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Apple plays Big Brother

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I hate it when Apple makes me hate Apple.

Tune Recycler, a site where you can give away your Pepsi iTunes codes to help indie artists, puts it well:

Pepsi has begun airing an ad for this [iTunes giveaway] promotion that features 16 of the children who were sued by the major record labels for filesharing. It’s a perfect cycle: now that these kids and their families have been put in debt by the major labels, they have to sell themselves in a soda commercial to make back some of what they owe.

I made a movie about it…

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  • The revised slogans I’ve always used are:
    War Is Peace
    Freedom Is Slavery
    Music Is Entertainment

    and speaking of the memory hole:

    John Sculley
    President, Apple Computer, 1983-93

    And then he looked up at me and just stared at me with the stare that only Steve Jobs has and he said do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world and I just gulped because I knew I would wonder for the rest of my life what I would have missed.

    Also from the mid-80s — Remember, Home Taping Is Killing The Music Business (and it’s fun!)

  • Good points and a fine film, Brian.