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Appetite for Destruction

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Hey all,

RJ’s and other very recent posts have got me thinking about the best music. I am here to put up my favorite CD of all time. Appetite for Destruction! I don’t have to go through all the tracks, because they got you through high school too. Still, almost 20 years later and nothing matches up. First, the songs are really catchy and well written.

Second, the songs rock… hard. Third, the album has a huge dose of ‘Fuck You’ on it that still comes across. I think we all know that Axl wasn’t frontin’ on that. He still has a big dose of Fuck You, but without Slash and company that is all he has.

For the record, guitar magazine listed Sweet Child O’ Mine as the greatest riff of all time. So, it’s your turn… what is your favorite album. Write up a whole new post on it!


*oh yeah, and death to Axl. Go buy Velvet Revolver next week. I’ll have it, and I’ll write something up for it too.

** and this isn’t the most infuential album ever to me… that would be Siamese Dream from the Pumpkins. but overall, Appetite still stands

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  • Shark

    We could have cut up a newspaper article and drawn phrases at random out of a hat and gotten a better “review.”

    Is this alleged “writer” yet more proof that “Guns N Roses” causes brain damage…?

  • hhhmmm…favorite albums? Lets see, top 1000? Who’s Next, TOMMY, Sticky Fingers, Sgt. Peppers, Crown of Creation (Jeff. Airplane), Morrison Hotel, Still, Closer (Joy Div.), Power, Lies, Corruption (New Ord.), Bombs and Insurance (X-15), Live at the Apollo 1954 (Lionel Hampton), Saucer Full of Secrets (Floyd).

    Ugh! 988 to go….

  • Nick Hornby

    A thoughtful, incisive review of an important and unheralded recording, which was largely unnoticed in its time.
    This is why blogs are relevant!


    I absolutely loved High Fidelity and About a Boy, but you lost me on How to be Good. I mean, maybe I just can’t get into it when I know a male author is writing in a female voice. Especially the intimate scenes. Or maybe it was that it lacked the musical references I love oh so much.

  • Chris Kent

    Is “Guns N’ Roses” mentioned one fucking time in this blog?!

    Let’s pretend I’m a Carole King fan and could give a fucking hoot about Axl & company. I decide to read this blog. How the fuck am I supposed to know who performs on this mystery album known as “Appetite for Destruction?!”

  • Um… how was Siamese Dream influential?

  • brown_boognish

    It seems like he is saying its influential to him on a personal level, which seems very plausible.

  • Ah. I understood ‘to me’ as in ‘to my opinion’…

  • My, but y’all are awfully HARSH on ol’ Lono here. Granted this was a modest note rather than an in depth analysis, but geez.

    Appetite goes up there in those greatest-albums-of-all-time charts, that’s for sure. I was already past being a prime teenage metal market member when this came out, and I was never much of a headbanger to start with. I might have owned ONE Zeppelin album at that point, just on general principles. Yet even I recognized that this was just absolutely the shiznit.

    It’s mostly in the songwriting. Note that these songs are actually SONGS. They have real, honest-to-God TUNES.

    As a paranoid right winger, “Out Ta Get Me” has always rated high on the list, personally.

  • bhw

    I like “Appetite for Destruction” a lot, even though I’m not that into the “metal” scene or whatever GnR fits into. Don’t have it in my collection, though.

    Now, one of my favorite albums to headbang to in h.s. — and one that I still like to play from time to time — was Def Leppard’s “Pyromania.” No musical genius, just good rockin’ fun.

    And of course, nothing compares to AC/DC’s “Back in Black” for said headbanging.

  • Though I normally ignore blog ‘entries’ by Al Barger, I’m dropping in to add a word of caution. Please, ladies! (And, any gents around, too.) Discussing sex on a Barger thread could lead to imagining what might occur between Barger and his significant other (himself, of course). Let’s just not go there.

    Madonna will do fine. Her tour. And otherwise. But, let’s hope Barger doesn’t ‘do’ at all.

  • Sorry, Lono. Wrong thread. Shouldn’t have so many pages up at once.

  • Wow,

    that was a fun ride wasn’t it. As for some of the wonderful mean stuff from Shark, ah never mind. Y’all were right, I did space mentioning the name of the band… but come on. I think to say Appetite for Destruction & Guns and Roses would be almost redundant. When someone says ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Are you Experienced’ or ‘Physical Graffiti’ do you ask who they are referring to.

    ah never mind, I am a huge rock dork just making references to myself. Maybe after a couple more beers I’ll put up the Siamese Dream piece that has been incubating in my body for 10 years. Careful, it will be long and thoughtful. As for you Shark, just fucking skip it, plesae.

  • Chris Kent


    I agree “Appetite for Destruction” is a great album, and a good blog on the fiery, short-lived meteor known as Guns N’ Roses would be fascinating. But if someone wanted to read your blog and learn something new, they would have to read the thread to know just who in the hell performed on the emphasized LP……

    I personally think “Los Angeles” is the greatest album of all time. I am not going to mention the band because hell, if I like them then everyone should like them…….

    Other great albums:

    “Road to Ruin”
    “Unleashed in the East”
    “Kind of Blue”
    “Greatest Hits”
    “Greatest Hits Volume II”

  • Kudd45

    Okay G&R had their time and thier music, i do not disagree that they were a great band, but im tired of other noteworthy 80’s rockers not gettin their dues. Skid Row and Cinderella were no cornier than G&R and wrote just as high quality music. Poison is still mentioned but that is only because of Every rose.. they too rocked as well as G&R.

    No one will probably agree with me on this but it is my two cents and i’ll stand by it, lol

  • Kudd45

    By the way, Shark’s comment was mean, but not as mean as it was funny. Good job shark, keep posting such clever messages to keep people who can see the humor in life entertained.

  • Eric Olsen

    I will repeat over and over that all kinds of posts are welcome and legitimate as long as they say SOMETHING, provide SOME kind of information, and don’t violate copyright rules.

    OF COURSE, in the big picture and in the long run, thorough, self-contained, essay-style reviews, commentary, obsevations, etc., are more “VALUABLE,” but if that was all we ran people would get sick of those too.

    Everyone: just do your best and don’t be lazy and all will be well.


    My biggest problem with Appetite for Destruction is that they have yet to issue a remastered, fancied up, expanded edition (that I’m aware of). C’mon record company devils, put this out now, so I can own my 6th copy of this (2 cassette -they warp, you know, 2 cd-sold one back during a fugue, one vinyl which is lost, never got the 8 track). As little Brick says: “More! Again!”

  • I have noticed that some of the snobbier BlogCritics tend to jump down the throats of those who write shorter Blog entries, as opposed to incredibly long Blog entries (which I call “Blooks”).

    Short posts whose goal is to start a debate/discussion (like this one) are perfectly acceptable. Methinks the complainers are simply upset that few, if any, people respond to their enormous diatribes…

  • Now, one of my favorite albums to headbang to in h.s. — and one that I still like to play from time to time was Def Leppard’s “Pyromania.”

    What about “Hysteria”?


  • Kudd45

    IN H.S.? my pathetic ass still listens to def leppard weekly, lol, soo sad. No one commentated on my “other 80’s rockers” rant, too bad, wanted some feedback…. oh well

  • JR

    What about “Hysteria”?

    Not enough guitar!

  • bhw

    “Hysteria” was good, too, but not as good as “Pyromania.” Or maybe it’s just that “Pyro” came first and was such a pleasant surprise.