duracell alkaline batteries too.

    I am using 10.4 now, I was using 10.3. And I do not switch the keyboard’s power switch off, ever.

  • The keyboard works fine, but I’m going through batteries like crazy. A Lithium battery lasts a month at the most, one set (4…$10 worth each time) lasted 15 days. I was not turning the keyboard off every time I finished using it…is this why? What a pain, you have to pick up the keyboard and flip the switch on the bottom to turn it off. I’ve tried alkaline batteries…they last a couple weeks at the most if you don’t turn the keyboard off. I’m finally relenting and flipping the switch everytime I leave the computer.